Hot Air Balloon Ride In Pushkar

Hot Air Balloon Ride In Pushkar

  • Tour Duration: Day Tour
  • Tour Destination: Pushkar

Tour Overview

Rajasthan, rustic, royal and ravishing state of India which is also featuring as the most amazing state of the country and is most adored state among the travellers. Be it Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaipur or Pushkar each and every city in Rajasthan is filled with its unique charm and great style. Pushkar the ancient city of India is one of the most tourist destinations in the country. Tourist from different part of the country and world visit Pushkar to cherish its rich historical sites such as Pushkar Ghats or Brahmma temple. But Pushkar is not only about tourist sites, people also love to travel Pushkar for attending different adventurous activities. One such thing is Hot air balloon ride which would offer every traveller an exciting and thrilling tour. In this Hot Air Ballooning Ride in Pushkar you will not only going to visit the most amazing places of the city but also experience the most thrilling ride of your life. The bird eye view of the city from above in the balloon will be the most spectacular view you will ever see.

Tour Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 : Hot Air Ballooning in Pushkar

Listed as the holiest cities of the country Pushkar is located in the rustic terrain in the state of Rajasthan. While you would be in Pushkar you will travel to some of best Pushkar attractions. Post sightseeing you will have many other things to do in the city.

Grab an opportunity to gaze into the soul of the city from the sky with the help of Hot Air ballooning ride in Pushkar. This ride in the balloon will be the most adventurous ride of your life. When you will see the panoramic view of the city from above, you will see the most amazing view.

The hot air ballooning in Pushkar is generally happen in almost throughout the year, but in the months of July and August, balloon ride is not possible due to weather problems.

Generally this ride will take place at 6:15 in the morning time and at 5:00 pm in the evening. The timings may get vary according to the changing time of the season.

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