Dharavi Slum Tour in Mumbai

Dharavi Slum Tour in Mumbai

  • Tour Duration: Day Tour
  • Tour Destination: Mumbai

Tour Overview

Hoteldekho welcomes you to the most amazing Dharavi Slum Tours where you will not only going to explore the slum area but also going to witness the most amazing life of the people dwelling in this area. Calling to tour only a slum tour will not be justify with this tours because you are not only going to visit through the slums but also going to see the industries that runs under this slums and see how people work hard with utmost enthusiasm and zeal. Home to a million of people, Dharava is much more than a slum which is surely you will love to see. It is not only the slums that you will see, be it cinema hall or school, hotels or mobile galleries you will get each and everything over here, each with the touch of uniqueness.

Tour Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 – Starting with Slum Tours at Dharavi

Have your healthy breakfast and then our representative will take you to the most amazing tour of your life, the tour to slums of Mumbai, in Dharavi. Listed as one of the huge slums in Asia, Dharavi is place which will show you another part of the country.

While you will find adults here being busy with their daily life routine, children are playing on the roads with recycled things. You will also find soap factories, block printing, bakery and many other units that economically uplifting the people with the worth of US $ 600 million.

Our helpful guided tour in Mumbai will help you in understanding the slums and its life style. You will be explained to the entire working of the slums and under this tour you will also get a chance to interact with the locals of the slums. Generally the slum tour takes place every day except the Sundays and it takes approx 3 hours to complete the tour.

There is no such fixed timing of visiting the slums, it all depend on your convenience. Timings are flexible and can be done on your suitability.

It will be a walking tour, so we suggest you to bring the water bottle, cap and other necessary items with you while being on the tour.

Our professionals will be there to guide on your every step during your slum tours of Dharavi. Slum tour is not only about seeing poor and poverty but also a small scale industry that helps these people in running their livelihood and enhancing the skills of hand-working, determination and living standard.

By the end of the tour you will be travelling back to your place and your tour complete.

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