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A Day In The Bhangarh Fort

In our childhood, we all loved to hear to hear those spooky stories which used to create the Goosebumps in us. What if we tell you that in this modern world these stories still exist and are as true as sun and moon. You would probably call us weird or crazy. But there is a place in Rajasthan which is assumed to be haunted, named Bhangarh. Many locals and even some celebrities shared the freaky experience that they faced at this place. Along with all these stories, the structure and architecture of the fort make it spookier.

Situated on the edge of Sariska Tiger Reserve, this 500 old fort is one of the mystical Places in India and has a great importance in terms of Tourism. As the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) which is a Government authority make the official declaration of making it a Haunted Place. Thus, Bhangarh and its surrounding area have become the point of curiosity among tourists. Let’s move ahead and I will take you on the tour of this mysterious land of Bhangarh.

  1. Bhangarh Fort – An Origin
  2. Apocalypse Of Ratnavati
  3. Bhangarh And Tourism
  4. Reaching Bhangarh
  5. Connectivity With Bhangarh


It was the year 1631 when the first stone was put in the making of the majestic Bhangarh Fort. King Man Singh 1 of Rajasthan, who was also considered as the narrations of Akbar’s court, built this fort for his younger brother Madho Singh 2. It was Madho Singh, who renamed this fort after his grandfather Man Singh or some called him Bhan Singh. There are many legends related to this fort and its beginning. One of the most classic legends that make this place more mysterious is the legend of Ascetic Bala Nath.

Bhangarh And Tourism

According to this legend, when Bhangarh fort was started building, King seeks permission from a Sadhu named Bala Nath, He agreed and gave permission to build this fort But he put one condition that if the Shadow of the fort touches his home the fort will be no more. But as fate has decided, its shadow falls upon the ascetic’s home and the fort got cursed. Locals of this place believed that every house built within or nearby the fort suffers a roof collapse.

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The most famous legend was of Princess Ratnavati. She was the princes of the region. Once a black magician named Singhia fall for the beauty of the princes and bewitch her Ittar (body perfume) which she used to sprinkle after a bath. Ratnavati understood something was wrong with that Ittar and she threw it on a huge stone boulder which rolled over that tantric and crushed him. Before he took his last breath he cursed the palace that no living soul would ever be able to live in peace and no house will ever be able to survive here. Till date the rule being followed that one must not enter the premises after sunset and if anyone even has ever tried, their life got spoiled.

Apocalypse Of Ratnavati

Some say, that the soul of Princess Ratnavati and the Tantrik still wander in that fort after the sunset. It is their spirit only which is not allowing anyone to stay there or to build anything. Spine-Chilling Stories, Isn’t it?

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The roof of this beautifully built fort started collapsing ever since from its starting. The fort is nestled on the edge of Shahjahanabad in Old Delhi. There are huge four wooden gates in opening every direction. The enclosures of the fort comprise of many small temples including Hanuman temple at the entrance of the fort. Lots of tourists wander in the alley of the fort which never makes you feel gloomy and sad even for once during the day. But the story of the night is different.

Tourists who visit Rajasthan and have the slightest idea about the place never fail to reach this fort. The nearest town is Alwar which is merely 90 km from Bhangarh. You can easily reach here via road. As the horror stories of this place are so popular that one cannot find any hotels, resort or any accommodation near this fort. But there are a plethora of Hotels in Alwar.

Bhangarh Fort – An Origin

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The stories of Bhangarh are so famous that not only people from nearby areas but also the travelers from around the world visit this haunted place. After Alwar, the other city which is nestled near this region is Jaipur. The fort is merely 83 km from the city. Jaipur is one of the major tourist destinations, have many tourists and travelers in the city during the year and get attracted to this fort and wish to visit during their tour. You can witness the mysteries of this fort while staying at Rambagh Palace and Taj Mahal Palace which are best 5 Star Hotels in Jaipur. You can also choose to stay at The Park Prime or at Park Ocean which is 4 Star Jaipur Hotels. Hotel Ratnawali, Hotel Om Tower and Shiv Shakti Guest House are other 3 star and Budget Hotels in Jaipur.

Delhi is also considered as the near point from where you can get to this mystical place. You can reach here via Neemrana. Delhi which is also the capital of the country has a wide range of hotel, resorts and other accommodation places that give an utmost comfort during your stay. Luxury lovers can stay at Radisson Blu Hotel or at Hotel Royal Plaza which is considered as Best 5 Star Hotels in Delhi. The list of Delhi hotels includes Hotel Venus and Hotel Ramhan Aerocity which was 4 Star Delhi Hotels. If you wish to spend your money on utmost comfort with the moderate price then you can consider Hotel Rupam, Hotel Hill Palace which is the Best 3 Star Hotels of Delhi.

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Bhangarh can be reached from the different states of India. You can take a flight or train to Alwar for reaching to Bhangarh. Mumbai, Bangalore Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmadabad, Pune, Chandigarh, and Lucknow are the major places from where you can reach to this haunted place of Bhangarh.

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