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Baga Beach, Goa – Activities, Nearby Attractions and Best Time to Visit

It was the decade of 1960’s and 70’s when Baga Beach came into the picture as a major stopover on the Hippie trail. Many years later, this place has become a prominent tourist attraction which has changed the tourism scenario of Goa. Since then till today, Baga Beach in Goa continues to attract travellers from all over the world.

  1. About Baga Beach
  2. Things To Do in Baga Beach
  3. Major Attractions near Baga Beach
  4. Best Time To Visit Baga Beach
  5. Hotels near Baga Beach, Goa

1. About Baga Beach

About Baga Beach

About Baga Beach

Located on the northern side of Goa, Baga Beach is a prominent tourist attraction which is wrapped around with the Calangute Beach in South and Anjuna Beach in its north all these water bodies enhances the beauty of this place. Baga Beach has lots of things to offer to its guests, right start from the flea market, sun bathing beaches, vibrant nightlife, eateries and many more. Thus all these things make Baga Beach a favorite place among the travellers. Located at a distance of 16 km from Panaji, the state capital, this beach is also having the Baga River flowing through its skirts which ultimately flow down in the Arabian Sea. People, who travel to Baga Beach on their Goa tourism, would love to enjoy the beautiful sunsets and cool breezes that fill you with amazing experience. The Nightlife of Goa is something that is of worth experience. Late night parties, music blast, exotic ranges of wines and amazing discs, all are the amazing part of Goa nightlife spirit.

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2. Things To Do in Baga Beach

Water Sports Activities in Baga Beach

Water Sports Activities in Baga Beach

The foundation of this place was laid back in 1970’s by the Hippie culture which makes this place more amazing and lively. From then till now, the place has been a hub of various fun activities that fascinates travellers from all across the globe. People visiting this place have lots of things to do in Goa. Here are some of the activities which you may consider –

1. Water Sports Activities

Visiting a beach and not indulging in any water sports activities is so not right. Baga beach the fun beach has a range of water sports activities that you can do while you would be on your Goa tours. Some of the major water sports activities includes two day scuba diving, open water diving, jet skiing, motor boat ride, dolphin rides, river cruise or banana ride which are just to name a few. People who wish to relax and enjoy the cool breeze can sit by the beach side and enjoy the fresh coconut water and lime.

2. Ayurvedic Treatment

Visited by n numbers of travellers from all over the country Baga Beach has make its special place in everyone’s heart. Different travellers have different ways of spending their time in Baga Beach. One such way is getting Ayurvedic treatment or spa therapies. There are many spa centers available in Goa near Baga Beach which one can avail. Travellers can enjoy most relaxing and beneficial ayurvedic massages, where session would go for 1 to 2 hours on an average. These massages are not only for general body massages but one can also get relieve from various problems such as headaches, spinal therapies, migraine and many more. Ayurveda and Spa centers in India plays a vital role in activity tours in India.

3. Nightlife in Baga Beach

Famous for amazing night clubs and lively aura, nightlife in Baga Beach is something which one must experience once in their lifetime. The pubs and nightclubs are the major attractions of Goa’s Nightlife. Nightclubs such as Mambo’s, Tito’s and Cavala are major nightclubs near Baga Beach. People can enjoy music, food, dance and exotic wines during the nightlife at Baga Beach. Here are some of the major names of bars and restaurant that one can enjoy at Baga Beach – Seby Bar and Restaurant, Bora Bora, Mango Tree, Club Cubana, Royal Relish and many more which are just to name a few.

4. Taking Overnight Trips

All travel enthusiasts who are living here for the long time can take a break by visiting to Dudhsagar Falls in a houseboat which will give you the experience of rice barge.

5. Monsoon Fun Park

People who travel to Goa with their family and kids have a great option to go and the place is Monsoon Fun Park. It is a perfect place for kids.

6. Shopping in Baga Beach

Goa is a paradise for shopaholics, when it comes to Baga Beach there is no other place better than Baga. Travellers love to enjoy the Mackie’s Night Bazaar which is filled with various stalls with various handicrafts items along with the contemporary dresses and artificial jewelry. The market is also filled with some really nice food outlets where you can enjoy authentic cuisine of Goa with light music and lights. Then there is Tito’s lane, one of its kind places, filled with amazing little bars and live music and dance. With a wide range of souvenirs, one can also enjoy exploring the bookshops, café and restaurant over here.

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3. Major Attractions near Baga Beach

Baga River in Goa

Baga River in Goa

Goa is boasted with amazing Portuguese culture which makes this place more special and unique from other part of the country. The modern lifestyle and richness of Portuguese architecture can be seen in Goa. People love exploring Goa heritage and historical sites. When it comes to Baga Beach, it has its own charm. Travellers can loaf around many major tourist attractions near Baga Beach

1. Baga Retreat House – The place has a historical importance which fascinate travellers from all across the world. Dedicated to St. Frances Xavier this house is located at the top of the Baga Hill.

2. Baga River – Located at the skirts of Baga Beach is Baga River, shimmering and gushing with its own flow attracting travellers from all over the world. It is a best place to watch the scenic view where sea meets the river.

3. Medicinal Spring –The water of this spring is consists of medicinal properties which is famous as the picnic spot. The spring makes this place a perfect place to visit.

4. The Sea Cure – Best to visit in month of May, the place is located in Baga Area in Goa and boasts local and international travellers.  People taking dip in its water have cured by several body ailments such as arthritis, joint pains and many more.

5. Kesarval Springs –This is another place with curative properties which make this place pleasing, delightful and serene.

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4. Best Time To Visit Baga Beach

Best Time To Visit Baga Beach

Best Time To Visit Baga Beach

Goa is a place which is filled with several of travellers round the year. If you are wondering about the Best time to visit Baga Beach truly speaking the beach can be visited anytime of the year, the place being featuring with the same pleasing aura and enchanting life throughout the year. Yet you are advised to avoid the rainy season which bring heavy rains with it. The months from October to March are considered as the best time to visit Baga Beach.

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5. Hotels near Baga Beach, Goa

Hotels near Baga Beach

Hotels near Baga Beach

Baga Beach, Goa is filled with numerous of travellers round the year and thus one can find huge plethora of Hotels in Baga Beach which make the stay of people relaxing and comfortable. Available in a huge range, hotels such as The Lalit Golf and Spa Resort Goa, Vivanta By Taj, Premier Inn Goa Anjuna, Resort Martins Siesta and Royal Mirage Beach Resort can be avail from plush 5 star hotels to pocket friendly budget hotels in Baga Area.

  1. Kalki Resort & Cottages
  2. Keys Ronil Resort
  3. Coco Heritage Home
  4. Sun City Resort
  5. Hotel Linda
  6. Nazri Resort Hotel
  7. Pride Sun Village Resort and Spa
  8. Romeos Place Guest House

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