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Chennai to Madurai – A Culture Trip Across Tamil Nadu

The heart of Tamil Nadu resides in Madurai. The temple town is not just about its exquisite architecture, but also its cuisine, crafts, and art. The trip from Chennai to Madurai is a multi-layered experience with many sights and sounds on the way. All that is needed for this special road trip is a good car rental app, a packed bag, and a thirst for adventure.

Culture Trip Across Tamil Nadu

Culture Trip Across Tamil Nadu

1. Enroute Attractions

Chennai to Madurai is a 463-km journey and there are some nice stops on the way. In Viluppuram district, one can take a detour and visit the Gingee Fort. Dating back more than a thousand years old, this structure was at one time regarded as the Troy of the East. Today, one can enjoy a walk through the ruins and marvel at the old ramparts and architectural style. The next big stop on the route is Trichy, one of the largest cities in Tamil Nadu. Trichy is very famous for its temples – a stop at the Erumbeeswarar and Srirangam temples are recommended. Other landmarks here are the Rani Mangammal Mahal and the Our Lady of Lourdes Church, an impressive ode to Gothic architecture

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2. The Wonders of Madurai

The highlight of Madurai is the Meenakshi temple complex, around which the old town and its busy lanes have developed over centuries. The Meenakshi Amman temple is known for its multiple towers or gopurams, each adorned to the finest detail with sculptures and carvings. These 14 gopurams are the gateways to many important shrines and the highest gopuram is nine storeys tall.

Other striking features of the temple complex are the mandapas, a staple of South Indian temple architecture. The mandapas are pillared halls and they are filled with carvings and motifs describing events in Hindu mythology.

Madurai is also known as a haven for foodies, especially those who yearn for the most authentic of Tamil cuisine. From the ubiquitous idlis and dosas to the famous meen kuzhambu or fish gravy at the Amma’s Mess restaurant, one has to dedicate entire days to experience the culinary spectrum of this town. Kari dosa or mutton dosa, kola urundai (mutton meatballs) and the famous Murugan idlis need to be on the must-try list. Madurai’s chaotic evening markets are a nice venue for bargain hunters. The most popular bazaars are Puthu Mandapam, close to Meenakshi temple, and the Chithirai Street.

There are many options to travel in india but when it comes to the long Madurai road trip, nothing is as fun as having full control behind the wheel. With a self drive rental, travellers will enjoy complete privacy and they can take detours and make stops as they wish. For those who look for a car rental in Chennai, app-based platform Zoomcar would be a top choice. Registered users can book a car in just a few seconds and there are many rental plans to choose from. One also gets to drive the latest car models that are available in India. Travellers can choose from convenient hatchbacks, spacious sedans, and sturdy SUVs. To assure a hassle-free experience, rental cars come with 24/7 on-road support.

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