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Celebrate the Culture of Rajasthan Through the Taalbelia Festival

Famous for its culture, traditions and royalty the land of Rajasthan is one of the most visited Tourist Destinations in India. The uniqueness of this place is its’ majestic forts, charming palaces and glittering tourist attractions. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan that also is a significant place when it comes to Indian Tourism.

The folk dance and culture of Rajasthan is just amazing and unique in their own way. People celebrate their times in vibrant colored cloths and by playing traditional musical instrument that makes the festival more joyous and lively. Today we will talk about a musical festival of the state name ‘Taalbelia’ which generally happens in the month of January. This four day event celebrates the art, craft, music and rich food of Rajasthan.

Taalbelia Festival

Taalbelia Festival

Welcome to this three day extravaganza of music and food where you will meet some of the most amazing artist around the country that will leave you enchanting with their performances.


A very famous traditional dance form of Rajasthan, Kaalbeliya which is performed by the tribe of same name is an integral part of the culture of Rajasthan. The name is derived from this word. Taal is Music and beliya from Rajasthani dance form (Kalbeliya) which itself shows that this festival is all about music and culture that forms Taalbelia.

It is 4 days of resident festival will be happening in between January 26th to 29th 2017 and which is going to celebrate the Rich Culture of Rajasthan.

Where Will be Taalbelia Organizing

The heart of Shekhawati region which lies in the small town of Mandawa of Jhunjhunu dist. Is the place where the festival will going to organize. The festival will be organizing at two venues, first is Castle Mandawa and the other one is Desert Resort.

Expectation from Taalbelia Festival

The Taalbelia festival will going to be a 4 days long festival that holds 3 magnificent stages and about more than 30 gigs by artist of different genres of music such as classical music, folk music and other contemporary music. The Rajasthan Tourism will be more enchanting with the soothing sound of sarangi, beautiful voices of folk singer and the swinging arms and waggling feet of dancers who dances on the music beats. This festival will give you every single detail to fall in love with this royal state.

In this festival you will also get the change to enjoy the adventure activities such as lip-smacking food, Rajasthani art, workshops and the amazing royal hospitality through the vibrant music and cultures.

Special Workshops for Visitors

The festival organizes some special workshop that will bring out the artist within you. Visitors in this festival can choose the workshop of their choices from a huge list be it standing behind the console and jam on the beats of DJ or be it learning the art of pottery or playing the Morchang you will going to learn each and everything here while enhancing your artist skills.

For all horse ride lovers, you can get a chance get friendly with the horses at the royal stables. In this festival you will also love to learn the art of playing and learning the rhythm of Khartal and traditional skills of making the famous Lac bangles.

List of Other Things That You Can Indulged In

1. All the adventure lovers love to spend time while sand surfing and dirt biking.

2. Foodies are welcome to the Gourmet Fiesta at the festival that serves the exotic traditional Shekhawati dishes such as Gatte Ki Sabji, Kachri ki Sabji, Pithodaur Pyaz ki Sabji and laalmaas in non-veg culinary.

3. This festival is a paradise for food lovers where you can savor cuisines such as Middle Asian, Mongolian and Mexican as well.

Taalbelia’s Attractions

You will get to witness the finest people from the field of music playing in this festival. Here’s the list of some major of them.

Arjun Vagale

Arjun Vagale

  1. Gazi Khan – A famous Khartar player
  2. Arjun Vagale – Most famous DJ of India
  3. Ankur and the Ghalat family – famous for story telling through music
  4. George Brooks – A proficient and diverse saxophonist
  5. Grain – The biggest electronica pioneers.
  6. Indian Ocean – India’s foremost bands.

With amazing music and dance forms, Rajasthan has made its own place in the world. Through Taalbelia you will go to experience the vibrant rich culture of the state that will remain with you throughout your life.

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