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Chittorgarh The Land of Bravery And The Land of Jauhars

Time has been passed and the legends has been created and with each passing day, what more enhances the charm of Rajasthan is its brave stories of the bygone era when the history of Rajasthan was about to witness a new chapter to glorify with all charm and dignity. Famous for majestic forts and palaces, Rajasthan has its own significance in terms of Indian Tourism. But there are some places which are not only known for its heritage richness but also for its brave warrior stories. The most important aspect of these historical stories that enhances its beauty are the role of the ladies without whose contribution, these stories would not be called the legends.

When Kings of Rajasthan was fighting with bravery at battle ground, the queens on the other hand were furiously taking care of the safety of their home and the people in the kingdom. This is the state (then) of Chittor. Beautiful and elegant city on one hand and furious and vigilant on the other makes this city more fascinating and curious among travellers.

Famous for “The Chittorgarh Fort’ – Asia’s largest Fort, Chittor is visited and cherished by thousands of travellers during a year. People who would be on Rajasthan Tourism loves to travel through this city and explore the heritage while hearing the legends of brave heart of the city.

Chittorgarh – Tale of Two Dynasties

The Chittorgarh Fort

The Chittorgarh Fort

No place in India or in the world known for the mass self-immolation like Chittorgarh. The fort of Chittorgarh war sieged thrice by different rulers but the first and the foremost attack that changed the destiny of Rajput women and the Rajasthan history was the attack by Ala-Ud-Din Khilji.

Ala-Ud-Din Khilji, a cruel ruler of Khilji dynasty wish to rule all over India, but what fascinate him towards the state of Chittorgarh is the beauty of Rani Padmini, the queen of Chittorgarh. When he attacked the fort, king of Chittor was in the battlefield fighting with his huge army. Ala-ud-Din with his other troupe members attacked the fort of Chittor (1303 AD) and tried to capture and abduct queen Padmini and other ladies. It when queen and other ladies in the court decided to do something which was unthinkable and unexpected.

Rather than falling into the hands of Ala-Ud-Din, Queen Padmini along with other women sacrificed themselves in a pyre of fire. The act which would give Goosebumps to the bravest of the brave man, was performed so easily by Rani Padmini and other ladies that gave Rajasthan a heroic legend that was never been performed and will never going to perform by anybody.

This sacrifice was called ‘Jauhar’ – Rani Padmini Ka Jauhar’.

Rani Padmini

Rani Padmini Ka Jauhar

Two More Jauhar That Changed the History of Rajasthan

There are two more stories of Jauhar which will make your Rajasthan Tour Packages more memorable. The brave act of Queen Padmini becomes a lesson for every woman in the state to not fall in front of enemies and if required not to hesitate loosing life for the sake of self-respect. By 16th Century Mewar Region of Rajasthan has emerged as leading Rajput state and so it was obvious that it had been attacked time to time.

These continuous attacks forced the women of Chittorgarh to perform Jauhar so that they can save themselves by falling in the hands of attackers. There were two more Jauhars that were performed after the Jauhar of Padmini. First was led by Rani Karnawati when the state was besieged by Bahadur Shah (1537), the sultan of Gujarat. It is said that about 13000 Rajput women performed Jauharthat day and about 3200 Rajput warriors rushed out of the fort to fight and die.

The third and last time Jauhar was performed in 1568 AD when Mughal emperor Akbar attacked Chittorgarh Fort. After being overtook by the Mughals,Chittorgarh witness the biggest massacre where on the order of Akbar 30 thousand of soldiers and civilians were massacred in the aftermath.

Jauhar at Chittorgarh Fort

Jauhar at Chittorgarh Fort

Chittorgarh Then and After…

Chittorgarh has witnessed tragedies that were unexpected and cannot be described in the words. After being attacked again and again by invaders Chittor has lost its political importance and thus the capital was moved to Udaipur. Due to the heroic incidents Chittorgarh holds a special place in the hearts of people from Rajput clan.

It was when all other kingdoms were succumbed for the foreign invaders; Chittor was the only state which was fought until its last breath. To pay the homage to the brave queens and ladies of Chittor, the state organized the biggest Rajput festival in Rajasthan –‘Jauhar Mela’. The festival of Jauhar Mela is organized every year to commemorate the bravery of Rajput ancestors and all three Jauhars which were performed fiercely by the women of Chittor. The festival is attended by thousands of Rajput people where one can also see the descendants of most of the princely families to celebrate the Jauhar.

Whenever you would be on your Rajasthan Tours, we suggest you to visit the courageous city of Chittorgarh where you will be colored in hues of bravery. Along with its major tourist attractions, the city is also featuring with the finest Hotels in Rajasthan that will take care of every need of its patrons.

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