10 Must Visit Devi Temples in India

Goddess plays as significant role in formation, nourishing and destruction of the world as the Gods hold. According to Hindu mythology, the Goddess is considered as the source of all the power in this universe that is why she is often called “Shakti” which means “Power”. India being the land … Continue Reading

6 Best Party Destinations In India

Summer’s here and with that the time of holidays also tag along. Together summer and holidays provide you the best combination of fun and party. During this time travellers from all across the country plan their vacations with their friends and families. While youth is looking for the place where … Continue Reading

19 Best Fun Things To Do in Goa

Goa, a name that always brings smile to everyone’s face, is one of the best places in India which is featuring as the best holiday destination in the country. Goa tourism plays an important role in contributing the tourism industry of India. Travellers from not only India but from across … Continue Reading

Sunderbans National Park – Timing, Attractions and Wildlife

Land of diversity, India is not only culturally rich but it is also having rich biodiversity. The flora and fauna in India is so amazing and rich that travellers from all across the country visit India to get mesmerized by the beauty of this place. India is equipped with wide … Continue Reading

10 Most Haunted Places in India

There are no other countries like India in the world which is as charismatic and enchanting. The land of India if full with the fantasy stories of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna which has taught us the constant battle between the good and the evil and teach at us lesson … Continue Reading

Taste 11 Exotic Delicacies of 11 Best Cities in India

There’s an old saying “A way to man’s heart goes through his stomach” and this couplet actually suits to every travellers when he is in India, the country of diversities. Rich and Vibrant culture of India has been the centre of attractions for many centuries and this rich diversity will … Continue Reading

7 Best Things To Do In Manali

Listed as one of the most sought after hill station of India, Manali is a beautiful hill station that holds a prominent place in North India tours. Manali is locates at an elevation of 2050 m above the sea level. The scenic beauty of Manali is something worth … Continue Reading

9 Best Monsoon Destinations in Rajasthan

Among all the seasons Monsoon is the one which brings happiness with it. In the desert state of India Rajasthan, Monsoon comes as a treat to this scorching land. Famous as a royal state, Rajasthan has a rich diversity in terms of everything from culture to bio- culture.

The climate Continue Reading

Kalyan – An Undiscovered Mumbai Getaway

Filled with the richness of culture and heritage, India is indeed a charm in the tourism industry. So many diversities under one roof are actually appealing which fascinates travellers to plan their holidays for India Tourism. India is a huge country with 29 States, 7 Union Territory and 4000 … Continue Reading

Top 5 Ram Temples in India

Raghukul Reeti Sada Chali Aayi, Praan Jaye Par Vachan Na Jayi. This beautiful chaupai of Ramcharitmanas explains a lot about India, its customs, its principles and its culture. Explaining the whole life and principal of Lord Rama, Ramcharitmanas has been teaching us the way of living the life.

The recitation … Continue Reading