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Countdown Begins For Ranthambore Festival 2019

It is not wrong to denote Rajasthan as the land of festivals and events. The state is so much vibrant in its culture and traditions that to celebrates it diversity the state has decided some days to celebrate them, where you can see people enjoying and celebrating their culture and traditions through these specific events. If you are planning to visit Rajasthan, we will say this is the right time when you will be going to witness the charm and extravagance of the royal culture during your Rajasthan Tourism.

We have a long weekend ahead of us and if you are you planning a tour for long day weekends with your family or friends we suggest you visit and be a part of Ranthambore Festival 2019. So if you want to fill your Ranthambore diaries with moonlight performance, dance luminaries, tiger safari and with enlightening interactive talks on conservation then make a plan to Travel to Ranthambore. Being on the tour of Ranthambore mostly includes the visit to the Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary where you can cherish the charm and abundance of the nature. Tiger Safari in Ranthambore is quite famous among the travellers, watching the furious Bengal tigers, exotic species of other wild animals such as hyenas, wild boar, sloth and other along with the indefinite species of birds and reptiles will surely enhance your Rajasthan Tour Packages.

Ranthambore Festival 2018

Ranthambore Festival 2019

So let us continue with Ranthambore Festival. Have you ever heard about the Ranthambore Festival? No you can’t. This festival is going to be held for the first time at Ranthambore where you will enjoy folk music, dance performances, music workshops, yoga, meditation camps, tiger safaris and interactive talks on conservation success stories by wildlife conservationists. This festival will bring together international and Indian musical artists.

Dates of the Festival – 19 Jan 2019 – 20 Jan 2019

Place of the Festival – Nahargarh Palace, Ranthambore.

Entry Fee-

Day Pass- Rs 2,000

Season Pass- Rs 3,000


Panel discussions with leading wildlife conservationists in India-

There will be a tentative list of speakers which includes Conservation biologist- Dharmendra Khandal of Tiger Watch, naturalist- Valmik Thapar and bear specialist Kartick Satyanarayan of Wildlife SOS will discuss on the wildlife conversations in India. Highlight the activities

Folk Music Performances

Local and international musicians will perform the live music. UK based pianist Karl Lutchmayer, sufi singer Zila Khan and world music duo Maati Bani have been scheduled to perform. Mallika Sarabhai, Indian classic dancer will going to perform at this festival.

Wildlife Film Screenings

Sandesh Kadur- a Net Geo Explorer, wildlife maker Saravana kumar of wildlife SOS and Mike Pandey – Nat Geo Indian contributor will show their short films and full-length documentaries.

Other Activities

  1. Food Festival
  2. Yoga Workshops
  3. Pop-Up art and Crafts market

Best Resorts and Hotels-

To make your Ranthambore Tours more appealing and fascinating the city offers a wide range of hotels ranging from plush properties to pocket friendly Ranthambore Hotels. Some of the best resorts and hotels in the city are –

  1. The Oberoi Vanyavillas
  2. Sultan bagh – Jungle Camp
  3. Anuraga Palace
  4. The Tigress
  5. Khem Villas
  6. Regenta Resort Vanya Mahal

How to Reach Ranthambore?

Ranthambore is connected to all the major cities of India and the world through airways, railways and roadways. Jaipur International Airport is around 180 km away from Ranthambore which connects it to the major cities of India and world. There are regular trains which connect it to Delhi, Jaipur, Kota and Mumbai.

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