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Novotel Ahmedabad, The Ummed Ahmedabad, Hyatt Regency and Wyndham Shela Ahmedabad are some of the best hotels in Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad, known alternatively as Amdavad, is the former capital of Gujarat and one of the largest cities in India. Situated on the banks of the Sabarmati and recognized for its world-famous cotton textiles, mouth-watering appetizers, diamond cutting and much more, this city has notable tourist sites. Travellers can book hotels in Ahmedabad around these pristine locations that are easily accessible.

The UNESCO World Heritage City is the first in the world to be designated. Since its conception and founding by Sultan Ahmed Shah, Ahmedabad has experienced continual modification. But over these years, the love for life and preservation of its inheritance through its architectural beauties has remained consistent. Now the pride of the city and some of Gujarat's top tourist attractions are these wonders. In addition, various parks and water tanks are worth a visit in the city.

The hotels in Ahmedabad are closely located to some of the most famous tourist spots in Ahmedabad, making it very convenient for travellers to explore the city. Some of the very famous landmarks in Ahmedabad around which many hotels are located are Sabarmati Ashram, Teen Darwaja, Kankaria Lake and Ahmedabad airport.

The greatest hotels are not lacking for tourists because it is a popular tourist destination, and many people visit this venue. Ahmedabad Hotels range from inexpensive hotels to hotels of luxury. However, most hotels are safe and secure. Most of the hotels are close to important tourist destinations, and the bus and train station makes the journey easy.

2 and 3 Star Hotels in Ahmedabad

There are a lot of hotels in Ahmedabad that fall under the category of 2 or 3 star hotels. These are both affordable and comfortable hotels that guests can book without burning a hole in their pocket. 2 or 3 star hotels in Ahmedabad are available at a reasonable price with all the basic amenities and comforts. Some of the 2- and 3-star hotels frequently visited in Ahmedabad are-

  • Hotel Alka Inn- Hotel Alka Inn, a 2 star budget hotel in Ahmedabad, offers well-maintained air-conditioned rooms with wi-fi facilities. The hotel is also close to many tourist attractions like the Sidi Saiyyed Mosque and the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International airport.
  • Hotel El Dorado- Hotel El Dorado is a 3 star modern hotel in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Guests at Hotel El Dorado can enjoy rooms with stylish interiors, a modern atmosphere, high-end facilities and impeccable service. The hotel is committed to ensuring a comfortable stay for its guests on a budget.
  • Hotel Accolade- Hotel Accolade, a 3 star hotel in Ahmedabad, is a perfect choice for travellers looking for a budget hotel that is conveniently located. The hotel is close to the railway station and airport and has fully equipped rooms and cooperative staff.

5 star or luxury hotels in Ahmedabad

These 5 star hotels in Ahmedabad offer their customers comfort and luxury, so they have the best facilities and leisure for their holidays. These hotels are proud to offer excellent services such as a fitness facility, valet parking, well-equipped rooms and indoor restaurants for their visitors. Some of the best 5 star hotels in Ahmedabad are-

  • Hyatt Ahmedabad- Hyatt Ahmedabad is one of the most sought-after 5 star hotels in Ahmedabad, especially because of its location close to many tourist attractions and famous restaurants. The hotel pampers its guests with luxurious facilities like a rooftop pool, air-conditioned rooms, free wi-fi, and a breakfast buffet.
  • Fortune Landmark- Fortune Landmark is a top-tier 5 star hotel in Ahmedabad that is centrally located and offers luxurious amenities like a fitness centre, a coffee shop, and a kids zone. The rooms at Fortune Landmark Ahmedabad are equipped with all modern-day necessities like an air-conditioner, a flat-screen tv, a seating area, and room service.
  • Wyndham Ahmedabad Shela- Wyndham Ahmedabad Shela is a high-end luxury hotel in Ahmedabad that is close to the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport. The hotel offers many over-the-top amenities to choose from, including a game room, a movie theatre, a convenience store, and a gift shop too.

