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7 Amazing Reasons To Fall in Love With Jaipur

Every time you talk about the royalty, lavishness and the grandeur the first name that comes to our mind is of Rajasthan. The beautiful state located in the northern part of the country. Rajasthan has always been one of the most amazing places which are filled with amazing stories of the bygone Royal Rajput era. Each and every place here witnesses the bravery of the kings which they have shown in the battleground.

Each and every king of the Rajput clan has contributed to the development of the place in their own way. The beautiful forts, palaces and the monuments are the proofs of their contribution. The place of Rajasthan which is blessed with some of the most amazing monuments and Tourist Spots is Jaipur. Under your Rajasthan Tour Package, the city of Jaipur comes as a delight for Jaipur Travellers. The city is also serving as a capital of the Rajasthan and is considered as one of the most amazing places in terms of tourism.

Coronating the Indian Tourism, Jaipur completes the Golden Triangle of India along with the cities like Delhi and Agra. Today we will give you the 7 most beautiful reasons that will make you visit this city again and again and again.

  1. Jaipur Forts And Palaces
  2. Historic Monuments And Palaces
  3. Temples And Shrines
  4. Shopping Spree In Jaipur
  5. Jaipur Festival And Fairs
  6. Foods Of Jaipur
  7. Jaipur Special

1. Jaipur Forts and Palaces

Jaipur Forts and Palaces

Jaipur Forts and Palaces

Forts and Palaces of Jaipur are an integral part of the beauty of Jaipur. Singing the glory of the bravery of Rajput kings and kingdoms these forts and palaces are no less than a wonder. The majestic architecture, the beautiful amalgamation of Rajput and Mughal structural design and picturesque view of the city from these forts makes them more special. Some of the loved and adored palace and forts of Jaipur are –

  1. Amber Fort
  2. Jaigarh Fort
  3. Nahargarh Fort
  4. Sisodia Rani Palace and Garden

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2. Historic Monuments and Palaces

Historic Monuments and Palaces

Historic Monuments and Palaces

Just like the forts are enhancing the beauty of the city, there are many other monuments and palaces which are gracing the beauty of Jaipur. Being of the first planned city of India, the map of Jaipur was planned and designed by the renowned Vidyadhar Bhattacharya. Established on the principle of Vastu Shastra (India architectural science), the city holds some of the most exotic monuments and palaces which will give you a fine idea about the place during your Jaipur Tourism. Here are some palaces and monuments which are exotic and itself is a wonder.

  1. City Palace
  2. Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds)
  3. Jal Mahal
  4. Jantar Mantar
  5. Albert Hall

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3. Temples and Shrines

Temples and Shrines

Temples and Shrines

When Jaipur was established in 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, the temple of Govind Dev Ji was also established along with it. So we can say that the relation of the city with temples and divinity is dated long back. Not only the forts and palaces are enhancing the beauty of the city but there are these shimmering temples which make the aura of the Jaipur divine and pure. The morning aartis in temple wake up the city, the bells in temples makes the aura blessed and the fragrance of Kapoor and Agarbatti (sandal sticks) filled Jaipur in the aroma of Purity and wholesomeness. Here are the names of some temple with the historic importance which will fill your Rajasthan Tours with divinity –

  1. Govind Dev Ji Temple – Dedicated to Radha Krishna
  2. Moti Doongri Temple – Dedicated to Lord Ganesha (Elephant God)
  3. Birla Mandir – Dedicated to Laxmi-Narayan
  4. Khole Ke Hanuman Ji – Dedicated to Lord Hanuman (Monkey God)
  5. Akshar Dham Temple – Dedicated to God Narayan
  6. Digambar Jain Temple – Comprises with an idol of Lord Adinath in the Padmasan

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4. Shopping Spree in Jaipur

Shopping Spree in Jaipur

Shopping Spree in Jaipur

A tour is never completed without shopping. Collecting the memories in the forms of the small things that we buy from the markets will remain with us for the rest of our lives. Jaipur which is visited by many tourists during a year has some of the most amazing shopping places which will offer your Rajasthan Tours some really amazing memories for a lifetime. As Jaipur is established in a planned way, you can see the markets here are established and planned according to their specialties. Take a look at some of the most amazing marketplaces –

1. Johri Baazar – India’s largest and fabulous jewelry market. Specialty – Gold and silver jewelry, gemstones jewelry, handmade necklaces.

