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Mysterious Places in India That Are Beyond the Human Logic

Have you heard about being chased by a woman in white saree in the middle of the night or have your heard about the place where invisible force slaps you. We are not talking about any horror movie or show over here. There are such places in India where all these things do happen which will chill your bones to the depth.

India has always been a country which is known for its mysterious places and strange stories. These places and stories are so strange that it is challenging the human believes. Today we are going to tell about such places which will make your India Holidays filled with thrill, excitement and chilling experience.

  1. The Abandoned and Cursed Village of Kuldhara
  2. Jatinga, Place Where Birds Commits Suicide
  3. A Mystique Lady in White Saree at Delhi Cantt
  4. Home Aliens – Kongka La Pass
  5. The Lake of Skeleton – Roopkund

1. The Abandoned and Cursed Village of Kuldhara


The Abandoned and Cursed Village of Kuldhara | Image Source: India The Nation

A small village of Rajasthan, nestled approx 20 km away from the city of Jaisalmer, the village has its very own mystery. It is believed that approx 200 years ago, the village was the home of Paliwal Brahmins and descendants of this community used to lived here for centuries. One mysterious night, the whole village just disappeared and flew away overnight included residents of 85 villages. Legend has they not only just left the town as a God forsaken place but they also cursed the town by forbidding anyone to reside here in future. Rest is the history, till date no one ever dared to shift here or tried to live here. Are you planning to visit this place during your India Tourism?

2. Jatinga, Place Where Birds Commits Suicide


Jatinga, Place Where Birds Commits Suicide | Image Source: Hututoo

We have often heard about humans committing suicide for one or the other reasons but isn’t it strange that even birds are also falling for the attempt of suicide. Yes, there is place in Assam name Jatinga which is famous for birds suicidal. A small village of 2500 tribal people every year during the months of monsoon is visited by many migrated birds. Specifically on the moonless nights between 6 pm to 9:30 pm the birds started doing bizarre behavior and started flying in haphazard manner. They fly and start crashing with trees buildings, poles and which led to their death. On the contrary Ornithologists believes that dense fog and dark nights haze the birds view and end up crashing into trees, building etc. Yet there are still many counter theories and arguments against this current theory which will make your North India Tours thrilling!!!

3. A Mystique Lady in White Saree at Delhi Cantt

White Saree at Delhi Cantt

A Mystique Lady in White Saree at Delhi Cantt | Image Source: Mixwafer

You must have seen many places about a lady in white saree asking for help in the moon-less dark night from strangers and those who stopped to help her, she haunts them to death. But it is not the story of any novel or movie. There indeed is place in the capital of our country Delhi that is haunted and mysterious. Though Delhi is considered as one of the most modern city but there are many beliefs still prevailing that are beyond the human logics. According to the locals there a lady in white saree ask for the lift from the people and the one who do not stop, she would start running with or after the vehicle at the same speed until the end of Delhi Cantt. Some say it’s a myth some say it is as true as the presence of the sun and the moon, but what matters is that it make your Delhi Tours filled with spine chilling experience.

4. Home Aliens – Kongka La Pass

Kongka La Pass

Home Aliens – Kongka La Pass

Do you remember that movie ‘Koi … Mil Gaya!!’ off-course you must remember that sci-fi movie which is based on UFOs and extra-terrestrial people Jadoo… Yeah Right!! We all have head and watch many movies based on these UFOs and life beyond earth. But there is a place at India-China border which is believed to be a home of Aliens. Nestled in the Lap of Himalaya, Kongka La Pass is rarely visited place which is located on disputed area in India-China border. Locals of both side of countries believed that the place is a hub and inhabitant of Extra-terrestrials. There are rumors of the activities of the UFOs in this area and some in fact it is believed that governments both countries are in some kind of agreement with the alien inhabitants, who have made this place as a permanent spot on earth. What is the truth and what is the rumor, it is hard tell, but we assure you that your India Tours in this place might enhance your chance to encounter with your own ‘Jadoo’……

5. The Lake of Skeleton – Roopkund

Lake of Skeleton

The Lake of Skeleton – Roopkund | Image Source: Amazing India Blog

Generally lakes are the place where we visit to spend our holidays with our loved ones, but what if these lakes revel the stories of terror from beneath it. A glacier lake of Uttarakhand, nestled in the lap of Himalayas is one of the uninhabited places of India. Every year when this shallow lake meets, hundreds of human skeletons can be seen beneath the surface of the frozen Roopkund Lake. There are many theories about this skeleton lake looming around. According to locals, these skeletons are belong to the king, queen and their army of Kanauj who were believed to be heading towards pilgrimage and were caught with severe hailstorm in between. Unable to find any shelter they all got perished in the lake and rest is the history. You all must be as shocked as we were when we heard these stories. But the Mysteries in India just do not stop here. There are plenty of places and things that will continue to astonish you for the rest of your life. Strange stories of these strange countries are waiting for you….

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