Popular Business Hotels in Ahmedabad

Many come to Ahmedabad for a pleasant and relaxing trip. While many hotels take the comfort of their visitors into account, some hotels are also equipped with business services such as conference rooms, meeting halls and event venues. Some of Ahmedabad's popular commercial hotels are-

  • Novotel Ahmedabad- Novotel Ahmedabad is located on the SG highway close to other industrial hubs like Sanand, Gandhinagar, Changodar and the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport. This strategic location of the hotel makes it popular among business travellers. Novotel Ahmedabad has 7 different types of meeting rooms that can be chosen according to the occupancy limit of the event.
  • Radisson Blu Ahmedabad Hotel- Radisson Blu Hotel is located in Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad and offers a combination of comfort, luxury and excellent service to its guests. This hotel in Ahmedabad is a great choice for business or work-related purposes as it offers convenient business centres, meeting rooms, and banquet facilities.
  • Crowne Plaza Ahmedabad City Centre- Crowne Plaza is located in Sarkhej, a developing business centre in Ahmedabad. It is easily accessible to the airport, industrial areas, corporate hubs and Gandhinagar, Gujarat's capital. The hotel has many business services like an on-site staffed business centre with all necessary equipment and a technical concierge.

Top Staycations in Ahmedabad

Most visitors are backpackers or youngsters who don't want to spend much money; hence, in addition to 5-star hotels, there are many possibilities for reserving, such as homestays. Staying here would not only reduce the cost but also demonstrate the local people's lifestyle and culture. Some of Ahmedabad's finest stays include-

  • The Ummed Ahmedabad- The Ummed Ahmedabad Circle is a luxury resort in Ahmedabad that offers its guests options to hold social or business events at their venues while the restaurant there makes sure that the guests have the best dining experience with their amazing regional delicacies. This resort is the perfect retreat for people looking for comfort and scenic views.
  • Divans Bungalow- Diwan's bungalow is a 150 year old mansion architectured in a Mughlai fashion. The resort's dining room serves Ahmedabadi recipes that have been passed down through generations.
  • Madhubhan Resort & Spa- Spread over 25 acres, Madhubhan Resort & Spa is a luxurious resort that is perfect for a weekend full of relaxation and rejuvenation. The resort has modern-day amenities like luxurious rooms, private pools, an in-house restaurant and also Gujarat's largest spa.

Best hotels in Ahmedabad for Unmarried Couples

Ahmedabad is an amazing tourist destination in the state of Gujarat on the western coast of India. Ahmedabad Hotels generally allow unmarried couples to stay with them.
Some of the best hotels that allow unmarried couples are-

  • Hyatt Ahmedabad- Hyatt Ahmedabad is a 5 star hotel that allows unmarried couples with valid legal identity proof. The hotel offers luxurious amenities to its guests like fully equipped, modern rooms with a swimming pool, fitness centre and a spa. Hyatt Ahmedabad is one of the couple friendly hotels in Ahmedabad, which means that it allows unmarried couples to stay with them.
  • Binori A Boutique Hotel- Binori A boutique hotel is a great choice for couples looking for budget accommodation in Ahmedabad. Not only is the hotel located at a convenient distance from the Ahmedabad railway station and airport, but it is also close to some of the best tourist attractions. Binori A Boutique Hotel gives rooms to unmarried couples till the time they have valid id proof.
  • Fairfield by Marriott Ahmedabad- Fairfield by Marriott is a popular 4 star hotel in Ahmedabad located at Ashram road that allows rooms to couples irrespective of their marital status till the time they hold a valid id proof. The hotel has fully equipped rooms with an in-house restaurant and gym.

