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Best 5 Things To Purchase In North India

No tour is completed without exploring the markets of the local area where we travel. It’s always fascinating to explore the markets and see the different things that are ornamenting the shops. It is said that doing shopping is an art, and one should perform this art with open mind and balance budget. If you are travelling to India for the first time it is very essential for you to know some of the best things that you can buy during your India Tourism.

When it comes to shopping, India is a paradise for all shopaholic. One can get the best of the handicrafts and handloom that reflect the rich culture of the country. You can easily see the hard labor that is being put in the making of these products. In India every place has its own specialty and we have brought to you the finest of finest things that you can purchase while being on your India Holiday Packages.

  1. Pashmina of Kashmir
  2. Himachali Caps of Himachal Pradesh
  3. Aipan Folders and File of Uttarakhand
  4. Puppets/ Jaipuri Quilts/ Blue Pottery and Gemstone of Rajasthan
  5. Brass Work-Chikan Work of Uttar Pradesh

1. Pashmina of Kashmir

Pashmina of Kashmir

Pashmina of Kashmir

So let us start with the northern part of the country. If you are visiting the beautiful state of Jammu Kashmir for the first time, do not forget to purchase the Pashmina. It is expensive and considered as one of the gift with a class. Due to the hard labor that is put in making of pashmina makes it more special. Pashmina also called the Soft Gold. The wool of Pashmina comes from four different breeds of Kashmiri goat. The Pashmina Shawl is something that you can gift yourself. The elegant wrap of Pashmina shawl around you will always fill with beautiful memories.

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2. Himachali Caps of Himachal Pradesh

Himachali Caps

Himachali Caps of Himachal Pradesh

A must purchase item when you visit this place. Traditional Himachali cap is woven with wool and is available in different colors make this a decent thing to keep as sign of Indian Heritage. Though the cap does not fully cover your ears but yet manage to keep the cold away.

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3. Aipan Folders and File of Uttarakhand

Aipan Folders and File of Uttarakhand

Aipan Folders and File of Uttarakhand

To make your North India Tour Packages more exciting, you can purchase different items which are marked with traditional Aipan art of Uttarakhand. The art of Aipan holds a prominent position in the major events and festivals of the state such as marriage, new house or occasion of new born. For the promotion of significant traditional art of Uttarakhand – ‘Aipan’. People started making Aipan painted canvas, files and folders which can be taken to home for lifetime memories. You can also purchase the Phulkari Work garment of Punjab and the trendy jewelry of Delhi during your India visit. While in North East, you can go for the Mekhla Chadar and Gamcha of Asssam along with the beautiful Coiled Cane Work items, while Manipur is famous for Kauna Work where you can purchase Kauna Mats and Cushions.

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4. Puppets/ Jaipuri Quilts/ Blue Pottery and Gemstone of Rajasthan

Blue Pottery of Rajasthan

Puppets/ Jaipuri Quilts/ Blue Pottery and Gemstone of Rajasthan

One can easily spot the idea of vibrant Culture of Rajasthan in its shopping markets. Famous for selling traditional items, the market of Rajasthan offers some of the best hand antiques that will make your Rajasthan Tourism filled with amazing memories. Let us discuss about all these things –

A. Puppets – An ancient art and way of story-telling. Rajasthan holds an important position in Puppets making. These hand-made vibrant colored string puppets are the best thing that one can collect as souvenirs to collect from Rajasthan.
Places to Buy – Udaipur, Sawai Madhopur and Bari.

B. Jaipuri Quilts – The best gift from Rajasthan that anyone can never have. The art of making the razais/quilts is approx more than 280 years in Jaipur. It is made up with three distinct kinds of cotton.

C. Blue Pottery – Blue Pottery of Rajasthan has its own significance in India. What makes it different from other normal pottery is that it uses the techniques of using quartz stone powder, fuller’s earth and powdered Glass. The blue pottery makes a perfect item to ornate your house.

Varieties of Pottery Items – Surahis, Pots, Ash Trays, tiles, Flower pots, ear rings, mugs and door knobs are just to name a few.

D. Other Rajasthani Items – The traditional Rajasthani jewelry, Rajputana paintings, hand-knitted best quality traditional designed carpets, metal works and traditional Fabrick works such as Lehrariya, Mothra, Mirror work and many more.

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5. Brass Work-Chikan Work of Uttar Pradesh

Chikan Work of Uttar Pradesh

Chikan Work of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, the most visited state due to the presence of Agra that houses one of the Seven Wonders of the World Taj Mahal.

A. Brass Work – The amazing Brass work is something that you would like to consider for purchasing. The Best of the Uttar Pradesh brass work can be found in Moradabad that enhances the beauty of your house. Countries like USA, Britain, Germany and Middle East Asia are the major importer of Brass utensils from Moradabad.

B. Chikan Work – It is being said that this artwork was introduced by Noor-Jahan, the wife of fourth Mughal emperor Jahangir. Chikan work is embroidery that is generally done with white cloth. Chikan Ka Kurta is most famous product which is in demand.

Some other North Indian Marvel

If move ahead to the states of Bihar, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh you will see that these places are also filled with many amazing things because of which these places are famous.

In Bihar – Madhubani Paintings

The oldest known form of paintings Madhubani is flourishing in the birth place of Goddess Seeta in the region of Mithala. Painting generally comprises with Hindu deities like Krishna, Ram Shiva, Sun, Moon Tulsi (basil).

In Jharkhand – Tribal jewelry

It is something you would like to purchase which generally compact with neck pieces, earrings and other ornaments.

In Madhya Pradesh – Chanderi Sari

One of the best handloom products that you can purchase while you being on your Tour Package of India. The origin of this chanderi art is believed to be way back during Vedic Age. The blend of silk and cotton make this item a perfect thing to purchase, especially for ladies.

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