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Amazing Celebrations of Kite Festival in India 2019

India the land of festival and fairs is the only country which celebrates its each day with new festival. Each day and each minute here witness the very new event. In India there are more than 36 crore Gods and Goddess which are worshiped every year without any hindrance.

Every Year, India celebrates different festivals and regional fairs which off-course are having their own significance. Amidst this ocean of festival there are some Festivals in India which are celebrated in a unique way. Today we are going to talk about one such festival. It is the Kite Festival in India. Popularly known as ‘Makar Sankranti’ or ‘Uttaraayan’ it is the festival that is celebrated as a welcome of a new season. It is said that from this day, the days are started getting longer and nights are started getting shorter.

Why We Celebrate Sankranti

Generally Makar Sankranti/Uttaraayanis celebrated on 14th January every year. According to Indian astronomical science this festival marks as the day when Sun transit into the zodiac of Capricorn (Makar Rashi) from zodiac of Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi). During your India Tours on this auspicious day, you will find people offers Til (Sesame), Gud (Jaggery) and other offerings to Lord Sun and worship him.

Considered as the time of peace and prosperity, people are indulge in various spiritual activities such as taking holy dip in rivers of Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri and other small holy ponds and lakes. People consider this days as one of the best to wash their sins and also indulge themselves in the work of donation and charity by distributing the warm cloths, foods and other necessary things to needy and poor people.

How India Celebrates Kite Festival


This is the day when winters official ends and springs begins. In the days preceding this festival, shops and markets are filled with colorful Manjhas (a special thread tied to kites) and kites which are available in different shapes, sizes and characters which fascinate kids and people of every age. You can also find small kids running across the roads for catching kites. The aura of Sankranti is just so fascinating.


Cultural Festivals in India brings lots of offerings with it. It is Government holiday and people enjoy this day at home with their family and friends. They enjoy crunchy, hot and freshly prepared Dal ki Pakori along with Til Ke Laddu, Gazar Ka Halwa, Revadis and Gajakand various sugary delights. People do kite flying competitions, visit each other houses and greet each other.

Makar Sankranti in and Around The Country

Makar Sankranti/Kite Festival in India is known by different names in different part of the country. In Tamil Nadu it is call Thai Pongal, In Gujarat ‘Uttarayan’, ‘Maghi’in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. Your India Festival Tour Package will be filled with different colors while you are on Travel to India.

It is not only India where Kite festival is famous, it is also celebrated in different countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Shri Lanka where this festival is known as Poush Sangkranti/Shakrain, Maghi, Songkran, Thingyan, Moha Sangkran, Uzhavar Thirunal respectively.

This is How India Celebrates Kite Festival

  1. Rajasthan
  2. Delhi and Haryana
  3. Gujarat
  4. Karnataka
  5. Maharashtra

1. Rajasthan

Kite Festival In Rajasthan

Kite Festival In Rajasthan

1. Celebrated as one of the major festivals with kite flying with friends and family.

2. Married women gives different types of household things to other 13 married women.

3. Sky of Jaipur and Hadoti region is filled with different color kites where people climbing on their roof and shouting ‘Wo Katta’ ‘Wo Katwaya’ with full DJ sounds and different traditional delicacies.

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2. Delhi and Haryana

Kite Festival In Delhi

Kite Festival In Delhi | Image Source: Wall Street Journal

1. Two major communities of Yadavas, Jats and other rural community celebrate this day as main festival.

2. Freshly prepared Churma of ghee, different types of Halwa and Kheer are cooked special on this day in the houses of Jats and Yadava.

3. Brother of married woman visit her home with sweets and gifts. It is called Sidha.

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3. Gujarat

Kite Festival In Gujarat

Kite Festival In Gujarat | Image Source: Gir Forest

1. Gujarat has a special way to celebrate this festival. One on Indian Tourism must visit Gujarat during this festive season.

2. Gujarat celebrate this festival for two days 14 January (as Uttarayan) and 15th January (as Vasi Uttarayan)

3. People love to fly the kites which are called ‘Patang’ in Local Language and enjoy the typical Gujarati dishes such as Undhiyu (Spicy, baked mix vegetables), chikkis and other special delicacies.

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4. Karnataka

Kite Festival In Karnataka

Kite Festival In Karnataka | Image Source: Daijiworld

1. Karnataka celebrate this festival as a Harvesting festival which in local terms known as Suggi.

2. People wear new cloths and share offerings with each other in their friends and family. This ritual is called ‘Ellu Birodhu’.

3. Drawing ‘Rangoli’ in a group in and out the houses is also a popular event that happens on this day.

5. Maharashtra

Kite Festival In Maharashtra

Kite Festival In Maharashtra

1. Maharashtra celebrates its each and every festival with same grandeur and zealousness. Your Cultural Tour Package in India just get enhance with your arrival in this huge state during Sankranti.

2. Maharashtra celebrates this festival for three days. 1st day (13th Jan) known as ‘Bhogi’. 2nd day (14th Jan) ‘Sankrant’ and 3rd day (15th Jan) as ‘Kinkrant’.

3. Local of Maharashtra celebrates Goddess Saraswati on this day and offer her traditional delights such as Puran Poli, baked gram flour.

So, get ready with your packed bags and start with your Festival Tour Packages in India. Be it any part of the country, you will find a plethora of hotels which will make your tour more easy and relaxing. There many Hotels in Delhi, Karnataka and Rajasthan which will take care of your every need.

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