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The 5 Best Historical Monuments of Kerala

The state of Kerala is one of the most prominent Tourist Destinations in India. The amazing rich natural beauty blended with the interesting heritage monuments offers its travellers a perfect Package Tour to Kerala. Famous as ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala is holds a prominent position in making the rich culture and traditions of the country.

The state of Kerala has been ruled by different rulers during different time. The dynasty of Dravidian plays an important role in making this place a culturally rich place which is filled with amazing architectural monuments, heritage site and some really magnificent historical forts and palaces. Even today these age old structure speak many fascinating tales about the glorious past of Kerala that will be an amazing memory of your Kerala Tours.

Kerala is a perfect place which comes as delight for all those who love to explore art, culture, historical sites, and monuments during their Kerala Tourism. We have brought to you some of the most exotic locations that can that you must visit once in your life.

  1. Jewish Synagogue
  2. Dutch Palace
  3. Fort Kochi
  4. St. Francis Church
  5. Thalassery Fort

1. Jewish Synagogue

Jewish Synagogue

Jewish Synagogue

It is an amazing architectural marvel which is also known as Paradesi Synagogue or Mattancherry Synagogue. It is the one and the only working synagogue among all the seven that belongs to Cochin’s Paradesi Jewish community. With the exquisite architecture and elegant interior the monument is filled with crystal chandeliers, vintage lamps and other artifact that grab your attention.

Why Jewish Synagogue

1. One of the oldest monuments built in 1568.

2. Filled with Vintage antiques.

3. Floor of hand painted blue willow tiles.

4. Some major vintage antiques attractions are –

  1. 4th century copper plates with Malyalam script.
  2. Hand knitted Oriental rug.
  3. Two gold crowns and many more.

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2. Dutch Palace

Dutch Palace

Dutch Palace

Nestled near the Jewish Synagogue the Dutch Palace also makes a perfect historical tourist attraction in the state of Kerala. The history of this palace is as amazing as its architecture. Originally the palace was built by the Portuguese and then gifted to the King of Cochin as a compensation of destroying the Hindu temples in that region. Later it was took over by the Dutch and renamed as ‘Dutch Palace’ by the name with which we know it today.

Why Dutch Palace

1. It holds an interesting history which fills your Kerala Tour Package with glorious chapters of past.

2. It’s an oldest fort of South India built in 1557.

3. Huge architecture with plush green grounds and tall coconut trees.

4. It is compact with best murals of India.

5. Elegantly designed wooden ceiling in the coronation hall is the best part of the palace.

6. A perfect place for all history buffs and art enthusiast.

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3. Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi

A majestic fort that holds never hear before tales within its heart, Fort Kochi is snuggling near the shore of Malabar Coast. The forts hold an important position in the history of Kerala that is filled with rich antiquity. One can easily cherish the beauty of the fort where you can see reminisce of the Dutch, Portuguese and British colonial era.

Why Fort Kochi

1. The most prominent historical palace.

2. The fort holds a glorious history of proud Kerala’s colonial legacy.

3. One can see the marvelous official picture postcard and postal stamps of the state here.

4. It has close proximity with the Kerala Kathakali Centre.

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4. St. Francis Church

St. Francis Church

St. Francis Church

Holding the position of the Oldest European church in India, St. Frances Church is one of the most historical places in the state of Kerala. The church has once stood as the witness of struggle of various European colonial powers. Today the Church fascinates thousands of visitors from across the globe and has emerged as the prominent Kerala attractions.

Why St. Frances Church

1. The oldest European Church in India.

2. Holds historic and elegant architecture style. The stained glass windows enhance the beauty of the Church.

3. Hand operated cloth fans are the major attraction of the church.

4. The church also features as the resting place of famous Portuguese sailor Vasco-Da-Gama. His mortal body remains here for 14 years than shifted to Lisbon.

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5. Thalassery Fort

Thalassery Fort

Thalassery Fort

Have you ever heard about the secret tunnels in the forts and palaces and wonder what it would like going through those narrow dark alleys under the castle. The Thalassery Fort is such a fort in Kerala which is not only holding a marvelous architecture but also features an impressive engineering skill of British designers and the engineers. Your Tour Package of India gets more exciting when you see the secretive tunnels and underground chambers comprises in the tunnel.

Why Thalassery Fort

1. One of the most Historical fort.

2. Compact with secretive tunnels and chambers which are used by the defeated British military personnel.

3. Offers a panoramic view to the Malabar Cost and lush green landscape ahead the fort.

4. You can see the prison of Hyder Ali who was popularly known as ‘Lion of Kerala’.

Once you will be on your Kerala Tours, you will experience many more other places which are historically important and holds a significant heritage position. To make your tour more easy and memorable, the place holds a plethora of Hotels in Kerala that are filled with all modern amenities and contemporaries which we are sure will make your stay comforting and relaxing.

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