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Top Cuisines in Kolkata That Makes the City a Gastronomic Delight

Kolkata – The City of Joy

Famous as City of Joy, Kolkata is one of the most beautiful cities of India. Listed as one of the largest metropolises of the world, Kolkata is served as a capital of West Bengal. Known as the gateway to India in the past, the city came into prominence during British era. Religiously and ethnically diversify the city of Kolkata is literally a melting pot of vivid cultures and holds a major position in India Tourism.

Kolkata – The City of Joy

Kolkata – The City of Joy

Kolkata is the house of many stories. Right start from the execution of Mangal Pandey to the riot of Independence in 1947, the city has many things to tell you when you are there. Kolkata has made a special position in hearts of people through its unmatchable art, literature, drama, film, theater and its cuisines.

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Delights of Kolkata

As Kolkata is the melting pot of different cultures, the city offers a wide range of delectable delights to its people. Kolkata Food is filled with wide range of cuisine and various cooking techniques. The scrumptious aroma when gets mixed with the surroundings will give you the memories for lifetime. Bengali are famous for their love for food. Not only they can cook the tangy spicy food but they are as famous in their sweet dishes also.

Generally starts with light mode, Bengali cuisine gradually go on to something heavier and rich. The staple food of Kolkata generally served with rice and fish. Now let’s start our delicious journey through the alley of Kolkata and discuss about the various cuisines of the city of Joy that will make your Tours of North India delicious and lip smacking.

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The Famous Bengali Cuisine

The Famous Bengali Cuisine

The Famous Bengali Cuisine

1. Macher Jhol – A Traditional Bengali cuisine. It is a spicy fish stew that is served with rice. Turmeric, garlic, grated ginger seasoning enhances its taste.

2. Chingri Malai Curry – A typical Bengali cuisine made from Prawns and coconut milk blended with species. Majorly served in Bengali weddings.

3. Bhetki Paturi – A traditional Bengali dish which is wrapped in banana leaf with mustard paste and cooked in Steam through slow cooking.

Some other cuisine that makes your taste buds tickle are Doiillish, Kochuri and Alurdom, Bengalli Pulao and Luchi.

Traditional Bengali Cuisines

Talking about the food of the joyous city let us give you a brief about the traditional dishes which are going to take you to the bygone era of the city when the food was cooked in an ethnic style and served with traditional way. Travellers from around the world visit Kolkata and enjoy with the happy aura of city and what more enhance Travel to India is its traditional cuisine.

Fish is the staple diet that is savored by every Bengali and cooked in every house. Apart from fish, other components like pumpkin, brinjal, onion, beans and cereals like moon, and masoor are the major food used in traditional cooking. Along with fish stew (Machel Jhol); main course includes rice, Porothas and luchi which are the most popular complimentary items which are served with stuff peas. Some other traditional cuisines are –

1. Bhaja – It is a dish made with fried vegetables that is served with a dollop of rice and daal dabbed in ghee.

2. Shukto – A specialty of Bengali houses that will tickle your taste buds with the flavor of vegetable mixed with ginger and mustard sauce.

3. Poshto – It is a kind of chutney or kasundi which is prepared out of poppy seeds, it’s a mustard dipping sauce which you can have with Papad (poppadum) for adding flavors.

4. Mishti Doi – It is a sweet dish, very famous and traditional dessert dish. It is made up with sweetened yogurt and jiggery.

Other traditional recipes include names such as Roshogulla, RasMalai and Pantua.

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Taste of Seafood in Kolkata

Taste of Seafood in Kolkata

Taste of Seafood in Kolkata

Being situated on the banks of Hooghly River, the city has quite a close proximity with Bay of Bengal also. Due to this reason, Bengal has been a popular hunting ground for fish lovers. The city is filled with the abundance of seafood. Filled with different recipes, Kolkata will offer you such a memorable scrumptious journey that will make your India Tour Packages memorable.

The seafood is classified in two major categories. The first category includes fresh water fishes which includes more than forty types of species including rohu, koi, tilapia, bhetki, calta and shingi are just to name a few. The second category includes the salt water fish which is indeed popular among Bengalis Illish Machh, Podda for example are considered traditionally the best saltwater fishes.

Best Street Food of Kolkata

1. Puchka and Churmur – Water balls popularly known as Golgappa in different parts of the county. Churmur is an addition in ‘Puchka’ for those who not found wet and messy foods.

2. Bhel Puri – Mixture of puffed rice, crushed papri, boiled potatoes and sev. Tangy, spicy and mouth-watering.

3. Telebhaja – different vegetables (onions, potato, cauliflower etc.) that are deep fried covered with the batter made up of besan.

4. Kathi Rolls – A scrumptious dish for all non-veg lovers. It is Mughlai parantha that blankets a row of kebabs.

You can also try these Kolkata street foods that will fill your mouth with water and amazing delicious aroma –

  1. Cutlet and Chop
  2. Dimer Devil
  3. Ghuni Ghat
  4. Jhalmuri
  5. Keemar Doi Bora and Chhanar Jilipi

Best Food Destinations in Kolkata

Best Food Destinations in Kolkata

Best Food Destinations in Kolkata

Kolkata is a major tourist hub in India. During a year it is visited by lakhs of travellers from around the country and the world. Being a major Holiday Destination, Kolkata houses different accommodation options for your continence. There is a plethora of Hotels in Kolkata that are ranging from plush 5 stars to Pocket Friendly Budget Hotels.

These hotels are either offering the most amazing food place in their premises or they are situated near some of the best food places in the city.

Here is the list of place which are famous for some exotic Bengali dishes –

1. Arsalan and Shiraz Golden Restaurant which are popular for Kolkata Mughlai Food

2. Bhojohori Manna which is popular for Bengali cuisine.

3. Aaheli – The Peerless Inn is also a famous for serving scrumptious Bengali dishes like Loochis, dal rice in vegetarian and Betki fish, mutton curry, prawn in non-veg dishes.

4. Balaram Mullik and Radharaman Mullickare famous for mouth-watering traditional Bengali sweet dishes. Sondesh Rosogulla is its major USP.

We have discussed about approximately all the cuisine that will make your Kolkata Tourism memorable and lip-smacking. Get ready for the most amazing and the scrumptious journey of your life.

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