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Namaskar! Welcome to India Travel Guide. Official known as the Republic of India, India is seventh largest country by area in south Asia and the biggest democracy in the world. Encircle by the Indian Ocean on the South, Arabian Sea on the south-west and Bay of Bengal on south-east, the country share its border with countries like Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Invaded by many empires and rule of different dynasties has made this country culturally and traditionally rich.

Lakhs of travellers from around the world visit India and get amazed by its beauty. For proving them utmost comfort and luxury, the country houses many hotels and resorts for the comfortable stay of the travellers. All International and National travellers can get an array of hotels which are ranging from Luxury 5 Star Hotels to Budget Hotels.

History of India

It is believed that the first earliest human remains in south Asia dated back to approx 30,000 years old. The evidence of the first urban civilization can be found of the Indus Valley Civilization which is considered as 5000 years BC. After the decline of Indus Valley Civilization, Aryans came in to existence and it was the start of Vedic age in India. This age has seen many reforms in the country. Rise of Hinduism and with it came into existence the caste system. The ancient history is the witness of many great dynasties like Chola, Gupta and the Mauryan are just to name a few. Each empire brought something with themselves which is indeed played a vital role in forming culture and traditions of India.

Medival history was started with the rise in the Islamic empires, which includes Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Empire. We can say that the India that we see today is the result of Mughals contribution. Mughal not only brought rich culture with them but also brought their art and architecture and sever historical monuments like Red Fort and Taj Mahal. Many great rulers like Akbar, Jahangeer and Shah Jahan ruled the country and won the hearts of people. With the defeat of last Mughal Emperor Bahaddur Shah Zaffar Mughal rule came to an end and it was the starting of the British Era.

After the Mughals were defeated, British easily established their grip over India and they defeated many other colonial powers. The British proved their rule by the establishment of the East India Company through which The British ruled for more than 2 long centuries. By the end of 19th century many revolt took place against the British, one of the unforgettable was the revolt of 1857 when brave hearts like Rani Laxmi Bai and Tantiya Tope lost everything including their life fighting against British. In 20th century a man named Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi started non-cooperation movement against them and India again got its anti-British momentum. Many lost their lives, many traumas were faced by the people of India. The biggest was the Jaliawala Bagh, when thousands of innocent peaceful protestors were mutilated by the British. After sever moment against British and Hindu Muslim riots, in 1947 the country got its independence. This ultimately led to the partition of India by the birth of Pakistan. In 195 Indian constitution came into existence and India became the largest democracy in the World.

Best Places To Visit In India
In the recent years, India has become one of the favorite tourist destinations among travellers. Lakhs of travellers visit India from different part of the world. We will give you a snapshot on major tourist destinations of India. We will take about some of the Best Tourist Destinations in India.


An exciting tourism destination is North India which has rich culture, traditions flora and fauna. Some of the best tourist destinations in North India are Agra, Delhi, Jaipur, Shimla and Srinagar. Agra is land of monuments and architecture. The city with rich cultural history was once the capital of Mughal dynasty. Some of the best places to visit in Agra are Taj Mahal which is included in the 7 wonders of the world. Another is Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri and Akbar’s Tomb. Delhi which is also the capital of India is called the heart of the country. Some of the major tourist destinations in India are India gate which is dedicated to the memory of Indian soldiers, Rashtrapati Bhawan, Red Fort, Jantar Mantar and Qutub Minar. Pink city and the Royal city of majestic Rajasthan, Jaipur is a treat for travellers during their India cities. Some major Jaipur attractions are Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, City Palace and Hawa Mahal.


Southern part of the country was surrounded by the water bodies from three sides. Bangalore, Chennai, Ooty, Goa are some of the best tourist destinations in India especially in south India. Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and is also known as the Garden City. Some of the best tourist destinations in Bangalore are Ulsoor Lake, Govt. Museum, Bull temple and many more. Chennai is considered as the travellers’ paradise. The city has beautiful beaches, spiritual centers and many other tourist attractions. Govt. Museum, Vivekananda House, Victory War memorial are some other major attractions in Chennai. Often called as honeymooners’ paradise, the city has an old saying that living in Goa is a 365 day vacations. The city is famous for beaches, waving palm trees and joyous people. Major tourist places in Goa are Candolim Beach, Baga Beach, immaculate concetion Church and Reis Magos Fort.


Eastern part of the country has Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Bihar and Assam, Manipur, Mizoram in North east India. Bhubaneswar is the capital city of Orissa and traces glorious temple and archeological monuments. Some major Bhubaneswar attractions are Udaygiri, Dhauli, Mukteshwar temple, Atri and many more. Kolkata the place of Rosogulla (sweet dish) offers many places as major tourist attractions like Prinsep Ghat, Rabindra Sarovar Lake, Bandel Church, Belur Math and Dakshineshwar temple are just to name a few. Guwahati is a North East state of India. The best place to visit this city is between Octobers to April. Best places to visit in Guwahati are Assam State Zoo, Bamuni Lake and Guwahati Planetarium is just to name a few.


West India is generally a highly industrialize area. The western area majorly consists of urban population. The area was majorly was under the Maratha rulers until the British took over from them. Some of the major tourist destinations in west India are Mahabaleshwar, Mumbai, Pune, Udaipur, Goa and Maharashtra. Maharashtra is famous for Elephanta Caves and Ajanta and Alora caves and many other tourist places. Udaipur is one of the major tourist destinations in Rajasthan state. City Palace, Jag Mandir, Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake are some major Udaipur’s attractions. The dream city Mumbai is another tourist hub in India. This city is also the house of Hindi Film Industry, Bollywood. Some major tourist attractions in Mumbai are The Flora Fountain, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Market and Shri Swaminarayan Mandir are just to name a few.


The Central India is also having many tourist destinations which boost the tourism industry. Bhopal, Gwalior, Kanha, Ujjain are some of the main tourist places in central India. Bhopal serves as the capital of Indian state Madhya Pradesh. Nestled over the seven hills the city has many tourist attractions such as Birla Museum, Gohar Mahal Bhopal, Museum of Mankind Bhopal and many more. Ujjain is considered as an ancient city in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The first mention of the city was believed to be found in pre historic period that is in the period of Mahabharata when the city was called Ujjaini and was rule by Avanti Empire. Some major Tourist Attractions in Ujjain are Mahakaleshwar, Kal Bhairava, maa Wageshvari, Vikram University.

How To Reach India
By Airways:

The major Airports in India which connect India with the world are Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

By Railways:

India does not share rail travel with any other country except the Samjhauta Express that run between Amritsar (India) and Lahore (Pakistan).

By Roadways:

The only Road connection of India is with the neighbor country Pakistan. The Lahore-Delhi bus used to run 4 times in a week which is now erratic.

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