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Noida is not just a software or IT hub but it is also the educational hub of the North. Noida is a part of the nation’s capital. Not just that, Noida is rich in culture and history too. It is said that Eklavya, the disciple of Dronacharya belonged to this part of the country. Dronacharya from the Indian epic Mahabharata had his ashram in Noida itself and that is where he trained the Pandavas and Kauravas. This city has changed and grown dramatically with time.

Now Noida is known to be a young city that is filled with joy, classy nightclubs, some of the best colleges, and IT professionals. This city knows how to party hard and enjoy the after party even harder. Noida is crowded and also polluted but that is now being taken care of by the Government. Here you will find people walking around casually but on weekends everyone is dressed and ready to enjoy themselves. The younger generation of Noida walks out of their house every morning as if the roads are their ramp and they are a part of the ramp show. This is a city that offers mouthwatering delicacies and loads of cafes for you to try out. Whenever you get time do visit Noida and remember to bring along loads of money cause you will be compelled to spend it here.

This Noida travel guide on Noida tourism will help you explore the city easily and inform you about the places to visit in Noida, Noida travel places, Noida tourist places, the history and traditions of Noida. We have also mentioned the places you should aim to visit during your Noida trip.

History, Culture, and Traditions of the city:

Noida is a city filled with life and it is developing with each passing day. When in this city you can never get bored because a lot of open mics, stand-ups, DJ nights, and gala nights are organized here on a daily basis. This city has something to offer for each age group. If you are a couple, go have a romantic dinner with your partner and enjoy some music, If you are a group of friends, crash a DJ party or laugh your heart out at a stand-up comedy show organized by one of your favourite comedians. Noida is filled with places where you can easily pass time and enjoy your day. It has many malls, cafes, a snow world, gardens, galleries, and parks. On your trip here do visit the Grand Venice Mall, a gem of a mall it is. You can even go to Smash and Appu Ghar if you are a person that enjoys adventure rides. Noida also has some art galleries that depict the vintage Indian culture through various sculptures and paintings. If you know what you want from this city then do not worry my friend you will get it. The festivals here are held just the way they are around the country. The houses light up and the people dress up in traditional attire. There are many fairs and carnivals held throughout the year so before you plan a trip to this city make sure to check out the calendar.

The cuisine of Noida:

The street food and cafes of Noida are very famous for their mouthwatering dishes and the fragrance and presentation of the food makes you feel instantly hungry. Some of the places that you should visit for sure are mentioned below. These food joints will awaken your taste buds and will make your heart dance out of joy. Do visit the Brahmaputra Market if you want to enjoy some tikkis, kebabs, biryanis and chaat. You will also get a variety of South Indian delicacies here. Atta Market is a paradise for shopaholics but has a lot to satisfy the cravings of a foodie. The street food here is worth trying. Some more such places are Jain Tikki Wala, Street Food Vendors in sector 18, Kapoors Balle Balle, Goli Vada Pav No.1, Tikhi Gali, Chanda Food, Godavari Complex, Dark Sins Ice-cream, Hunger Strike, and Tea Shop.

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Places to Visit Noida

Places to visit in Noida during the summers then you should plan activities that do not expose you to the sun much. You can enjoy some time at the waterparks and amusement parks namely Worlds of Wonder, Smaaash Entertainment Arena, and Kidzania. Snow World in the DLF Mall is also a great escape from the summer heat. Have some fun and dance your heart out at the nightclubs and pubs, some of which are Noida Pub Exchange, The Irish House, Time Machine and the list goes on. Visit the hill stations near Noida and you can even stop by some of the museums here. 

During monsoons, you can go window shopping in the malls of Noida. Some of the worth visiting malls here are DLF Mall of India, The Grand Venice Mall, and the Garden Galleria Mall. In the evenings you can dine at some of the finest restaurants here which are The Yellow Chilli, The Ancient Barbeque, Jungle Jamboree etc. You can even visit some of the local markets and test your bargaining skills there. Treat yourself to some amazing street food at the Brahmaputra market and also visit the Okhla Bird Sanctuary if you are a bird lover. Some of the Noida tourist places that you can visit are the Tughlaqabad Fort, Nai ka Kot, Old fort and Adilabad Fort. You can also witness the beauty of fresh flowers at the Noida Flower Show in February. 

Where to stay in Noida: 

The stay options here have been divided into three categories which are luxury hotels that consist of the best 5 star hotels in Noida, Mid-range hotels are the top 3 star and 4 star hotels in Noida and last but not the least come the budget hotels in Noida.

Luxury Hotels in Noida:

So below is the list of luxury hotels in Noida:

1- Radisson Blu MBD Hotel

2- Radisson Noida

3- Jaypee Group Gold and Spa Resort

Mid-range Hotels in Noida:

These hotels contribute to the Noida tourism experience through the standards of facilities and services offered by them. Below is the list of Mid-range hotels that are: 

1- Sandal Suites Op. by Lemon Tree Hotels

2- Regenta Central Noida

3- Hotel Aarkay Palace

4- Savoy Suites

5- Hotel Noida International

6- Marks Hotel

7- Hide Away Suites

8- Hotel Marks INN & Banquet

9- Hotel PK Residency

Budget Hotels in Noida:

Some of the best budget hotels in Noida are the ones that will help you save on stay and do not worry because they take care of the safety and comfort of their guests. Below is a list of such budget hotels:

1- Golden Tree

2- Shacon Suites

3- Hello Stay Green View Hotel

4- Redrose Hotel & Banquet

5- Paradise Inn Noida

Best Time to Visit Noida

The period of October to March is the best time to visit Noida. The monsoon season is fine too but you may have to shift your plans according to the rains. It limits your outdoor activities slightly. This piece of information will help you book hotels in Noida and plan your trip accordingly. Avoid visiting this city in summer if you want to explore because you will opt to stay indoors and avoid outdoor activities. 

Places To Visit In Noida

Getting In Noida


The Indira Gandhi International Airport is the one closest to Noida although it is in Delhi, people travelling to Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad also opt for this airport. Both domestic and international travellers can use this airport. 

The network of buses here is very sorted and operates 24/7. The bus services of this are well connected to that of Delhi and Haryana through expressways and networks. The roads here are as smooth as butter but if you plan to travel during peak hours you will get stuck in the traffic for sure. 

Noida does not have a railway station as of now. There are two stations near Noida that are Ghaziabad Junction Railway Station and Anand Vihar Terminal Railway Station. After you reach any of these stations you can take a cab or metro for Noida. 


The Noida trip will give you many memories to take along and our Noida travel guide will help you explore the Noida travel places and Noida tourist destinations.

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