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Into the Woods of Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park, one of the most famous and renowned national park in India is filled with abundance of natural beauty. Renowned for the presence of the Bengal Tiger, the park is visited by thousands and lakhs of tourist every year. Tourists not only from India but also from around the world Travel to India just to cherish the scenic natural beauty of this park. What started as the game sanctuary has now gradually become one of the finest home of the wild of the country.

Wrapped around with the majestic range of Aravallis, the park is nestled in the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan. So before we move ahead lets us take peak of the past of this national park.

A Brief Past

A Brief Past

A Brief Past

The place has a long history that will make your Wildlife Tour Package memorable and amazing. Ranthambore National Park once was considered as the hunting ground for the Maharaja of Jaipur. He used to come here with his family and spent his time with them. Later in 1955, the area was established as the Sawai Madhopur Game Sanctuary by the Govt. of India. In 1973 it has declared as the Project Tiger reserve in India. Years later in 1980 Ranthambore National Park was declared as the National Park. In year 1984 the adjacent forests around the park were declared as Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary and Keladevi Sanctuary. It was year 1991 when to enlarge the National Park, the Sawai Mansingh and Keladevi Sanctuaries were included in this park.

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How to Reach at Ranthambore National Park

How to Reach at Ranthambore National Park

How to Reach at Ranthambore National Park

Being one of the most famous and visited tourist spot the place is well-connected through all the modes of the transportation. The easiest way to reach the park is through train which will drop you to Sawai Madhopur Railway station. If you are comfortable in connecting through flight, you can do that either. Here are the details of the mode of transportation through which you will reach Ranthambore National Park –


Railways play an important role in Indian Tourism. One of the easiest and most frequent modes of transportation is of the railways. The nearest railway station is Sawai Madhopur Railway Station which is located merely 10 km from the park. You can take the train to Ranthambore form cities like Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi and all other major cities.


Though there is no direct airport facility in Sawai Madhopur. But the nearest one is the Sanganer airport of Jaipur. After reaching Jaipur, you can take a car ride or rail services to reach Ranthambore National Park. Distance between Jaipur and Ranthambore is approx 180 km.


A well-connected cluster of road is connected with Ranthambore. Roads from Jaipur, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Ajmer and Jodhpur can easily be accessible to Ranthambore.

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Things to Do at Ranthambore National Park

Things to Do at Ranthambore National Park

Things to Do at Ranthambore National Park

While being on India Tours in Ranthambore National Park, you have a range of things in which you can indulge yourself while spending some quality time.

A. Going on to Spot the Strip Cats

Being on the jungle safari is one thing that always top in the list of to do things. The jungle safari in the wild of Ranthambore is something that is expectable from every traveller. To start with the jungle safari, you have to start your start your day early in the morning at 5 am to reach the jeep at 6 am. During your jungle safari you will get to see some of the exotic species of flora, fauna, birds, vegetation and many other that will make your tour more memorable.

B. Exploring the Rich Flora and Fauna of the Jungle

Flora – The Park is filled with more than 300 plush varieties of flora that will offer a cherishing view. The tree which you can see here are of Mango Trees, Imli, Babul, Banyan, Kadam, Khajur, and many more. The vegetation of Park also consists with tress like Neem, Mohua, Kakera and Khejda are just to name a few.

Fauna – Apart from Tigers, there are huge varieties of wild animals which consist of – Tiger, Leopards, Hyenas, Chital, Jackals, Caracals, Sloth bears, Ratels, Small Indian Mongoose and many more. You can also get to see a large number of crocodiles along with other species of reptiles like Lizards, Cobra snakes, Indian Pythaon, Russel’s Vipers and many more.

C. Hear the sweet chirpings of Birds


During morning when you will start exploring the wild, you can hear the chirpings of many birds around the forest. You can also spot many Indian along with some of the most beautiful migrated birds over here in the park. As per the records there are more than 272 species of bird been spotted here that consists of Graylag Goose, Woodpeckers, Bee Eaters, Owl, Cuckoos, Dove, Bulbul, Mynas and etc?

D. Exploring the Sightseeing Places near The Park

It is not only the wildlife of the national park that attracts the travellers, but there are also some places in and around the park which will enhance your Tour Package of Rajasthan. Here are some of the places that you can visit.

1. Bakula – A small water holes with thick foliage.

2. Kachida Valley – A valley with many rocky outcrops and low hills.

3. Ranthambore Fort – One of the majestic Forts from where one can cherish the panoramic view of the national park.

4. Malik Talao – It is the smallest of the three lakes in Ranthambore National Park.

Padam Talao, R Bagh Ruins, Lakarda and Anantapur, Kachida valley are some other places where you can excurse in the package.

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Best Tiger Spotting Zone

Best Tiger Spotting Zone

Best Tiger Spotting Zone

Though you can spot the tigers during your jungle excursion but the author has marked some of the zones in the park to mark the tiger in the park. In total there are 10 tiger spotting zones that will enhance your chance to spot the tigers. Out of all the 10 zones, zone 2 and zone 4 are the one which will offer you a sight of most of the tigers.

Here Is the List of Best Zones and Tigers Name Which You Will See –

Zone 1 – You can spot Sultan, Noor and Ustad with two cubs.

Zone 2 – The zone with maximum tigers Krishna, Three Cubs, Gayatri, Ustad, Noon, Sultan and Jhumru.

Zone 3 – Star Male, Krishna, Three Cubs of Krishna.

Zone 4 – Another zone with maximum tiger spotting are – Machli, Bhola, Krishna, Romeo, Mr. Bond, Laila and some cubs.

Hotels Near Ranthambore National Park

Hotels Near Ranthambore National Park

Hotels Near Ranthambore National Park

The most visited national park is compact with many accommodation places that will make your India Tourism relaxing and comfortable. Here some of the best Hotels in Ranthambore

  1. Ranthambore National Resort
  2. Sher Vilas
  3. Ankur Resort
  4. Ananta Palace Resort
  5. Hotel Raj Palace
  6. Vatica Resort
  7. Sanctuary Resort

And many more options are there. Each and every hotel is filled with all kinds of contemporary amenities that will make your Ranthambore Tours with utmost comfort and relaxation.

Get Ready To Travel

Now you have all the things related to the Ranthambore Tourism, so what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and start your journey towards into the woods….

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