Tourist Attractions near Ahmedabad Hotels

Some of the famous tourist attractions around which travellers can book hotel in Ahmedabad are-

  • Teen Darwaja- The tallest and oldest gateway in Ahmedabad, is associated with historical and legendary events in the city.
  • Sidi Saiyyed Mosque- One of the most famous mosques in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, it is an architectural wonder giving a peek into the Islamic Beliefs.
  • Sabarmati Ashram- Sabarmati Ashram is one of the many places where Mahatma Gandhi resided during his stay in India. The Ashram is also known as Harijan Ashram still has his clothes, chakra, and spectacles among other things.

Shopping Places near Ahmedabad Hotels

Ahmedabad is more than just a city with historical temples and museums. The city has a lot of shopping markets for tourists to take back home souvenirs and memoirs. Along with that, these hotels are also located close to a lot of hotels so that guests won't have to wander around.Some shopping places near Ahmedabad hotels are

  • Lal Darwaja Market- One of the oldest, busiest, chaotic and famous markets in Ahmedabad, Lal Darwaja Market is every shopaholic's paradise. The market sells it all from clothes, handicrafts and jewellery to books and accessories. The market also has amazing street food stalls for travellers to satisfy their stomachs.
  • Sindhi Market- Famous for traditional things like footwear, sarees, handicrafts and bedsheets at affordable prices, Sindhi Market is a place one cannot possibly miss while in Ahmedabad. The market is busy throughout because of its very convenient location which is in the heart of the city.
  • Manek Chowk Market- Manek Chowk Market is situated in the city's centre and is among one of the busiest markets in Ahmedabad. The market is most famous for selling traditional dress materials like bandhani along with authentic traditional jewellery.

100% Hygienic, 100% Safe Hotels in Ahmedabad

Since the ongoing pandemic, safety has become one of the most important factors one must consider while booking any hotel. Most of the hotels have started maintaining a very hygienic and safe environment with all the precautionary measures taken.
Some of the top hotels in Ahmedabad that follow 100% safety and hygiene are-

  • Novotel Ahmedabad- A 5 star hotel in Ahmedabad, Novotel Ahmedabad follows strict safety measures since it has started operating after the lockdown. All the guest rooms in the hotel are kept vacant for 24 hours before new check-ins while the surface and floors are cleaned with disinfectants. The hotel staff are also required to wear protective kits while maintaining social distance.
  • Courtyard by Marriott Ahmedabad- Courtyard by Marriott Ahmedabad is a 5 star hotel in Ahmedabad that has elevated its cleanliness and safety protocols since the pandemic. The hotel maintains social distancing by reducing the occupancy in its restaurants along with that the room keys are sanitised after every use. The rooms and other surfaces of the hotel are also cleaned with disinfectants on a time to time basis.
  • Hyatt Ahmedabad- Hyatt Ahmedabad, a luxury hotel in Ahmedabad prioritizes its guest's safety and wellbeing. The hotel, in the light of Covid 19, has taken up many precautionary measures like maintaining social distancing by limiting the number of guests in the hotel's fitness centre, swimming pool, restaurant and spa.

Ahmedabad hotel booking tips

Ahmedabad has many hotels for you to choose from but there are a few things one should keep in mind while deciding on which hotel to book. Some tips for hotel booking in Ahmedabad are-

Book the hotel in advance- Pre-booking the hotel in advance would be a lifesaver because being a major tourist attraction, the prices of hotels in Ahmedabad would be high and the availability less.

Location of the hotel- Make sure that the hotel is not only close to tourist spots but also to the airport or railway station. Hotels should be located centrally, which would save both time and conveyance costs.

Cost of the hotel- Hotel in Ahmedabad varies from 5 star hotels to budget hotels, so tourists can book whichever hotel best suits their needs without going off-budget or compromising on comfort.

Safety Measures of the hotel- The most important thing to keep in mind during the ongoing pandemic is the safety measures taken by the hotel. Look for hotels that follow cleanliness and safety protocols.

