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Visakhapatnam Overview

Visakhapatnam is the largest city in Andhra Pradesh. It is primarily also known as the Industrial city. Recently emerged as one of the tourist destinations in the city and attracts thousands of tourists during a year. Travellers are attracted by its golden sandy beaches, well-groomed and maintained parks charming scenic areas like Araku Valley. The city is populated with 2 million plus people according to the recent years.

Visakhapatnam is also known as the Goa of the East Coast. Just like west coast is ornamented with beautiful virgin beaches of Goa, the east is filled up with Visakhapatnam. Local of the city often called the city as Vizag. Some other well-known names of the city are Coramandal Coast, Steel City, and the city of Destiny.

History of Visakhapatnam

The history of the city goes back during the time of Emperor Ashoka. The name of the place is derived from the God of Valor – Visakha. After Kalilnga Kingdom the place moved in the hands of Andhra Kings of Vengi and after them it moved in the hands of Pallavas’s. After Pallavas, Chola came into reign followed by the Ganga dynasties.

The city was ruled by Qutub, Mughals and Nizams for a brief period. After India got its Independence, the city was split to help form Vizianagaram District in 1979. In the present time the city is one of the top 20 fastest growing cities according to UN which is a history to be known in it.

Culture – Traditions and Cuisine of Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam which is also goes by the name of City of Destiny is one of the largest cities in Coastal Andhra Pradesh and is the largest in the state of Andhra Pradesh. According to the legends the Kind of Andhra got fascinated by the beauty of Goddess Visakha and her ethereal form and named the city after her. Being ruled by many empires the city has rich culture and traditions.

Vizag has an ample of opportunities in terms of jobs, business and everything and so many people from different part of the country moved to Vizag and hence almost all kinds of dialect being spoken here. Primarily Telugu is the common tongue among the locals of the city, and many people are also well versed with Hindi and English also. The city has a huge number of Tamilians, Malayalis, Mararis, Oriyas, Bengalis and Punjabi. The city mostly has people from Hindu community speaking Telugu. The city is melting pot of different cultures of Oriyas, Tamilians, Punjabis and Marwaris and so on. Hinduism is majorly followed religion followed by Islam, Christianity and Sikhism.

Art and craft of the city is also popular throughout the country. It gives huge emphasis on Carnatic music and Dance. Various dance forms such as Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi are learned with great dedications. Theaters and Drama also adds value to city’s culture.

Government of Andgra Pradesh organized various fairs and festivals during a year. Hilli tribes perform different dance forms and plays different instruments like Mori, Thuduma and Dappu. Some major festivals celebrated by the city are – Visakha Utsav, Lumbini Festival, ISKCOnUtsav, Vijay Diwas, Navy Day, Chandanotsavam and many more.

The city with many religious beliefs also celebrates Diwali, Dusserah, Holi, Pongal and Onam with same zeal and enthusiasm.

Cuisine in Visakhapatnam

The city of destiny being one of the most beautiful cities in Andhra Pradesh and is rich with culture and traditions blended with the contemporary activities. Being the home of the people of different culture from around the world the city has a mixture taste of different cuisine. But talking about the traditional cuisine, Visakhapatnam has its own charm. The traditional cuisine of the city is best known for its spicy taste. Among all Vizag is well known for Chutney’s and Pickles. Murri mixture is kind of traditional fast food of Vizag. The major food of Visakhapatnam includes Muruku, Booralu, Anabshahi, Appadams and pulihara.

Vizag’s love for food can be seen that many food festivals being organized in the city during a year. Festivals like Chettinad Food Festivals, Visakha Utsava and Rishikonda Beach Festival and Visakhapatnam music festival are some of the festivals that find its own way to showcase the food from various locations in the country.

Visakhapatnam Map

Best Places to Visit Visakhapatnam

The city is one of the major tourist attractions in India. The best places to visit in Visakhapatnam are –

Araku Valley:

It’s a scenic hill station in Vizag. It is famous for its coffee plantations surrounded by beautiful garden, streams, waterfalls and valleys which are coved with lush green dense forest.

Naval Museum:

The museum is also known by its other name that is Swarna Jyoti Museum. It was built in 1989. It depicts the charming history and heritage of Indian Navy.


It is considered as one of the safest beach in India. The beach is located at the mouth of Gosthaniriver. The name of the beach received from a legend, according to which Bheema killed the devil Bakasur at the place where today is the beach is situated. So the place was named Bheemunipatnam or Bheemli beach.

Some Other Visakhapatnam Attractions Are –

1. Matsyadarshini Aquarium

2. Kondakarala Ava Bech

3. Rushikonda Beach

4. Dolphin’s Nose

5. Borra Caves

Visakhapatnam Weather

Best Time to Visit Visakhapatnam

The summer season of the place is unbearable. The best time to visit Visakhapatnam is from October to March. The time is best for tourist and to travel in the city. The pleasing and charming weather of this time will enhance your travelling experience.

How to Reach Visakhapatnam

By Airways:

The city is well connected by air to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Tirupati, Pune, and Bhubaneswar Indore. Nearest Airport is Visakhapatnam Airport.

By Railways:

Well knitted rail tracks connect Vizag with cities like, Goa, Bangalore, Agra, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai and many more.

By Roadways:

The cluster of road will easily drop you to this city. You can catch bus for Visakhapatnam from Hyderabad, Vijayawada Bangalore Guntur and Chennai.