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Get Ready For The SulaFest 2019

India is the country that celebrates its each day with new festival on the very new day. If you are planning to be on your India Tourism we suggest you to visit this country during the month of February. It is the month when you can experience the charm of Sula Festival.

The 10th edition of Sula festival is around the corner so get ready to enjoy the coolest weekend with music festival. The 3 day festival will be held on Nashik Vineyards, Maharashtra. A large number of international and national artists are coming to perform at this event. Since the festival will take place in the chilled month of February so u will enjoy the music festival with wine and delicious food.

Sula Fest 2018

SulaFest 2019

Maharashtra the most amazing state of the country is full of wonders and marvels. It is the state which also houses the dream city, Mumbai where people from all over the country love to be on the Mumbai Tours during their holidays.

So when you will be attending the SulaFest 2019, you will also love doing flea market shopping and other recreational activities like foot massages and tarot card reading. The music will be performed by 120+ musicians. Along with music it will be a fun with variety of drinks, food and fashion. The sit-in restaurants at Sula vineyards ‘Soma’ and ‘Little Italy’ will offer multi-delicious cuisines with ample space for the guests.

Some lists of Indian and International artists and their bands are as below:

  1. Bloc Party
  2. Infected Mushroom
  3. Dana Ruh
  4. Jan Blomqvist and Band
  5. Indian Ocean
  6. The Ska Vengers
  7. Dhruv Voyage

1. Bloc Party

Bloc party is the Indie rock band that is coming to India for the first time from London. This band has sold 3 million albums worldwide after working together for 16 years.

2. Infected Mushroom

Infected mushrooms are the electronic dance music legends. They are best known for their sonic innovations and pioneering of the Psychedelic Trance genre. It has been ranked among the world’s 10 Best DJ’s by DJ magazine.

3. Dana Ruh

Dana Ruh is performing the musical journey since she has found her way to the capital city Berlin. She has become a family membersat Jus Ed’s lauded New Jersey label Underground Quality.

4. Jan Blomqvist and Band

Jan Blomqvist is a Berlin based solo-artist and Band leader. He invented concert Techno. He founded his first band in the little village in Germany.

5. Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean is widely recognized and worlds famous India bands. The music is an amalgamation of Indian classical, folk music, fusion, jazz and contemporary rock. They have composed music for movies like Black Friday, Peepli Live, Swaraj and Satyagrah.

6. The Ska Vengers

The Sky Vengers is a famous band based in New Delhi who is specialize in jazz and rap music. The band has been nominated for Jack Daniels Rock Awards in drum, brass and keyboards.

7. Dhruv Voyage

Dhruv Ghanekar is a popular guitar player and music player on the Mumbai music scene. He has performed with some of the famous music names in India. His first album ‘Distance’ was released in 2008 and ‘Voyage’ was released in 2015.

Other than that DJ Ayesha Pramanik, Baba Robijn, Swingrowers, Your Chinthere, Ajay Jayanthi and Aneyelator are other musical bands from India and abroad that are participating in this event.

Details of The Sulafest-

Event dates- 3-4 Feb 2019

Venue of the event- Sula Vineyards, Nashik, Maharashtra.

Timings- 2.00 pm to 10.00 pm.

Entry Fee- Rs 2000 to Rs 5500.

Places To Stay-

Ginger hotel, Hotel Ibis, The Gateway Hotel Ambad (A Taj Hotel), Treebo House Khas Suites, Quality Inn Regency and Lily Sarovar Portico are some of the best luxurious and Budget Hotels in Nashik.

How To Reach Nashik?

Nashik is well connected to other cities through airways, railways and roadways. Gandhi Nagar Airport connects it to the major cities of India. There are regular buses and trains from Nashik which connects it to the major cities of India.

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