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Nidhivan – A Mysterious Place Which Is Visited By God Daily

Do you remember that old song ‘Madhuban Mein Raadhika Nache Re, Girdhar Ki Muraliya Baaje Re, Girdhar Ki Muraliya Baje Re’? The melodious voice of legendary Mohd Rafi Saab and the tinkling tunes of Famous music director Naushad Saab still enchant their fans which tell us the beautiful story of Radha-Krishna.

The enchanting love story of Radha and Krishna has always been an inspiration to this world and there is still a place in India where it is believed that Lord Krishna himself visits daily and performs his Raasa-Leela. This place is Nidhivan, the place which will surely enhance your India Tours. By visiting this place one can experience the magical aura that must have occurred during the Krishna Raas Leela back in his time. Before we move further lets us know what is Nidhivan?

The Mysteries of Nidhivan

Nidhivan is a beautiful temple which is nestled in Vrindavan in Mathura District where it is believed that Lord Krishna has spent his childhood days. This Nidhivan temple is also popularly known as temple of Bankey Bihari. The temple has derived its name two words ‘Nidhi’ which means Treasure and ‘Van’ which means forest. The temple is surrounded by plush green bushy forest and trees which are differently twisted as if they are uprooted and again put it back at their places. Mysterious!

The Mysteries of Nidhivan

The Mysteries of Nidhivan

The more mysterious part is that the land of the forest is quite dry and the roots, branches and trunk of the trees are all hollow and has nothing life-giving things in it. Yet you can see green twigs and leaves that remains lively throughout the year.

Nidhivan and Its Legends

The amazing stories that you hear during your Cultural Tour Packages left you spell bounded. If believed on the legends, the place is visited daily by Lord Krishna after the sunset where he is believed to perform the Raas Leela (Romance Dance) with Goddess Radha Ji and all her Gopis. The Park outside the temple is compact with small trees and all these trees are of approx equal size. These are called Vana Tulsi (Basil tree). It is believed that every night these trees transforms themselves in Gopis and performs Raas-Leela with Lord Krishna and in morning again turn back into the trees.

When you look to the structure of the trees you will notice that these trees are not standing like any other normal trees. They are short in height and each of them is eloping or entangled with each other as if they are in love and you can also find the Tulsi plants here which are also entangled with each other. It is believed that no one ever successfully taken this Tulsi plant or its part to their home and the one who did have faced severe consequences.

What’s the Mystery After 7 PM?

The temple of Bankey Bihariji has comprises with an idol of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha which is being worshiped daily. The last Aarti (Prayer offerings) of the day served at 7 PM and then the temple is closed within 7 gates and with 7 huge locks, the keys of which is being kept at the secret place that is only known to the head priest of the temple.

Travelling to Nidhivan

Travelling to Nidhivan

Temple of Nidhivan has a place inside that is called ‘Rang Mahal’. It is the very place which is believed to be visited by Lord Krishna every single night after he completed his Raas Leela with Gopis and Goddess Radha Ji. Inside this rang Mahal there is a sandalwood bed which is specially prepared for the God. Beside this priest keep Water Jar, a neemdatun (traditional tooth brush) and Pan (betel leaf with areca nut) along with the asaree, bangles and four sweets. Once the door closed it will open in the morning only. The view of the room in the morning is totally different when the gates are opened. The water in the jar was consumed and so the Pan and the Neem Datun and the entire things placed in the room are scattered….

Till date nobody understood the mystery behind all these happenings. It is said that the one who tried to see these activities have to face severe consequences by becoming dumb/deaf or blind or one may be even may loss his/her life.

Don’t Try To Watch Or Else….!!!???

If you are planning to watch these activities of God and Goddess then don’t you even think about it. There are some incidents that happened in past years which warn us to not do any such things which might leave us in miserable condition. Once someone stayed behind in the Nidhivan after the doors being closed and when the dawn break and doors being opened his dead body was found in the forest. While some have lost their sight and to the worse some have lost their mental condition.

What Nearby Area Does During The Raas-Leela?

To make your India Tour Package more interesting let us tell you what the nearby area does daily, after the doors being closed and the amazing Raas-Leela starts. During in day time, you will see many species of animals and birds roaming in and around the forest of Nidhivan and when the dusk appear, the animals, birds and every living being left the place by themselves. Curious!!Isn’t it?

The houses built near the proximity of the Nidhivan though have access of view to the area but nobody dares to or event attempts to view inside the happening in the forest. As mentioned earlier, those who even tried to peak in to the forest have either become blind or lost their mental balance. Therefore many household have sealed their windows permanently and those who haven’t, they shut the doors of windows after the evening Aarti in temple. Many locals have claimed to hear the voice of Ghungroos (musical anklet) during midnight.

Travelling to Nidhivan

We are sure, after knowing all these things you must have got a deep urge to visit this mystical land of Nidhivan. For you we have brought some brief handy information –

How to Reach Nidhivan

Nidhivan is a part of Vrindavan city of Uttar Pradesh and lies on the Delhi Agra highway. Therefore you have an access to all major modes of transportation to Travel to Nidhivan.

Places to stay

There’s a plethora of Hotels in Vrindavan, but as the temple is nestled near the interior of the city you will mostly find the budget hotels here. Some of the Best Hotels in Vrindavan are Bharti guest House on Vrindavan Road, Hotel Shubham near Nidhivan and Hotel Vrindavan Garden on Vrindavan Road.

Nidhivan an Amazing Journey

Indeed, Nidhivan is the place which is loved to be visit by all the travellers from across the globe. Many scientists have done many researches but still this spiritual land gets more mystical with every passing day. We hope that you have never heard anything as mysterious as this in all your life and we hope that when you‘ll be on your India Tourism you will definitely visit this place. Hari Bol..!!!

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