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Major Tourist Attractions in Bharatpur

There is a beautiful city named Bharatpur in Indian state named Rajasthan. Known as the eastern gateway to Rajasthan, the Bharatpur is surrounded by the two most important cities of the country, Agra and Delhi which completes the majestic Golden Triangle of India along with another beautiful city named Jaipur. Due to its close proximity with Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, Bharatpur become one of the most visited tourist destinations where travellers do visit during their India Tourism.

Bharatpur which is named after Lord Rama’s younger brother Bharat is a newly constituted municipal corporation and is also featuring as the part of NCR (National Capital Region). Founded in 1733 this city was established by Jat King, Suraj Mal. Bharatpur was carved out from the Mewat region and is the only place which was ruled by Non-Rajput kings. The city of Bharatpur is famous for many tourist attractions that you can visit when you would be on your Golden Triangle Tours in India.

Today we are going to discuss about the places which are famous as major tourist places in Bharatpur –

  1. Keoladeo National Park
  2. Lohagarh Fort
  3. Deeg Water Palace
  4. Banke Bihari Temple
  5. Ganga Temple

1. Keoladeo National Park

Keoladeo National Park

Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur

Popularly known as the Keoladeo Ghana National Park, it is the house of more than 300 beautiful species of birds. The park was created approx 250 years ago by Maharaja Suraj Mal as a duck shooting reserve. During the time of the British reign, duck shoots were also organized annually over here and according to historical facts, the then viceroy Lord Linlithgow killed over 4200 birds during duck shoot. Due to the dense forest and suitable environment, birds here are not only attracted from across the country but also from the other counties like Tibet, Siberia, China and other Europeans countries. Monsoon is the best time when you can see the many local and migrated birds flocking towards this park which make an amazing view containing different kinds of birds in all colors and sizes. Siberian Cranes, Pelicans, ducks, hawks, stints, wagtails, wheatears, spoonbill, and grey-leg geese are some of the birds’ species found here. You can also spot an impressive list of fauna including nilgais, pythons, black buck and spotted deer.

2. Lohagarh Fort

Lohagarh Fort

Lohagarh Fort in Bharatpur

Majestic and a huge fort of Lohagarh is an historical fort which was built by Jat king Maharaja Suraj Mal in the 18th century. The fort is one of the finest architecture monuments in the Indian state of Rajasthan that you can visit during your Rajasthan Tourism. The fort has witnessed many attacks from foreign invaders but has remained unconquered after every single attack. Forts in Rajasthan is known for their flamboyance and extravagance but unlike them Lohagarh fort featured with an aura of strength and bravery. The fort features a highly creative and modern defense system of that time that protected the city from severe attacks of Invaders. It is the strength of the fort which gives it the name of Lohagarh or the Iron Fort due to the invincibility at the time when the British tried to conquer the same.

Architectural Features –

1. Two gates – Ashtadhaatu in North and Chowburja in South.

2. Three Palaces – Mahal Khas, Kamra Mahal and Purana Mahal

3. The Sandstone darbar (meeting hall) is now converted into the museum where as Kamra Mahal is now serves as State Archaeological Museum.

3. Deeg Water Palace

Deeg Water Palace

Deeg Water Palace in Bharatpur

Beautiful and majestic, the Deeg Water Palace is one of the most prominent tourist attractions of Bharatpur. The palace was built in 1772 and has featured as the leisure resort for the Maharaja of the city until 1970. The first idea of the fort was conceptualized by Jat King Badan Singh and later his sons, Suraj Mala and Rup Sing along his grandson Jawahar Singh built this Palace and fort. The architecture of the palace is beautifully carved and is filled with strategically made proportions and huge halls and is surrounded by the sprawling greenery. The garden in the palace has been built in the style of Mughal Charbagh.

Architectural Features –

1. Many Bhavans (Palace), namely Gopal, Suraj, Kishan, Nand, Keshav and Hardev.

2. Gopal Bhawan is 4 storied building, looks single story from front, two storied from Inside and three from back.

3. Compact with 900 fountains, work twice a year.

4. Banke Bihari Temple

Banke Bihari Temple

Banke Bihari Temple in Bharatpur

The divine temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, Banke Bihari Temple in Bharatpur is one of the major tourist spots in the city. The temple is located in the heart of the city and is also one of the Most Famous Temples in India. The temple is spread in the huge area and is considered as the spiritual house of Vasudev Krishna. The temple is recognized to full-filling the wishes of its devotees in a most mystical way. Thousands of travellers under Rajasthan Tour Packages visit this divine temple every year from across the country. The temple is built in typical Brij style architecture that will give you the idea of the ancient Brij architecture of the region. During the time of Aartis in morning and evening, the temple is filled by hundreds of devotees.

Architectural Features –

1. Sanctum Sanctorum of the Temple houses huge idols of Radha and Krishna bejeweled with jewelries and shinning cloths.

2. Walls and ceiling featuring paintings of many Hindu Gods and Goddesses

3. Verandah outside the sanctum is covered with beautifully framed Krishna’s photo of his childhood.

5. Ganga Temple

Ganga Temple

Ganga Temple in Bharatpur

Another beautiful temple which is dedicated to most sacred river Goddess of India, Goddess Ganga is the Ganga temple. This is one of the most historical temples in India. Visited by huge number of devotees from in and around the country, the temple holds a significant position in the Indian Temple Tours.The temple was built in 1845 by king of the region Maharaja Balwant Singh. The architecture of the temple is so huge that it took almost 90 years to complete the structure of the temple. After the completion of the temple, the fifth descendant of Balwant Singh, Maharaja Brijendra Singh placed a huge idol of Goddess Ganga in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple and thus temple was started known as Ganga Temple.

Architectural Features –

1. Huge structure of the temple depicts the blend of Mughal, Rajput and South Indian architectural Styles.

2. The entrance has beautiful idols of Lord Krishna along with Laxmi Narayan and Shiva Parvati.

3. Wall and Pillars in the temple carved beautifully with amazing designs.

All these 5 places of Bharatpur are enough to make your India Holiday Packages filled with adventure and marvel. Each has its own importance and value in the Culture and Heritage of the city. Here are some more option which you can consider visiting while you will be on your India Holidays –

  1. Government Museum
  2. Laxman Temple
  3. Gopal Bhavan
  4. Bharatpur Palace

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