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Why Elephant Safari At Amber Fort Is Famous Among Tourist?

Amber in Making

It was year 1036 AD, Rajputana was witnessing a new phase which was about to bring a new era in the history of Rajasthan (then Rajputana). When Raja Kakil Dev became the king of the region he thought of building a palace to safeguard his kingdom. Therefore he started building present day Jaigarh Fort. Amber Fort which is located near the fort of Jaigarh was majorly expands during the reign of the Raja Man Singh I on the remnants of the earliest structure during the reign of Man Singh The Kachwaha King of Amber.

Amber was region which was established by the Meena community of Rajasthan who were the devotees of Goddess Amba (Goddess Parvati) whom they called Gatta Rani or the ‘Queen of the Pass’. And the present Amber Fort was completed building in the 16th century which is now a major attraction in Rajasthan Tourism.

Only few of the people know that Amber was known as the ‘Dhundar’ in its earlier time and was ruled by Kachwaha from 11th century till they shifted their capital to Jaipur.

Amber Fort

Amber Fort

Today this majestic fort has become the most fascinated tourist attraction that one can visit during their Travel to India. The first place that you will visit while you would be on your Jaipur Tours is the Amber Fort. The palace is divided into four main sections and each of them is having its own entry gate and court yard. The fort is nestled specifically at Cheelka Teela on the Majestic ranges of Aravali Hills. Fort features a finest grandeur of the Hindu and the Mughal architecture. Built with huge red sandstones and marbles the fort is the perfect place for sight watch and walk through its high ramparts. Shimmering Maota Lake that is lied beside besides the fort enhance the charm and beauty that leave the travellers spell bounded.

Elephant Safari at Amber Fort

Elephant Safari at Amber Fort

Travellers visit this majestic and historic monument for viewing the charm of this beautiful fort. Though there are bundles of activities that you can enjoy during your Rajasthan Tours but visiting Amber and experiencing the Elephant Safari is something that will make your journey memorable and cherishing.

Elephant Safari in Jaipur

Here’s the Reasons Why Elephant Safari at Amber Fort Is Famous –

1. Experience The Royalty – In olden days, kings and queens of the state used to take horses and elephants for ride and that culture is still being followed but not on regular basis but as a tourist attraction. Being seated on elephant’s back will take you to the bygone Royal Rajputi Era and make your tour amazing.

2. Thrilling Experience – If you are adventure lover then visiting Amber will just be cup of your tea. Not only the huge architecture will fascinates you but doing the elephant safari will also add some values to your Rajasthan Tour Packages.

Elephant Ride in Jaipur

3. Views of The Nearby Areas – When you take elephant ride, what enchants you is the beauty of the nearby by scenic areas. Plush green surrounding, beautiful ranges of Aravali hills and panoramic view of the city can be seen while being on the back of the elephant. Trust us you will never forget this experience.

4. Indulging in Different Elephant Activities – Yup, you read it right!! Your visit to Amber fort will not just ended with Elephant ride but there more. Along with the ride on elephant, you can also enjoy the different elephant activities such as elephant feeding, elephant painting and off-course elephant safari, and how about the elephant bathing, exciting…. Isn’t it?

5. Memories for Lifetime – Like I said, while doing all these things, you will not only enjoying the present time but also making some really unforgettable memories that you will going to cherish for the rest of your life.

Elephant Ride and Tourist Information

Elephant Ride and Tourist Information

Here are some really useful and handy information that will make you provide an easy and comfortable elephant ride at Amber Fort. Have a Look –

  1. The Elephant Ride Costs Rs. 1100/- (Local and International Travellers)
  2. These Rates Are Fixes by Govt. So Touts Won’t Sell You These Rides More Than Nominal Rates.
  3. It Would Take Around Half an Hour to Reach at Main Courtyard on the Back of the Elephant.
  4. 80 Elephants Take 800 Visitors Every Day With the Limit of 2 Persons Every Year.
  5. According to Norms Elephant Ride Starts at 7:00 Am and Runs Till 11:00 Am Every Day.

Elephant Ride Price

Government performs time to time monitoring and sees if these elephants are being treated with all respect and love. They also take care of the activities that are performing with the elephants and check that there would be no harm to these innocent beings.

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