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Celebrate The Holi Festival 2019 in Mathura and Vrindavan

Holi is one of the biggest Indian festivals which are celebrated at every corners of India. Being one of the prominent Indian Festivals, Holi has a special place in the Culture of India. Lakhs of tourist from around the world visit India just to be a part of this mesmerizing festival. Though the festival is celebrated with all zeal and enthusiasm in all the country but Holi in Braj is especially famous all over the India for its unique celebration. Your Holi Festival Tour Package gets more amazing while spending your holiday time in Braj. Braj is a historical region which covers Mathura and Vrindavan. Famous and land of Lord Krishna, the region of Braj attracts pilgrims and tourists from all over India and the World during Holi due to its special cultures and traditions.

holi tour packages

holi tour packages

  1. Holi at Nandgaon and Vrindavan
  2. Phoolon Wali Holi, Vrindavan
  3. Widow’s Holi, Vrindavan
  4. Holi at Banke Bihari Temple, Vrindavan

1. Holi at Nandgaon and Vrindavan

Holi at Nandgaon and Vrindavan

Holi at Nandgaon and Vrindavan

Mathura is the birthplace of Lord Krishna and he grew up and spent his childhood at Vrindavan so these two places are very important to celebrate Holi. Over the years Krishna from his village Nandgaon used to go to Barsana which is Radha’s village to colour Radha and other Gopis. They used to beat him with sticks. Thus the tradition of Lathmar holi came from this concept. These days also people from Nandgaon and Barsana celebrate this festival with zest where women chase men and beat men with Lathis and its called Lathmar Holi. Thus it attracts thousands of tourists who come to enjoy the fun filled beatings. Being the part of this thrilling Lath mar Holi would make your Holiday Packages For Holi make more exciting.

When does it happen?

The event takes place about seven days before the actual day of Holi.

How to Reach Mathura and Barsana?

Barsana is 115 km away from Delhi while the distance between Mathura and Barsana is 50 km. So if you are coming from Delhi then you can hire a taxi to reach there.

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2. Phoolon Wali Holi, Vrindavan

Phoolon Wali Holi

Phoolon Wali Holi, Vrindavan

Vrindavan it is the place where it is believed that Lord Krishna has spent his childhood days. Among all the various legends and mythological stories of Vrindavan, one of the most famous stories is of Holi celebrations between Radha and Krishna. According to these stories, in his childhood Lord Krishna always complain his mother about his dark and Radha’s fair complexion. Teasing Krishna, Yashoda (Krishna’s Mother) asked Krishna to color Radha’s face in whichever color she wants. One day when Krishna visited Radha to meet her in her village, out of paying prank he colored Goddess Radha and other Gopis with different colors of abeer. Rest is the history….

When you visit Vrindavan during Holi Festival Tour Packages 2019 you must not miss your visit to Banke Bihari Temple of the place. On the Ekadashi before Holi the Banke Bihari temple is being decorated with thousands of flowers so it is called as Phoolon wali holi. Here holi is not celebrated with dry or wet colors but with different colored flowers, natural abeer colors mixed with sandalwood powder. The gates of the temple are opened around 4 pm and then the flowers are thrown at the devotees by the temple priests. It will be celebrated on 8 March this year.

Places to Celebrate-

Banke Bihari Temple, Vrindavan

3. Widow’s Holi, Vrindavan

Widow’s Holi

Widow’s Holi, Vrindavan

Widows always lead a difficult life since they are banished from their homes and are forced to live in Ashrams in Varanasi and Vrindavan during the Holi Festival. They never played holi and wore white clothes. But since few years the widow of Pagal Baba Widow Ashram decided to break this rule and they play holi with colors. It will be celebrated on 2 March in 2019.

Places to Celebrate-

Enjoy your Holi Festival Tour in India at Pagal Baba Widow Ashram, Vrindavan with the celebrations of its own kind and traditions.

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4. Holi at Banke Bihari Temple, Vrindavan

Holi at Banke Bihari Temple

Holi at Banke Bihari Temple, Vrindavan

Banke Bihari is the main birth place of Lord Krishna so this event takes place a day before holi with great enthusiasm. On this day visitors come and play Holi with the lord himself. The priests throw colors and holy waters and the crowd chants in unison. The events take place between 9 am to 1.30 pm. It will takes place on 12 March this year.

How to Reach Vrindavan-

Vrindavan is 160 km away from Delhi so one can hire a cab from Delhi.

Once the Holi Festival gets over at Vrindavan around 2 pm, you can head towards Mathura to enjoy the colorful holi procession. The procession takes place at Vishram Ghat. Some kids dressed up as Radha Krishna and around ten vehicles are decorated with flowers. Everyone plays dry and wet holi with each other.

Evening Holi ka Dahan

In the evening the effigy of Holika is being burnt at the Holi gate along with many cultural programmes. It happens a day before holi in Mathura.

Holi Festivities at Mathura

13th march will be a big holi day as the biggest festival takes place at the historical Dwarkadeesh temple in Mathura. The people play colorful Holi with lots of fun. People even also do dance and take bhangs on that day.

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