Dining Options- Hotels with an in-house restaurant would make your visit very convenient if you end up coming back to the hotel late at night or have a late morning.
Time of Visit- The season or time you visit makes a huge difference to your hotel options. If you're visiting Ahmedabad during the summers, hotels with an air conditioner become a necessity because of the extreme humidity Ahmedabad experiences. In contrast, if you visit the city in January, the availability of hotels becomes an issue because of the peak season.

How to reach Ahmedabad

By air- Ahmedabad is linked to various national and international cities through the air. Sardar Vallabhai Patel Airport has domestic and international terminals that operate flights from many destinations like Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Newark, etc. After reaching Ahmedabad airport, tourists can easily book a cab, an auto-rickshaw or even a bus to the city. Ahmedabad Airport falls within 12km (approximately) from the city centre.

By train- Tourists can reach Ahmedabad by train too, which operates from many metropolitan cities like Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai. After reaching Ahmedabad Railway station or the Kalupur station 6km away from the city centre, tourists can hail a rickshaw, a cab or even buses to reach the city. Ahmedabad Railway Station is approximately 5km from the main city.

By bus- Gujarat is said to have the best road transportation system in India, so Ahmedabad is also linked to many major cities through interstate buses and Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service. Regular buses come to Ahmedabad from Shirdi, Mumbai, Pune, Bhavnagar, Gandhinagar, etc.

The best time to visit Ahmedabad

The best time to visit Ahmedabad is in winters from November to February, when the city faces a pleasant temperature that is neither too harsh nor too cold.

November to February- Ahmedabad during November to February experiences pleasant winter with cool and breezy weather. Tourists can go sightseeing or enjoy street food without feeling suffocated or getting a heatstroke. The international kite festival also takes place in Ahmedabad during January, which is a treat to watch, or it is also open to everyone if you want to take part in it.

The temperature during this period is approximately 20 degrees Celsius in the daytime and dips to 10 degrees at night.

Best Restaurants in Ahmedabad

Gujarati food is famous all around the world for its diversity, flavour and taste. Generally served in a ‘thali’ format, Gujarati thalis include traditional delicacies like dhokla, khandvi, thepla, dal dhokli, etc. The following are some of the best restaurants in Ahmedabad that serve proper traditional Gujrati food.

Agashiye- ‘Agashiye,’ meaning ‘on the terrace,’ is a rooftop restaurant with outdoor and indoor seating. The restaurant is famous for traditionally offering authentic Gujrati food, just as any Gujrati family has dinner. The food is prepared using seasonal ingredients and is served on an alloy plate that has medicinal properties.

Price for two- INR 1900 (Approx)

Location- The House Of M G, Lal darwaja, opp. Sidi Saiyed Jali, Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380001

Vishalla- The food prepared at Vishalla is always offered to the Lord first before being served to the guests for enjoyment. The food is prepared by Vishalla’s kitchen staff using fresh and nutritious ayurvedic ingredients. The ambience of the restaurant is village-like with bamboo walls, wooden tables, leaf plates and mud floors where guests have to sit cross-legged as it is said to aid digestion.

Price for two- INR 1400 (Approx)

Location- Vasna Rd, Opp. Tol Naka, Rehnuma Society, Sanklit Nagar, Juhapura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380055

R Kitchen- A multi-cuisine restaurant, R kitchen has become popular among the locals in a very short duration because of the delicious Gujrati snacks and local food it serves. The restaurant is all-day dining, offering breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner too. R Kitchen offers American, North Indian, Continental and South Indian delicacies, among others.

Price for two- INR 1800 (Approx)

Location- Renaissance Ahmedabad, Vishwas Colony, Sarkhej - Gandhinagar Hwy, Sola, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380060

Things to do in Ahmedabad

A popular tourist city, Ahmedabad is mainly known for its many temples and museums that is spread all over the city, but apart from visiting historical temples and ancient museums, there is a lot of things that can be done in Ahmedabad like-

Watch a movie at sunset drive-in- Hang out with your friends or go on a unique romantic movie date with your partner at this sunset drive-in. In India, a rather new concept, drive-ins have a large screen where movies are played with a sound system set for each car. People can bring their snacks or also buy them from a nearby store.

