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The White Sands of Kutch: A Silvery Paradise

For most people, the idea of white sands is usually associated with an exotic beach locale or an island destination. But this wonder of nature doesn’t restrict itself to the sea. As you travel westwards from Ahmedabad or Surendranagar, you will find yourself in the mystical land of the Rann of Kutch. A part of the Thar Desert, these salt flats are made of white saline soil and marshlands, rendering the entire stretch a silvery glow. The Rann of Kutch spreads across an expansive area of 30000 sq. km. and covers the Great Rann of Kutch on the west, the Little Rann of Kutch on the east, and fringed by the Banni grasslands on the south.

Reaching there

The Rann of Kutch can be easily accessed from Bhuj or the village of Kharaghoda in the Surendranagar district of Gujarat. If you are traveling from or around Ahmedabad (being the largest city in the vicinity), you will need to reach Bhuj first, which is about 102 Km from the salt flats. It is advisable to hire a trusted taxi operator. Check out the cab variants and rates for travelling from Ahmedabad to Bhuj

You will find plenty of accommodations in Bhuj or in the neighboring villages. To add some adventure to your travel, choose desert camping at designated areas around the Rann.

Best time to travel

Being a desert and located on the Tropic of Cancer, The Rann of Kutch experiences extreme temperatures. The best time to experience the real beauty of this silver paradise is post monsoon through winter.

Exploring the Rann of Kutch

Every year, travelers from different parts of the country and other international locations come here to admire the beauty of the Rann of Kutch.

Explore the wildlife

The marshy wetland areas of the salt flats have sandy islets covered in thorny shrubs, making it a breeding ground of desert wildlife. In monsoon, when the water levels increase, these isles see flocks of flamingoes gathering here. The Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary is home to unique species like the spiny-tailed lizards, black-necked storks, wild ass, Indian porcupine, Indian Cormorant, and other creatures that thrive in the arid zones.

Join the Rann Utsav

The only settlers in the habitable areas of the Rann are the Kutchi people and this festival commemorates them. The biggest celebration of the region and a cultural milieu, the Rann Utsav allows you to explore the local traditions, Kutchi culture, and experience the stunning beauty of the White Rann. The festival takes places in Dhordo, which is at a 20-minute drive from the Rann. To reach the venue, avail a highly rated taxi service in Bhuj and drive to Dhordo. The festival lasts through the winter and offers plenty of adventure and cultural activities including the White Sands Safari.

Take a Rann Safari

Ride a desert vehicle or a camel and explore the white sands on a full moon night. In the silver glow of the moon, the entire stretch becomes a shimmering blanket, giving it a surreal, mystical view.

Watch the sunset

Spend an evening at the Greater Rann of Kutch and watch the setting sun paint the sky crimson and reflect on the canvas of white sands.

Take a tour of Dholavira

One of the largest excavation sites of the Indus Valley Civilization, this significant historic site sits in the middle of the salt flats and make for an interesting tour. The ruins of the Harappa settlements date back as far as 4500 years and is fascinating in every way.

Unique in every way, the Rann of Kutch gives you the experience of a lifetime! A natural wonder in itself, this stretch of deserted land has gained quite a fame among offbeat travelers and have come to be regarded as one of the largest salt deserts in the world.

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