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Best Places in India to Take Perfect Selfies!!

There were times when people take photographs to preserve their special moments and enjoy them later with friends and family. For every special occasion we used to call a photographer to take snaps. Be it a kid or an adult everyone loves to have their photos clicked and eagerly waiting for clicked photographs to get them back from photographers…. Remember?

Then, as said time is only constant thing. So, with the time, people change, methods of taking photographs changed and so the reasons for taking the photographs.

Unlike our fathers or grandfathers, we the generation of the present era just loved to take photographs of each moment. Whether we eat or we sleep, we love to capture or every moment and save them. Not only save them but we also loves to share some crazy awesome pictures on our social media accounts.

The love for taking self-pictures has given a new trend today, the selfie trend, you don’t need any photographer or anyone to click your pictures, all your need to do is just carry your phones and start clicking. To make your social account more popular and trendy, we have brings a list of most exotic places in India where taking selfies would gain you hundreds of likes and comments… So are your ready… lets’ get started…

  1. Dal Lake Kashmir
  2. Ghats of Varanasi
  3. Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand
  4. Desert of Jaisalmer
  5. Lakes of Udaipur

1. Dal Lake Kashmir

Dal Lake Kashmir

Selfies to take Dal Lake Kashmir

A beautiful and serene lake located in Kashmir, is named as the “Jewel in the Crown of Kashmir”. The beauty of this lake is not hidden from anyone. The place has been an inspiration to many people, be it a poet, painter or film-maker, each and every one of them has created their masterpiece based on this Charming Lake.

USP for Selfie at Dal Lake –

  1. Scenic Shimmering Lake
  2. Beautifully Ornamented Shikara
  3. Standing Majestic Mountains Wrapping Around the Lake
  4. The Charismatic Horizon Where Sky Kiss the Earth

2. Ghats of Varanasi

Ghats of Varanasi

Selfies to Take Ghats of Varanasi

You candiverge your India Tours to this Oldest Living city of India, Varanasi. Much contrast to Dal Lake, Varanasi is one of the ancient places in India with great mythological importance. The place is a perfect one to take some really amazing selfies. Filled with a bundle of foreign visitor along with the local ones there are some times during a day when you can get some really great moments to capture them and clicked them.

USP for Selfie at Varanasi –

  1. Banks Beside Ganga Ghats Filled With People Offering Prayers.
  2. The Narrow Alleys of the City, Traditionally Designed With Many Historical Stories.
  3. The Evening Aartis at Ganga Ghats, Majestic and Divine Must Captured Aura.
  4. Smoke Curling Ghats, Sadhu Taking Chilam (Hukkah), Shimmering Water of Ganga With Small Diyas After Aartis.

3. Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand

Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand

Selfies to Take Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand

Have you ever had a dream of visiting a fairyland, where the land is filled with amazing flowers and you can take a ride on clouds, if yes then the Valley of Flowers is just the place where you can visit under your North India Tours. It is the place where your imagination and reality conjure into being. What adds value to your selfie is the serene Alaknanda River gushing down from the plush green mountains.

USP for Selfie at Valley of Flowers –

  1. Majestic Lush Ranges of Zanskar in Your Selfie Would Be Just Spectacular Thing.
  2. Different Variety of Flowers, Sooth Your Eyes and Enhance Beauty of Your Selfie.
  3. Chances of Clicking Exotic Species of Flora or Fauna Will Rich Your Selfie Pictures Collection.
  4. Cascading Waterfalls, Glittering Small Streams and Flowery Meadows Are Treat of Eyes.
  5. Selfie With Shimmering Lakes, Magnificent Peaks and Majestic Paddocks Will Offer You Spectacular Selfies and Memories to Cherish for Lifetime.

4. Desert of Jaisalmer

Desert of Jaisalmer

Selfies to Take Desert of Jaisalmer

Remember that serene night desert scene in movie Lamhe where leading lady Sridevi dances on the dunes of sands wearing the vibrant color traditional attires singing the folk songs. Well, it’s not merely a scene of movie, while you will be on your Rajasthan Tours, visiting Golden city Jaisalmer, you will find people here actually enjoying and singing songs amidst the golden shimmering sands. The place is quite different from all other places which will offer you best selfie of your life living the royalty of Rajasthan.

USP for Selfie at Desert of Jaisalmer –

  1. Serene Golden View of Wide Spread Desert Wrapping Around by Salt Marsh of Kutch of Rann and the Majestic Aravalli Ranges and by the Indus River.
  2. Selfie With Traditional Folk Singers and Dances Adoring the Classy Silver Jewelry Is Worth Clicking
  3. Shining Golden Sun Setting on the Horizon Will Be a Great Moment to Capture With You in It.
  4. Selfie Doing Camel Safari and With People Wearing Vibrant Color Cloths, Turban, Silver Ornaments
  5. Selfie While Exploring the Rich Heritage of City Such as Sonar Quila
  6. If Time Allows Visit Desert Festival and Take Selfies With Locals, Dancing on Folk Rhythm, Snake Charmers, Puppeteers and Many More.

5. Lakes of Udaipur

Lakes of Udaipur

Selfies to Take Lakes of Udaipur

From the point of view of Indian Tourism, Udaipur holds a prominent position. This beautiful city of Rajasthan has many things to offer its sightseers under Rajasthan Tourism. For all selfie lovers, this lake city is the perfect destination where you can make some really amazing memories and cherish them for the rest of your life. Be it the majestic City Palace complex or the charming Pichola Lake, every place will be a picture perfect.

USP for Selfie at Desert of Jaisalmer –

  1. Boating in Lake Pichola Watching Serene Sunset View While Taking Selfies, What’s Better Than That?
  2. A Selfie With and Within the Majestic Lush City Palace Complex Is Never a Bad Idea.
  3. Capturing the Largest Man-made Artificial Lake – Jaisamand Lake in Selfies Is Amazing.
  4. Chances of Taking Selfies and Capturing Some Exotic Local and Migrated Birds, if Lucky!!!

Some Other Places

Well, what are you waiting for, now? Grab your camera and pack your bag. The world is waiting to see the best of the selfies you can capture and off-course it is the right time to flood your Facebook and Instangram with the most amazing and exciting selfies of all time. All these places also hold some of the best Hotels in India which will make your Tour Packages of India smooth, relaxing and easy!! It’s time for selfies…. Say, Cheeezzzzzz!!!

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