Visit Auto World Vintage Car Museum- There’s nothing wrong with vintage cars; they are sleek, classy and ornate that ruled the 90s, and the Auto World Vintage Car Museum showcases some of the most classic vintage cars from all over the world like Maybach, Lancia, Mercedes and Cadillac. The museum also offers people to go on a short ride with these cars at an extra fee.

Shop at the night market in Law Garden- Law Garden is a public garden that transforms into a shopping paradise at night. This place has everything any tourist can imagine, from Gujarati apparel, jewellery, handicrafts to antiques and souvenirs. If you get tired or hungry during your shopping spree, this market also offers delicious street food.

Explore the Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary- Built-in 1912 as an irrigation tank, Thol Lake Reservoir was later declared a sanctuary in 1988 that spreads over 7 sq. km and is home to over 150 birds and mammals blackbucks, jackals and blue bulls. The most beautiful part about this sanctuary is its protected area where during winters or monsoons, travellers can watch thousands of flamingos gathered or migrating birds like pelicans and mallards.


The hotel fares frequently change, depending on the availability of a particular hotel. Season & flight fares also directly impact hotel booking in Ahmedabad. So travellers should book hotel in Ahmedabad in advance and keep other factors in mind.

Ahmedabad hotels are known for giving their guests the warmest hospitality and making them feel at home with comfort and luxury.

5 star hotels in Ahmedabad that offer excellent hospitality are-

  • Wyndham Shela Ahmedabad- Conveniently located off the SG Highway, 15 kilometres from Ahmedabad Junction Railway Station and 25 kilometres from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, Wyndham Ahmedabad Shela offers a calm urban getaway. Guests have easy access to surrounding commercial centres such as Sanand, Becharaji, and Chanodhar, shopping, and attractions such as the ISKCON Temple and the Sidi Saiyyed Mosque. Guests will also love the convenience of a hotel vehicle, same-day dry cleaning, and complimentary parking, as well as a helpful 24/7 front desk and knowledgeable concierge.
  • The Ummed Ahmedabad- The Ummed Ahmedabad is a good choice if you're looking for a 5-star hotel near Ahmedabad Airport. They offer one of the greatest in-house restaurants near Ahmedabad airport, where guests can enjoy some of the finest cuisines. Ummed Ahmedabad's main goal is to provide our guests with a luxurious and comfortable vacation anytime they come to visit us. The staff are delighted to welcome their visitors and form a personal bond with them. The management takes great care to ensure that you have access to all of the facilities available to you. Their main goal throughout your stay at our hotel will be to meet all of your demands.
  • Lemon Tree Premier- During a staycation at the Lemon Tree Hotel, relax in style with beautiful decor, sumptuous luxury, and calm views of Ahmedabad City. The hotel's cleanliness and hygienic standards will allow you to rest entirely. Knotty, called Not-Yet-A-Tree, a faithful Indian golden-brown poodle, proudly patrols the hotel grounds, ensuring the safety of the guests. The hotel provides chauffeur services so that you can relax and take care of your daily tasks while admiring the environment. Those who do not want to skip out on their workout routine will find a designated gym and fitness facility on the premises to fulfil their wishes. Lemon Tree Premier is also one of the couple-friendly hotels in Ahmedabad.

There are a lot of Ahmedabad hotels that provide top-tier comfort and luxury to their guests. Guests can book hotel in Ahmedabad that are luxurious and 5 star.

