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Famous India Festivals in April 2019

When you see people running and throwing the vibrant colors on each other, when you see a group of people walking on hot roads under the scorching sun and hailing their deity, you know that you are in the incredible country of India. Great architecture and mesmerizing monuments, rich culture and amazing traditions make this country a perfect tourist spot.

Cultural Festival Tour Packages

Cultural Festival Tour Packages

It is being said that the culture and traditions of the country are the mirrors of the golden history of any place. The bygone royal era of India plays a vital role in forming its culture and traditions. We have many festivals during the year which enhance the charm and charisma of our country. Today in this post we are going to discuss some of the most exotic Indian Festivals which are celebrated in the month of April.

A month of April brings lots of new happiness with it. New season, new life and new everything can be seen in this month. The plants, trees, animals, birds, humans and every living being cherish their time. It is the month which can be suited best for India Tourism. So lets’ take a look on the list of famous festivals that falls in April month.

  1. Ram Navmi
  2. Mahaveer Jayanti
  3. Hazrat Ali’s Birthday
  4. Easter

1. Ram Navmi

Ram Navmi

Ram Navmi Celebration in India

Raghukul Reeti Sada Chali Aayi, Praan Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye”. This chopai from Tuslidas’s Ramcharitmanas tell us about the importance of the promises, the words that we give to others. On this land of Lord Rama we celebrate his teachings, his doings in the form of his birthday as Ram Navmi. It falls on the 9th day of Chaitra Maas Shukla Paksha according to Hindu Lunar calendar. Ram Navmi in India is celebrated with utmost zeal and enthusiasm throughout the country but the main focus remains on Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama. People enjoy two days huge fair and walk along with the Ratha Yatra that crosses across many temples. People on this day keep fast and worship Lord Rama idol and praise him by singing bhajans and Sholkas from Ramcharitmanas.

2. Mahaveer Jayanti

Mahaveer Jayanti

Mahaveer Jayanti Celebration in India

It is one of the prominent Jain festivals which are celebrated with all zeal among the Jain community. The day is marked as the birth date of divine sage Mahavir who was the 24th and last teerthankar of Jainism. The festival according to the Gregorian calendar falls annually in the month of March or April. All the Jain temples on this day organize a huge function where the people of the community come together and greet each other after payer offerings. When you would be on your Holidays you will see people with all benevolent heart distribute clothes, money, food and all the necessary things to poor according to their capacity. People give a ceremonial bath (Abhishek) to an idol of Mahavir.

3. Hazrat Ali’s Birthday

Hazrat Ali’s Birthday

Hazrat Ali’s Birthday Celebration in India

In our country where each religion is being given equal respect, it is always fascinating to see different people of the different community share their happiness together according to their customs and traditions. Here’s one more festival that puts the cherry on the cake of Indian festivals, it is Hazrat Ali’s Birthday. Hazrat Ali was a prominent Islamic dignitary. It is believed that he was blessed by Prophet Mohammad who was also Hazrat’s father-in-law. Hazrat Ali is considered as a messiah of luck. Every Muslim household on this day ornament their houses with flowers and offers prayers to seek blessing from him. People in the mosque come together and remember the great sacrifice of this legendary soul. People of India celebrate his birthday with huge respect and honor and remember his services and work that he rendered to Islamic religion on the whole.

4. Easter


Easter Celebration in India

The beauty of India lies in its secularism where all the people of all cast creed religion are treated with equal respect and honor. In this list of celebrating the festivals of India, comes the Easter. The very prominent Christian festival Easter is celebrated as the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Though the date of the festival is not fixed the festival generally falls on first Sunday of a full moon day after 21st March. Churches on this day are decorated with frills, belles and Easter eggs, and Easter bunnies. In our country, Goa and Mumbai celebrate the festival with great zeal and enthusiasm. Churches are decorated, people greet each other and organizes family dinners and enjoy the time with friends and family. When you would be on your visit to India, under India tour package, you would be going to love the aura and charisma that spreads during this festive season.

April has brought many greetings and good times with it. Be it the devotional Ram Navmi or the celebration of Jesus’s rebirth, each and every festival will fill you with different charm and different aura.

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