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Jaipur – A Place To Create Memories With Your Parents

Do you remember that time when you ask your parents to buy you a bicycle so that you can also enjoy cycling with your other friends? And there are so many other incidents when you have asked for some things and your parents fulfill your each wish, right! So now when we are all grown up and started with our own lives isn’t it good to take some time out of our ‘very busy’ schedules and spend some moments with our parents.

Life goes on without stopping for anyone; it is us who has to take a halt for our loved ones to spend some time with them. Today I have brought to you a list of things that you can do with your parents to make your Jaipur Holidays more memorable and amazing. So Let us start with our list and you better start planning your Holidays in Rajasthan.

Start Your Day with Divinity

Start Your Day with Divinity

To start your day, what’s better than starting by visiting some of the most spiritual places in the city? One such place is the temple of Govind Devji. Historical and huge, this temple is places an important part in the History of Jaipur. On an average there are daily 7 aartis that take places during a day. When you will visit the temple with your parents, the spiritual aura of the place will surely cleanse your mind and soul. There are other Temples in Jaipur such as Moti Doongri Ganesh Temple, Kale Hanuman Ji (Bala Ji) Temple, Laxmi Narayan (Birla) Temple and many more which are having their own significance in Jaipur Tourism.

Exploring the Heritage of City

Exploring the Heritage of City

The time has come when you can spend some really great time with your parents while taking a peek into the Heritage of the City. The great artist and the architecture that they built are something worth experience. So after you done visiting the temples visit you can start your Jaipur Tour by visiting the heritage and historical sites of the city.

So here are the major Jaipur attractions that you can visit and the list of things that you can do there to make your tour more memorable.

1. Elephant Ride at Amber Fort – A beautiful and majestic fort of Rajasthan, fort of Amber. When you go there you will see travel guides there that are offering an Elephant Rides to the visitors to reach atop the palace. Since the time of the safari is started from 9:00 am, it is better for you to start with your tour at Amber fort so that you can start your day with the best of the best thing. Elephant safari with your parents is something worth experience.

2. Watch The Memories and Collect the Memories at City Palace – Built approx 300 years back, the City Palace was the home of the former Maharaja of the city. Today the City palace is featuring as a museum and still a major part of the palace is still featuring as a royal residence. The museum houses with the finest historical artifacts that will give you a fine idea about the bygone royal Rajputi era. The stories which your parents used to tell you in your childhood, watching the remains of those stories in front of you will be amazing.

3. Here Are Some Other Options That You Can Consider Visiting in the City With Your Parents – The charm of Albert Hall is something that you can cherish with your family, the intrigue architecture and the charismatic view of the palace can be captured with your camera and make as many memories as you can. You can travel through the water of Man Sagar Lake to reach the exotic Jal Mahal Palace. One of its kind palaces is nestled amidst the lake and is featuring as a heritage hotel these days. You can also visit the ancient observatory of the city –Jantar Mantar’. This is the oldest and the biggest one among all five Jantar Mantar in the country.

Searching Perfect Gifts for Your Parents in Jaipur Markets

Parents in Jaipur Markets

You must have heard many times that Jaipur is among the oldest planned city in the country. The proof of it can be seen by visiting the traditional old Markets of the City. So once you are over with exploring the heritage sites of the city, you can take your parents on the shopping and buy them a perfect gift that will cherish their memories for the life time.

Jauhri Bazaar is the market perfect place for all kinds of Jewelry items. You will find jewelries of Gold, Silver, Diamond, Jerkin and of many more, according to your choice and budget. The Bapu Bazar of the city is the place for all kinds of fabrics. Be it silk or cotton, you will find a great variety of the cloths and other fabrics over here.

A Taste of Royalty is Never Too Old

Hotels in Jaipur

After all day Jaipur excursion your stomach must craving for delicious food. The city is also filled with some of the most exotic hotels/restaurant where one can savor the lip-smacking delicacies. With a wide range of Hotels in Jaipur, you can find great options such as Clarks Amer, Samode Haveli, Country Inn and Suits, Jai Mahal Palace and many more. All these places are the synonym of extravagance, where you can sooth your soul with the finest scrumptious delicacies that tantalize your taste buds.

I am pretty sure a day well spent with parents is equal to thousands joyful moments you spent in your life. So what are you thinking now? Go!Plan your vacations, pack your bag book your Hotels and start with an unforgettable journey of your life, a Journey with Parents.

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