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Jaisamand Road, Katti Ghati,, Alwar, Rajasthan - 301001 View on Map

Free BreakFast Available
  • Price Starts At
  • 3024
  • +378 taxes & fees
  • per room / night
  • 2 x Guests
  • 1 x Room

Safety and Hygiene

  • Due to covid, this property keeps hand sanitizer, temperature screening, and social distancing to protect the health and safety of guests and staff.
  • The hotel takes all the new safety protocols for the safety of guests and staff.
  • Wearing a face mask is compulsory for every guest in the hotel.

About Hotel U4 Alwar


Hotel U4 Alwar is a family holiday hotel in Alwar. The hotel's design is contemporary but simple with elegant rooms, a Banquet Hall, and a lush garden that makes a pleasant stay. This 3 star hotel in Alwar caters to every need of its guests which makes it a desirable location. The hotel staff's polite and friendly attitude adds to the charm of the hotel.


  • U4 Hotel is located in Kati Ghati at Jaisamand Lake Road.
  • The hotel features nine elegantly well-appointed rooms that are spacious and comfortable.
  • U4 Hotel offers Free Wi-Fi, Restaurant, Swimming Pool, Air Conditioning, and Parking.
  • There is a restaurant on-site to satisfy the food and beverage demands of guests.
  • The hotel offers 24 hr Front desk, Room Service, Housekeeping, and Parking for the assistance of guests.

Hotel U4 is in proximity to two of the most famous lakes of Alwar, Jaisamand Lake, and Siliserh Lake. The rooms of this budget hotel in Alwar are elegant, spacious, and hygienic, these rooms are for non-smokers. The hotel features a swimming pool, restaurant, Wi-Fi, and parking space. U4 hotel staff is friendly and polite and attends to every need of the guests. The hotel offers Room Service, Housekeeping, Parking, and 24 hr Front desk for the convenience of the guests.

Popular Places near Hotel U4

Hotel U4 Alwar is close to a few of the Alwar’s popular attractions, so while enjoying your stay at this budget hotel in Alwar you can visit these attractions.

Siliserh Lake is a famous tourist attraction in Alwar and also a famous picnic spot. A part of the lake is home to crocodiles and migratory birds.

Jaisamand Lake is the second largest lake in Asia, the lake is just 1 km away from Hotel U4. Jaisamand Lake is an excellent spot for picnics and water sports.

Bala Quila is located on the top of Aravalli hills, This gigantic fort stands tall at 1000 feet and covers an area of about 5 km from North and 1.6 km from East to West.

City Palace or Vinay Vilas Palace is one of the top attractions of Alwar that is open to the general public and houses other attractions also, such as the Government museum and Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri.

Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri is a cenotaph dedicated to Rani Moosi and king Bakhtawar Singh. The structure is constructed from white marble and brown sandstone.

Restaurants Nearby

Hotel U4 Alwar has a restaurant on-site where guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also check out these restaurants near this 3 star hotel in Alwar to widen your choices.

Prem Pavitra Bhojnaya serves an array of multi-cuisine dishes to satisfy your craving for food. The restaurant is 3.6 km away from Hotel U4.

Al- Lazeez’s specialty is its wide range of non-veg dishes. The restaurant offers a free home delivery service for the convenience of customers.

Foji Raj Dhaba is a part of the Foji Raj Hotel that is just 2.4 km from Hotel U4. The restaurant is known for its spread of non-veg dishes.

Citrus Cafe is an all-day dining establishment at Lemon Tree Hotel. People can enjoy a whole meal, a quick snack, or just a simple beverage.

Gigil Restaurant and Bistro Cafe is a party hub for youth where you can enjoy a wide array of baked goods and beverages. The restaurant is 3.8 km from this hotel in Alwar.



