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6 Best Things to Do in Jodhpur

The sweet spoken language, house painted in the royal colors of blue and holding the position of second largest city in Rajasthan, Jodhpur is a must visit tourist destination. Jodhpur which is also known as ‘The Sun City’ because of it bright warm and sunny weather, the city is visited by thousands of tourists every year. The city holds everything in it that will make your Jodhpur Tour Packages exciting, thrilling and fun –filled.

We have brought to you the list of some of the most happening thing that you could try while you will be on your Jodhpur Tours. The majestic forts, charming palaces and beautiful tourist spots offer you royal opulence of this ‘Blue City’.

  1. Taking A Tour To The History Of Jodhpur
  2. Be A Part Of Traditional Opium Ceremony
  3. A Safari To Bishnoi Village
  4. Tying Turban
  5. Savoring The Royal Feast
  6. Jodhpur City Tours

1. Taking A Tour To The History Of Jodhpur

History Of Jodhpur

Taking A Tour To The History Of Jodhpur

Jodhpur has always been a prominent place when it comes to history and its incidence. Jodha Bai, the favorite wife of Mughal emperor Akbar is also connected with this place as she was the daughter of the founder of this city, ‘Rao Jodha SIingh’. While you travel in this city do not forget to visit the following amazing ancient and historical monuments of Jodhpur. Here’s the list –

a) Mehrangarh Fort – One of the biggest forts In India.

b) Jaswant Thada – It’s a white marble mausoleum situated on a small lake.

c) The Umaid Bhawan Palace – A magnificent palace built with 347 huge rooms

d) Udai Mandir –A perfect architectural wonder that showcase the front gate of sandstone.

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2. Be A Part Of Traditional Opium Ceremony

Traditional Opium Ceremony

Be A Part Of Traditional Opium Ceremony

Opium, yes you read it right!! It would definitely going to be a total different experience that will linger in your memories for life time. Though opium and its consumption are banned and also controversial but we have to include this in our list. As you know that the opium is banned throughout the country but the authorities here actually don’t concern to it Jodhpur as this ceremony is celebrated as festival and is inherited as the part of the culture of the city.

We hope you don’t consume any such things but we are sure by merely watching this ceremony you will get high and got its hangover. Your Travel to Jodhpur will surely get memorable with this festival. For your kind knowledge we must tell you that the festival is also called The Amal Sabha which is said to be more than 1000 years old. It is a kind of ceremony held to mark friendship.

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3. A Safari To Bishnoi Village

Bishnoi Village

A Safari To Bishnoi Village

Bishnoi is the oldest tribe of Rajasthan, famous for their contribution for protecting the nature and its beauty. On the name of this tribe only, the village has got its name. The village houses many spectacular attractions for travellers. The culture, traditions, lifestyle, art and crafts are unique in their own way.

There is a deserted Lake in this village named ‘The Guda Lake’ which is visited by various local and migrated birds and wild animals to rehydrate themselves. While visiting through the ‘kachhisakads’ of the village you will get a touch of the tribal India that are marked with the trees of Khejri and other natural beauty. Through the safari of Bishnoi village you will get experienced the traditions and culture of tribal India. The art and craft of the village is also worth watching.

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4. Tying Turban

Tying Turban

Tying Turban

A turban is not less than his pride for Rajasthani. While you will be on your Jodhpur Tourism do not miss the chance to wear the royal turban of Rajasthan. As there is a saying ‘When you in Rome Do as The Romans Do’ so why not wearing a turban when you are in the royal city of Rajasthan. You can see every Blue Rajasthani wearing the turban when he takes a step out of his house.

The interesting part is that, there is not only one style in which you can tie a turban on your head. There are more than 100 styles of adorning the one. Turban has always been an integral part of Rajasthan and its culture. Traditionally, the size and even the style of wearing a turban showed status and rank of the person. The different color of turbans wears by people for the different specific event.

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5. Savoring The Royal Feast

Savoring The Royal Feast

Savoring The Royal Feast

You know that Rajasthan is a place that holds huge desserts in it. Due to its huge dry climate, you can see that the kind of vegetables and dishes that are made here are quite unique and does not use much of water. Here is the list of some exotic delicacies we have brought to you right from the kitchens of Marwar –

a) Ker Sangri – Mixture of dry vegetable that are grown only in Jodhpur such as ker, sangria, lesua and Kumtiya. The interesting thing is that it can be savor as a main dish as well as pickle. It last longer.

b) Gatter Ki Sabji – Small coined size besan dish cooked with gravy and is cooked often in the blue houses.

c) Saiv Tamatar ki Sabji – Traditionally sev means ‘Namkeen’. It is very scrumptious dish that we personally guarantee and that of which will remain with your till your home.

Some other dishes and sweet dishes of the city are. Malai Kofta ke sabji, Lassan Ki Chutnyand traditional Kadhi. In sweet dish you will love the delicious Makkhanbada, Mawa ki Kachori, Ghewar, Malai Kulfi and many other lip smacking delicacies. There are also many restaurant and Hotels in Jodhpur where you can savor these delicious delicacies.

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6. Jodhpur City Tours

Jodhpur City Tours

Jodhpur City Tours

Being one of the most prominent places in terms of tourism, Jodhpur city is full of amazing tourist place and major tourist attractions. When you would be in this Blue city, do not forget to explore the narrow alleys of the city where you will discover that the city was planned in the form of a human body. You can see that each part of the city resembles different organs of the body.

You can experience the royalty of City Palace complex which is comprises with huge architecture and all luxuries. During your Jodhpur travel you will going to love to unravel the mysteries of the City Clock Tower (Ghanta Ghar). The Sadar Bazar in Jodhpur is the most famous market that you can explore during the Jodhpur Excursion. You can find all traditional dresses, artifacts and handmade things here.

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Some other Jodhpur attractions in Jodhpur are cannon ball, Chatri of Kirat Singh Soda and iconic seven gates of Jaypol and the Fatehpol.

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