Some of the best luxury hotels of Ahmedabad are-

  • Pride Plaza Hotel- Explore the world of Pride Plaza Hotel - Ahmedabad and start planning your next unforgettable vacation. The dynamic energy of the Pride Plaza Hotel draws the bright and ambitious from all over the world. The grandeur of this magnificent hotel, conveniently located near the airport, provides travellers with five-star services. This opulent luxury hotel in Ahmedabad offers a wide range of upscale services, from our luxurious accommodations to fitness necessities. Exotic spa facilities and a state-of-the-art gym are available to our guests. The beauty of attractively designed rooms is enhanced by traditional hospitality and modern comfort, along with it being among the couple friendly hotels in Ahmedabad.
  • Hyatt Regency- Hyatt Regency Ahmedabad, one of the finest luxury hotels, is well placed in the heart of Gujarat's business capital and against the calm backdrop of the Sabarmati Riverfront, making it a perfect destination for both business and leisure guests. In the city's largest pillarless ballroom or the modern spaces built for sharing, socializing, and cooperating, you may make significant connections in the closest five-star hotel to the international airport and near India's first UNESCO World Heritage City. Explore our award-winning restaurants for a gourmet adventure, refuel with a quick snack or a refreshing cup of tea, swim a few laps in our outdoor pool, or cleanse in our on-site spa.
  • Radisson Blu- Whether you're in Ahmedabad for a business meeting or to immerse yourself in the culture, the Radisson Blu Hotel Ahmedabad offers the right room for you. Our hotel is just five minutes from popular destinations such as the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, Gujarat University Convention & Exhibition Centre, and Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati, making it ideal for both business and pleasure tourists. Explore adjacent scenic sites like Kankaria Lake after an easy 20-minute journey from Ahmedabad Airport. Visit Adalaj Stepwell or Gandhi Ashram in Sabarmati to learn about the area's rich history.

Ahmedabad hotels range from luxury hotels to budget hotels, and Ahmedabad has many cheap hotels for travellers to choose from. Hotel Booking in Ahmedabad is not much of a hassle given the city's wide variety of accommodations.

Some of the best cheap hotels of Ahmedabad are-

  • Ambience Inn- Hotel Ambience Inn is located in Ahmedabad, 6 km from IIM. It offers a city view and is one of the best budget couple friendly hotels in Ahmedabad. This budget hotel has valet parking as well as luggage storage. The air-conditioned rooms have a view of the garden and include a desk and free Wi-Fi. The hotel's guest rooms include a sitting area, flat-screen TV with satellite channels, and a private bathroom with a hairdryer and shower.There is a wardrobe in each room. Every morning, Hotel Ambience Inn serves a vegetarian breakfast. A 24-hour front desk is offered, as well as free private parking and a business centre. The Gandhi Ashram is 14 kilometres away, while Sardar Patel Stadium is 18 kilometres away.
  • Binori A Boutique Hotel- Binori A Boutique Hotel vows to deliver individualized service with real compassion and warmth, ensuring that you get the most out of your visit. All guests are welcome to use the Cafe Patio (Coffee Shop), Pol 21 (Multi-Cuisine Restaurant), Sachi (Grand Banquet Hall), Sarvam (Banquet Hall), and Board Room (For Conference). Whether you're a business traveller looking for effortless luxury and round-the-clock service, or a leisure tourist seeking a feeling of tradition and timeless cultural indulgence, we have the ideal suite for you.
  • Hotel Good Night- The Good Night Hotel in Ahmedabad has 24-hour room service, travel assistance, same-day laundry service, and a doctor on call. All of the rooms are well-kept and include all of the necessary conveniences. Deluxe Rooms are perfect for high-powered executives who need to accommodate a family. This hotel's 5 Deluxe Rooms are tastefully decorated. They include all of the essential amenities, such as pressing and dry cleaning, direct dialling, satellite LED television, daily housekeeping service, morning wake-up service, 24-hour front desk, centrally Wi-Fi enabled area and daily newspaper delivery to the room. Every room offers a private bathroom with a variety of modern conveniences.


Guests can book a hotel in Ahmedabad for all needs ranging from extravagant hotels to 3-star hotels and cheap budget hotels. Hotels of Ahmedabad start from around Rs. 400 per night to Rs. 15,000 per night. The price of the hotels depends on the traveller's budget because all kinds of people visit Ahmedabad, from students to families. Hotel booking in Ahmedabad is a very convenient process majorly because of the wide availability of accommodations.

