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Activities For Tourists In Goa

Goa is one of the most popular places for tourists to visit in India, and if you’ve read our overview you’ll probably understand why. Rich history, unique culinary and cultural offerings, and pretty beaches make it a deeply appealing destination, and some find it to be almost a more relaxed version of what they’d otherwise expect from a trip to India.


To delve a little bit further into the area, here’s our look at some of the specific attractions for visitors to enjoy.

Hot Air Ballooning

For whatever reason, hot air balloon trips have become somewhat popular among tourists to the Goa area. And once you think about it, if you’ve looked into that area a little bit, it probably sounds fairly intoxicating! As one account put it, words don’t do justice to the thrill and excitement you can experience floating peacefully over lush fields, pretty beaches, and deep blue waters. It’s just not the sort of thing most people have ever done before, but can be unforgettable if you do it.

Water Skiing

Truth be told any number of watersports could appropriately be mentioned here. Goa is a hotspot for snorkeling and scuba diving, parasailing, boating, and simply swimming. In particular though it’s not uncommon to see people water skiing, and you’ll have the opportunity at some of the beaches to rent time on a boat and try it yourself. This is primarily a nice way to take advantage of the beaches in the area, though it’s also perfect for those who like a little bit of action mixed into their tourism.

Casino Play

There are only so many places in the world where you can really expect to have fun at casinos these days. This is because this sort of gaming has mostly migrated to online platforms. Mobile is becoming the main focus of casino providers, which takes the need to travel out of the picture. In Goa, however, you’ll find a charming selection of local casinos (including some offshore ones) that will be very appealing if you enjoy this sort of entertainment. The Goa establishments are highly professional without getting quite as gaudy as the world’s more famous casinos.

Sanctuary Visits

Some might venture to India with hopes of getting to see some exotic wildlife, and while Goa isn’t exactly the primary area for this sort of activity, there is a popular animal sanctuary you can visit there. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is a tiny place, but one that highlights a different side of Goa. You might see monkeys, wild boars, bison, and even large snakes such as king cobras.


Getting back to watersports – but mainland ones this time – rafting is another great Goa activity for the more adventurous tourist. Valpoi River is the place to go for a guided rafting tour that should be suitable for people of all different skill levels. Experienced rafters might find it a little bit easy, but the surroundings are beautiful and even class II and III rapids (like the ones you’ll see here) can be plenty exciting!

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