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Things to Do in Shimla Makes the City a Perfect Holiday Delight

Shimla – A Nature’s Paradise

Beautiful hills standing beholding the lush tall plush green trees and grounds that are wrapped in the snow. The serene white background makes the place more fascinating and wonderful. Shimla is indeed the nature’s paradise. Once been the summer capital of the British, Shimla is one of the most visited and loved hill-station for holiday makers. If you are visiting India for the first time, we would say Shimla will not let you down. Its beauty, culture, heritage and traditions will surely enhance your India Tours.

Shimla – A Nature’s Paradise

Shimla – A Nature’s Paradise

The house of many vintage architectural marvels, Shimla is also popularly known as ‘Queen of Hills’. The city has derived its name from Goddess ’Shymala Devi’ who is believed as the reincarnation of Goddess Kali.

Today we will let you know some of the best things that you can do during your Travel to Shimla the memories of which will remain with you for life time. Here we go…

Enjoying a Ride in Toy Train

Enjoying a Ride in Toy Train

Enjoying a Ride in Toy Train

Remember that song? ‘Mere Sapno Ki Raani Kab Aayegi Tu’ where hero chases his heroin who was sitting in this kind of train. I hope you must have remembered now. The toy Train of Shimla will give you the same experience while running through the edgy hills, plush green surroundings and a panoramic city view from top of the hills.

1. The Toy train runs between Kalka and Shimla.

2. The Toy Train Started in 1903 and is now listed as UNESCO site.

3. The fare approximately ranges from Rs. 260 to Rs.500.

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A Visit to the Oldest Indian Church

Indian Church

A Visit to the Oldest Indian Church

The church holds the position of the second oldest church of India. Christ Church of Shimla was built in 1884 and has been through the different change in all the years. The architectural style of the church throws the looks of the old British style. There are 5 glass windows in the church where one can take a glimpse of themselves. These 5 windows in church represent 5 virtues of Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, Patience and Humility.

1. The Church is open 6 days in a week from 10:30 am to 5:30 am.

2. The major tourist spot holds peace and calmness within.

3. The best place to spend some quality time with spirituality.

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Take a Short Walk in City

Chadwick Falls

Chadwick Falls

Shimla is the place which is a perfect mixture of culture, traditions, heritage and peaceful lifestyle. During your India Tourism when you come to Shimla, you will see many places that fall on your way during Shimla excursion. You can take a short trek through these places and cherish the beauty of the city.

1. You can visit some famous temples like Dhanu Devta Temple, Kamna Devi Temple, Jakhoo Temple and Tara Devi temple.

2. A visit to Chadwick Falls will be an amazing experience.

3. The plush green beautiful forest of Glen will surely enchant you with its beauty.

4. The journey through the Shimla attractions will help you in understanding the city.

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A Visit to The Colonial Gaiety Theatre

The Colonial Gaiety Theatre

The Colonial Gaiety Theatre

If you are in Shimla and planning to visit the city’s main attractions then you must include this ancient colonial architecture in your to do list. The Gaiety Theatre is one of the major Tourist Places in Shimla. This is one of the finest epitomes of the British architecture which was built in 1877. If you visit this place do take a well-guided tour to Viceroy’s Box.

1. The theater has its name after famous ‘Gaiety Theatre of London’.

2. The place is designed by Henry Irwin who also designed Viceregal Lodge.

3. Theatre was 5 story building initially that had a theatre, ballroom, armory, police office, bar and galleries.

4. The place is well-known for their performances by some legendary artists such as Prithivi Raj Kapoor, K.L Sehgal, Baten Powel and many more.

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How About Taking a Thrilling Yak Ride..?!

Thrilling Yak Ride

Thrilling Yak Ride

You must have had many horses riding in your lifespan, but once being in Shimla we recommend you must also experience the thrill of the Yak Ride. The Yak rides are quite famous in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The North India Tour Packages with Yak ride becomes more exciting. The Yak ride can be enjoyed in the places like Kullu, Kufri and Solang Valley.

1. Himachal Pradesh Tourism helps you in getting the Yak Ride.

2. Yaks are well-trained and cope with tourist environment.

3. The Best Time for Yak safari is between Novembers to February.

4. The nearest Yak Safari spot is Kurfi which is merely 18 km from Shimla.

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List of Other Things You Could Do in Shimla

Ice Skating

Ice Skating

We hope you must have liked the activities included in the list above. There are many more activities that will make your Tour to India more exciting. These activities are –

1. Visiting the Ridge of the city.

2. A special guided tour of Viceregal Lodge.

3. Ice Skating.

4. Attending the fairs and festivals of the city.

5. A visit to the Jakhoo Temple.

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