7 Must Visit Historical Monuments in India

This universe is filled with some really amazing wonders, some of which are resolved while some of which are still remains unresolved. Some wonders are there which we can see while some are there which we can just feel. India is that wonder country whose aura can be felt as … Continue Reading

Navratri Celebration In India – An Essential Navratri Guide

“Who is the Auspiciousness of all Auspiciousness, Who is the source of goodness, Who is accomplisher of all objectives, To the source of all goods, to the mother of three worlds, To the source of light, O the exposer of consciousness, Salutation to you O Narayani.”

With this prayer we … Continue Reading

7 Must Visit Forts in India

The land of kings, the royal kingdoms, plush lifestyle and all the things being showcasing with the huge and magnanimous forts which are singing the glorious chapters from history, such is the glory of India. The forts in India are the true mirror of the culture, history, royal architecture understanding … Continue Reading

Events and Festivals in India in September 2017

India is known for its rich culture and vibrant festivals that are an integral part of India and its true soul. Different people, different languages, different customs and all are celebrated under one sky. With the starting of September we have gathered a list of all major India festivals and Continue Reading

6 Most Famous Brahma Temples in India

Pushkar is believed to be the only place in this world where one can find Brahma Temple. Well some people think so, as the temple in Pushkar is the oldest one which is associated a significant mythological importance. But beside the one in Pushkar, there are also few Brahma Temples Continue Reading

Ganesh Visarjan in India and Its Significance

The colorful and joyous festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most important festivals of the country mythological and culturally. Being a cultural festival Ganesh Chaturthi brings people of different cast, creed and religions comes together to. This 10 Days festival is celebrated with all zeal and enthusiasm throughout … Continue Reading

13 Best Heritage Monuments in India

Heritage, the sites which is boasting the beauty of the past, which is holding the grandeur of bygone royal era and which depicts some untold stories from the glorious past of the particular place. These heritage sites are now the prominent tourist attractions. In the country like India, one can … Continue Reading

Ganesh Chaturthi in India 2017 – Legends and Celebrations

“Shree Ganeshay Namh”, that’s what we say generally when we start with anything new. Remembrance of Lord Ganesha to start with anything new is believed to be auspicious according to the Hindu Mythology. Lord Ganesh is considered as the remover of obstacles. He is also consider as the first God … Continue Reading

10 Best Tiger Spotting Places in India

India’s pride, Royal Bengal Tigers with whose presence the plush bio-diversity of India becomes richer and more appealing. Famous for its culture, traditions, customs and values, India has a special place in the heart of people from all across the globe. India tourism flourishes with its amazing heritage and vivid … Continue Reading

4 Best Places To Visit on Rakhi Festival 2017

They say “Having a brother is better than having a superhero” and so true it is, brother is someone who no matter how much fight with us, but he always stand by our side whenever he need us. While “Sisters are the childhood that can never be lost”.  Sisters tease … Continue Reading