Hotel Policies

  • It is compulsory for every guest to show a valid ID proof such as Aadhar card, voter ID, etc. at the time of check-in.
  • The minimum age to book a hotel room is 18 years. However, if you’re travelling with a child and you need a separate bed, breakfast for the child, please count the child as an adult and book separately for them to avoid inconvenience. 
  • Extra beds are dependent on the room you choose. 
  • The standard check-in time is 02:00 PM and the standard check-out time is 12:00 PM. 
  • Once booking is done, you will receive a confirmation email with the phone number of the hotel/resort. You can give a call to the hotel for early check-in or check-out details and any other concern. Early check-in or late check-out is subject to availability and may be chargeable by the hotel. 
  • Cashless payment can be done at the hotel.
  • The amount paid for a room does not include the other facilities and services (Spa, Shuffle service, Food, etc.). For the optional facilities, you need to pay directly to the hotel at the time of check out. 
  • Please note that any changes in tax structure due to government policies will result in revised taxes at the time of booking.  

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People Also Ask About Hotel U4 Alwar

No, Hotel U4 Alwar does not offer any business service but the hotel offers a parking facility, swimming pool, restaurant, and Wi-Fi for its guests. All these services make it an ideal location for leisure travelers and families.

Some popular amenities available in this hotel in Alwar are an on-site restaurant, swimming pool, parking, television, air-conditioning, and attached bathroom and terrace.

Yes, Hotel U4 Alwar has an outdoor swimming pool along with other amenities for guests’ recreation and relaxation.

Yes, Hotel U4 in Alwar has a restaurant on-site to meet the food and beverage needs of the guests.

No, a bathtub is not available in the rooms of Hotel U4 Alwar. But the attached bathroom has toiletries.

Hotel U4 in Alwar has got overall 3.9 stars out of 5-star ratings from its guests. It can be considered a good review for a hotel. This budget hotel in Alwar is an ideal location for leisure travelers who are just looking for an ideal accommodation with modern comforts such as a restaurant and swimming pool.

Hotel U4 Alwar has only one type of room, the Deluxe Room. These rooms come equipped with a TV, A/C, and an attached bathroom with toiletries.

Yes, this 3 star hotel in Alwar has a parking facility on site.

Yes, Hotel U4 Alwar has a free parking facility and other facilities for the convenience of guests.

The city of Alwar has many tourist attractions and a few of these attractions are close to Hotel U4 in Alwar.

Siliserh Lake is one of the famous lakes of Alwar that circles Sariska National Park and is a nice stop before Sariska National Park where you can cool off and enjoy recreational activities such as sightseeing and boating. Siliserh lake was constructed by building a dam in the river so that the lake can provide water to the city of Alwar. A palace was also constructed beside the dam, where you can experience the picturesque view of the lake. Siliserh lake is partly inhabited by crocodiles and migratory birds.

Jaisamand Lake is another famous lake that surrounds Sariska National Park. Jaisamand Lake is Asia's second-largest lake. The lake is in proximity to Siliserh Lake. Jaisamand Lake has many temples, a beautiful cenotaph and lush greenery around the lake adds to the charm of this beautiful lake. The lake also houses many watersports and boating activities.

Bal Quila, also known as Alwar Fort, stood high at an elevation of 1000 feet at Aravalli hills. Bala fort is built on the foundation of a 10th-century mud fort and has six gates - Jai Pol, Suraj Pol, Chand Pol, Krishna Pol, Laxman Pol, and lastly Andheri gate for entrance. Bala Quila is considered the grandest creation of Hasan Khan Mewati. Bala Quila offers a spectacular view of Alwar City.  The Fort is considered to be the oldest building of Alwar, that has gone through the hands of various dynasties right from Mughals and Jats. Bala Quila extends 5 km from North to South and 1.6 km from East to West. It is said to have diverted many attacks from the invaders. Bala Quila also features stunning structures like Jal Mahal, Suraj Kund, Nikumbha Mahal Palace, and Salim Sagar pond.

City Palace is a 17th-century palace and it is a marvel of architecture that blends Rajasthani and Islamic architecture styles. The palace's highlight is its beautiful marble pavilion set on the courtyard and an artificial lake in its vicinity. The city palace is converted into a government office and a museum that showcases artifacts and paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries.

There are few well-known dining establishments near Hotel U4 Alwar.
Prem Pavitra Bhojnalaya
Citrus Cafe
Gigil Restaurant & Bistro Cafe
Ice & Spice
Foji Raj Dhaba

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