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Shimla Overview

It is a beautiful city of northern state of India, Himachal Pradesh, and Considered as one of the most famous Tourist Destination Shimla is full of picturesque place which will offer you a thousand reasons to cherish your stay at the city. Formerly known as Simla, the city is the best place to spend summer vacations. Shimla is well-known for its architecture of Victorian style.

Known for its scenic beauty this popular hill station of north is also called as Queen of the Hills, It is believed that the city has originated its name from Goddess Shymala Devi who was considered as the re incarnation of goddess kali. Snowcapped mountains of the city along with lush green plantation make a unique combination that you will never find elsewhere.

History of Shimla

The history of the city will take you in the 18th century when British defeated Gurkhas and took over the region. Then the area was occupied by dense forest. Shimla can be classified as British Era and Post-Independence. In 1816 East India companies took over the place from Bhimsen Thapa. British then handover the region to Maharaja of Patiala as a reward. Gradually Maharaja with the help of British gradually develops the city and built many monuments which are now the Tourist Spots in Shimla.

After independence Shimla remained the capital of Punjab until Chandigarh was formed. Forming by merging 28 princely states, which were located in this area, come into the existence the state of Himachal Pradesh in 1950. In 1971 Himachal Pradesh became 18th state of India and Shimla was assigned as the capital of the state.

Culture – Tradition and Cuisine of Shimla

You can see the culture of Shimla with the blend of modern thoughts and traditional values. There are people from various mix tribe found in this region. These people are very proud and protective about their traditions. You can trace the lifestyle of Tibet as the area is highly influenced by Tibet. People generally wear salwar, kurta, kameez or Juan chadiyan which is a long knee length gown.

People also love dance and music. The dance and music form is beautiful. Basically the dance and music is generally inspired by the religion. The people celebrate the festivals with traditional music and dance. The music instruments involves such as Ektara, Chimta, Flute, Ghunghroo, Manjara, Jhanjh, Ghariyal etc. The region is mostly consists of people from Hindu and Jain community. With temples and Buddhist monasteries you can also get Churches of British era. The handicraft work of Shimla is highly appreciated. You can purchase dress material embroidered with Kohana and Thapada styles.

Cuisine in Shimla

You can often get people of Shimla savor normal North Indian food such as Broth, Lentil, Bred, rice and vegetables. Locals also prefer non-veg food wuch as madeera pateer, Bhagjery, Chouck Manee etc.

In traditional cuisine, Shimla has its own identity. Travellers also love to taste Himachali food such as Patore, Khoru, Murgh Anardana, Cha Ghost, which pamper your taste buds with traditional taste of Himachal Pradesh.

Shimla Map

Best Places to Visit Shimla

The Queen of Hill is always one of the favorite destinations among travellers. Here is the list of best places to visit in Shimla -

Viceregal Lodge:

Formerly this was a palace of British Viceroy of India, is now a known as the rashtrapati Niwas. It was started building in 1880 and completed in 1888. The building has a well-maintained lawn and a small cafeteria. Except Monday, the palace is open for all days from 10 to 5 pm.

Himachal State Museum:

The place is full of rich collection of anthropological items, 19th century pahari miniature paintings and numismatic finds. The museum also features collection of bronze idols from the temples scattered all round Himalayas. You can complete visiting all museums in approximately 1 to 2 hours.

Jakhoo Temple:

It is one of the most famous and an ancient temple in Shimla. It is visited by several Hindu devotees. The temple is dedicated to monkey God Hanuman. Festival of Dusserah is hosting cherishingly here. You can find several monkeys on the route to this temple. You should take a walking stick to keep them at bay.

Leisure Lovers and Honeymooners Will Also Love These Other Tourist Spots Like –

1. Observatory Hill

2. Ari Fort

3. Gaiety Heritage

4. Himachal State Museum

You Can Also Visit Some of the Religious Destinations in Shimla Like –

1. The Jakhu Temple

2. Christ Church

3. Hadimba Temple

Shimla Weather

Best Time to Visit Shimla

The weather of Shimla is cherishing throughout the year. The summer here do not have snowfall most of the time, while if you wish to witness the snowy weather of the Shimla, then you must visit the city during this season. The best time to visit in Shimla is monsoon from the months in between July to September.

How to Reach Shimla

This most beautiful hill station in India is connected through many ways different ways of convince Such as.

By Airways:

The Jubbarhatti Airport is the domestic airport which is at a distance of 23 km from Shimla. All those who wish to reach Shimla by air can reach here through Chandigarh and New Delhi airport.

By Railways:

There are two major railway stations which are situated near Shimla. The Kalki Railway station and the Chandigarh Railway Station are the names of these two stations. The former one is the closest between the two,

By Roadways:

The well cluster of Road is nicely connected with the city. You can catch different busses to Shimla from Manali, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh and Kullu.