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If you love to get insight into the lifestyle of the rulers of the ancient period, Jaipur is one of the best cities. This historical city is the capital of the state of Rajasthan. The town city was founded by Maharaja of Jaipur ‘Jai Singh 2’ (1693 – 1743). Jaipur is the largest city and was built in the 18th century that is also considered India’s first planned city and laid out grid pattern. According to the ‘Vaastushastra’, the city was thoughtfully designed by a Bengali engineer and scholar –‘Vidyadhar Bhattacharya’. Jaipur is a tourism circuit that connects Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, forming a Golden Triangle. The city remained the only city in the whole world that symbolizes the nine divisions of the universe through nine rectangular sectors that sub-divides it.

Jaipur is also popular by with name of Pink City for its beautifully pink wash buildings. The founder of Jaipur Sawai Jai Singh 2 painted the entire city pink to welcome the Prince of Wales in 1876, which resembles hospitality. Ever since that time to pay homage, the city has been painted in pink colour. This Jaipur travel guide on Jaipur tourism will help you explore the city easily and inform you about the places to visit in Jaipur, Jaipur tourist places, the history and culture of Jaipur, and the best time to visit Jaipur.

History of Jaipur

The city of kings, Jaipur, gets its name from its founder Maharaja Jai Singh II. The history of Jaipur is glorious as the life of kings that reigned here. Jai Singh came to power at the age of 11 after his father’s demise. The linage of Jai Singh is related to the Kachwaha Rajput clan, and they had long-term rivalries with Sisodia Rajput’s who ruled Mewar. The Maharaja of Jaipur has fought many battles with other Rajput rulers and Mughals, and once the dust was settled and peace reigned, Jai Singh built the city around the Amber Fort, and the city was named Jaipur. Jai Singh himself had good knowledge of architecture and building making. So he approached Vidhyadhar Bhattacharya, the chief architect of Bengal who designed the map of Jaipur and layout according to the Shilpa Shastra/ Vaastu Shastra (the ancient architectural manual). This makes Jaipur India’s best-planned city.

Culture and Traditions of Jaipur

The rich cultural heritage of Jaipur is displayed in the tradition, customs, lifestyle, art and architecture of this place. But if you want to know the best of Jaipur Culture, you can attain it through its art, music and architecture. The people of the city are friendly and warm. The colourful dresses and uniquely designed jewellery are the undetectable part of Jaipur’s culture dazzlingly.

Art and Crafts in Jaipur

The rulers of the Mughal Empire and Rajput clans are both crafts lovers, and they invite many skilled artists and craftsmen from all over India to share their arts and talent with the people of Jaipur, which led them to the development of Jaipur as the heaven of rich art and culture. The Jaipur Gharana for Kathak is world-famous and is a true example of the rich cultural heritage of Jaipur. Tamasha is another such example.

Fairs and Festivals in Jaipur

Some festivals like Gangaur, Jaipur Literature Festival, Kite festival, Teej, Shitla mata, ChattKa Mela in Amber during navratri are some fairs and festivals that make Pink City more lively colorful.

Cuisine of Jaipur

The Pink city offers delicious cuisine that is widely popular throughout India. Dishes like Dal BatiChoorma, Missi Roti and sweet dishes like ghevar, Feeni, gajak, moong thaalare the famous sweet dishes in Jaipur. Rajasthani Cuisine is nutritious as it’s made with ghee/butter.

Jaipur Weather and best time to Visit

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Places to Visit Jaipur

There’s an old phrase, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and this phrase makes justice to majestic royal monuments, palaces, havelis that witnessed by many travellers in the royal state of Rajasthan. The best places to visit in Jaipur Includes all of those attractions that are worth watching. Jaipur tourist places are Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Amber Fort, Govind Devji Temple, Birla Temple, Riddhi Siddhi Pol, Chand Pol, and Ganesh Pol. Along with these, there are other two Jaipur travel places also – Nahargarh Fort and Jaigarh Fort that can not be missed. 

Best Time to Visit Jaipur

Being an important part of the Golden Triangle, Jaipur expects a rush of tourists during peak time, and the best time to visit Jaipur is during winter, where the climate ranges from 13 degrees to 25 degrees. From the month of October, the temperature of Jaipur nestles at 25 degrees and 30 degrees. Therefore, tourists will love the holidays, sightseeing and engaging in various tourist activities during the time from December to February.

Places To Visit In Jaipur

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Getting In Jaipur



Jaipur’s Sanganer Airport is the main airway that is well connected with all over the major countries.


A convenient mode of travel to Jaipur is by road through a network of comfortable tourist buses.


The properly channelized trains from Jaipur Railway junction is connected through the country.


Jaipur is not merely a tourist spot but also a book that has many glorious chapters in its heart that thrilled you with its glorious history. You will love your Jaipur trip, and our Jaipur travel guide will help you out to explore the city and Jaipur tourist destinations. 

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