  • The Ummed Ahmedabad Airport is Gujarat's first 5 star luxury hotel, situated 500 metres from the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport. This urban getaway, designed to highlight exquisite Indian aesthetics and contemporary components, is a convenient option for visitors to Ahmedabad. Fine artwork, genuine teak wood furnishings, and glittering green marble can be found in every nook and cranny of The Ummed Ahmedabad. The Ummed Ahmedabad has remained the most famous and original address to host or be entertained in Ahmedabad, providing a wholesome experience for the discriminating traveller.
  • Lemon Tree Premier Hotel- This spacious and contemporary hotel, accentuated by planted greens and a tranquil water feature, sits on the bank of the Sabarmati, overlooking the riverbank. Large glass doors welcome you into this traditional boutique hotel's atrium lobby, decorated with soft leather and stunning modern art. The lobby is modern and inviting. It has a large, spotless crystal chandelier, two trendy capsule elevators, and many seating places, making it ideal for discreet meetings and idle talks.
  • Novotel Ahmedabad: This new, expensive hotel is located near the Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway, 3 kilometres from Vastrapur Lake. The 16th-century Sidi Saiyyed Mosque is also 9 kilometres away. Satellite TV, minibars, and tea and coffee-making equipment are available in contemporary rooms with glass-walled bathrooms. Club-level rooms provide access to a private lounge. Suites include living areas and, in some cases, whirlpool tubs. Wi-Fi and room service are both provided. There is no charge for parking. International cuisine is served in a restaurant that is open 24 hours a day. A bar and a patio are also available, and a gym and an outdoor rooftop pool. A business centre, meeting rooms, and event space are also available.

Hotels are generally located in areas where they overlook Ahmedabad city, the Kankaria lake or other landmarks.

Some hotels of Ahmedabad that have nice views are-

  • Renaissance Ahmedabad Hotel- This upmarket hotel is surrounded by shops and restaurants and is only a 4-minute walk from a bus station and 6 kilometres from Vastrapur Lake. Sabarmati Ashram is also 8 kilometres away. Free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and minifridges are included in the upscale rooms, including tea and coffee-making amenities. A private lounge is available for upgraded rooms. Living areas with sofas are included in suites. There is room service available. Breakfast is available (surcharge). A buffet restaurant, an Asian restaurant, and a coffee shop are among the dining options. A full-service spa, a workout centre, and a rooftop infinity pool are all available.
  • Courtyard Ahmedabad- Courtyard by Marriott, Ahmedabad is conveniently positioned in Ahmedabad, the commercial hub of India, with easy access to both the International Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Airport and SG Highway. Our luxurious Ahmedabad hotel is situated near the Gandhi Ashram, the biggest shopping centre in Gujarat and the most popular cinema globally. With roommates in the size of the laptop, LCD-panels, iHome docking, Wi-Fi and workstations to accommodate any business demands, we offer a total of 164 large rooms, including 6 Deluxe and 6 Executive suites. Includes an Executive Lounge, 24-hour gym, swimming pool, O2 Spa and state-of-the-art meeting and function areas.
  • The Fern Ahmedabad- The Fern is located on SG's highway and 14 km from the airport, Gujarat's first 5-star Eco hotel business hotel, situated in Ahmadabad. The hotel and the top hospitals have some of the leading corporate houses nearby. It is one of Ahmedabad's first hotels to visit industrial hotels such as Sanand, Changodar, Kadi, Bechraji and Gandhinagar. The main exhibition venues such as Mahatma Mandir, GUCEC and GMDC are also easily accessible. A stone's throw from the hotel, Palladium Mall is approaching. The hotel is close to Science, Sabarmati, Law Garden, Adalaj Stepwell and Iscon, and many more attractions.

Travellers can book hotel in Ahmedabad starting from INR 1000 near Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport.


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