2. Tripolia Baazar – Famous for lac bangles and its varieties. Specialty –Textiles goods, bandini work, designer carpets, brassware and traditional wears.

3. Chandpol Bazaar – Oldest Jaipur market. Famous for handicrafts (marble) and handloom, Speciality –marble sculpture.

4. Nehru Baazar – Famous for Jaipur Rajais (Quits), Quilted Jaipuri Jackets, and traditional Jaipuri Jootis (mojris).

Some other markets which you can visit while you are on your Jaipur Travel are Sireh Deori Bazaar, Bapu Baazar, Jayanti Baazar, M.I Road, Indira Market, Mirza Smile Road, and Chaura Rasta are just to name a few.

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5. Jaipur Festival and Fairs

Jaipur Festival and Fairs

Jaipur Festival and Fairs

Culturally rich the city of Jaipur is majorly having the community festivals. These festivals are famous for their vibrant colors and outstanding in showcasing the culture and lifestyle of Rajasthan. Festivals and fairs not only celebrates the local Gods and Goddess but also celebrate the festivals for their pets where elephant fair, camel fair, donkey fair deserve a special mention.

Religions and Cultural Based Festivals and Fairs-

  1. Teej
  2. Gangaur
  3. Makar Sankranti (Kite Festival)
  4. Elephant Festival
  5. Sheetla Mata Fair
  6. Desert Festival is just to name a few.

Literature, Dance and Music Based Festivals and Fairs-

  1. Jaipur Literature Festival
  2. Jaipur Sthapna Diwas
  3. Traditional songs and dances such as Ghoomer and Chari
  4. Instruments like Sarangi, Ektara, Jhalar, and Surbahar are majorly used in this festival

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6. Foods of Jaipur

Food in Jaipur

Foods of Jaipur

Foods of many places are the mirror culture and traditions of that particular place. When it comes to food, Jaipur has its uniqueness and individuality. The rich food, filled with the dollop of ghee, the traditional sweet dishes and the old places offering these Jaipur delights will just enhance your Jaipur Tour, India. Street Food like Pyaz ki Kachori, Jalebi and Samosa will tickle your taste buds whereas the traditional food of Rajasthan like Daal Bati and Choorma, Gatte ki sabji and Kair Sangri will offer you the real taste of this pink city. Here is the list where you can learn about some really great Jaipur cuisine and places where you can savor them.

  1. Traditional Snacks – Pyaz ki Kachori, Samosa, Jalebi, Dal ke Pakode, and Mirchi Bada
  2. Kadhai Ka Doodh at Saras Parlor
  3. Sweet Dishes – Rabdi, Ghevar, Tilpatti&Gajak, Mawa Kachori
  4. Creamy Lassi at Lassiwala
  5. Non-Vegetarian – Keema bati, Jungle Maas and Laal Maas

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7. Jaipur Special

Jaipur Special

Raj Mandir Cinema Hall

Here are the lists of things that are organized for you so that whenever you will be on your Jaipur Tour Package, you may do not forget to try these things during your excursion.

Raj Mandir Cinema Hall – an old yet lavish cinema auditorium which is now the part of the Heritage of Jaipur.

Jawahar Kala Kendra – An amazing multi-art center where you can be a part of different exhibitions (handicrafts and handlooms), Theaters, classical music program and many more. May famous artist like Irfan Khan, Rajeev Khandelwal, Naseer-Ud-Din Shah, Ratna Pathak, Rake Bedi, and many other personalities are associated with this art center.

Polo Ground – Impressive ground and a busy place. Also famous for elephant polo matches during the elephant festival.

Chokhi Dhani Village – A traditional resort which showcases the true spirit of Rajasthani culture and tradition. You can experience entertainment, games, and cuisine in this village theme resort.

You can also spend some time with your family at Pink Pearl Water Park, you can watch the amazing handicrafts and handloom item at Rajasthali an emporium run state government or you can also enjoy your meal while taking a view of the city from the Revolving Restaurant.

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The grandness of Jaipur cannot be sum put in these seven points, the vastness and hugeness of the city are immeasurable. Through this mini Jaipur Travel Guide, we have tried our best to give you all the detail information about the place. Hope it may come handy for you. Padharo Mahre Des.!!

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