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Alwar is one of the major cities in the colorful state of Rajasthan. The glorious mountain ranges of Aravali surround the city. The city once held an important place in Rajput history. The city is also called the gateway to the world-famous Sariska National Park. The city has a rich cultural heritage and is a great place to enjoy your vacations to the fullest. Beautiful temples, majestic monuments, and plush green surroundings are the major attractions of the city. The city is 150 Km from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, and 160 km from Delhi, which is the country's capital. This Alwar travel guide on Alwar tourism will help you explore the city easily and inform you about the places to visit in Alwar, Alwar tourist places, the history and culture of Alwar, and the best time to visit Alwar.

History of Alwar

Considered as one of the oldest cities of Rajasthan, the history of the city dates back to Indian Epic Mahabharata. According to the mythological belief, the region was then known as Matsya Desh, where Pandavas, the son of King Pandu, spent their 13th year of exile. In the 11th century, King Alaghraj formed the city of Alwar in the year 1049 AD. He named the city Alpur, and over time, the city was later named Alwar. Alwar is situated at a strategic place. The Mughals annexed it and used it to establish their mount of the military. The decline of the Mughals faced a small riot between Jat and Rajput rulers. There is also a contemporary history according to which there was a ruler named Pratap Singh who ruled the city in 1770 AD. He gained his rule after Mughal got defeated. During that time battle of Laswar happened, which is remembered as a critical point in the history of Alwar. The king got defeated in the battle, and Alwar became the first Rajputana State that enters into a treaty with the East India Company. The treaty that happened is still remembered as the offensive and defensive alliance between the two.

Culture of Alwar

It is said that the culture and tradition of any place are a mirror of the rich history of that region. The culture of the city is rich and diversified. Nestled amidst the majestic Aravali mountain ranges, the city of Alwar is home to many tribes such as Mewatis, Banjaras, Meos, and Minas. Being of a small town, the people of the city are quite orthodox and rigid with their traditions and culture. Majorly the city is populous with tradesmen who sell a wide variety of goods like traditional garments, ethnic jewelry, handicrafts, and many more. Traditionally, men of the city generally wear a turban on their heads along with dhoti and kurtas, whereas the women wear sarees, lehngas, patkas, or dupattas. The culture and traditions of the city are vibrant is highly popular among travelers. The city celebrates different festivals with the same zeal and enthusiasm. The festivals of Alwar are celebrated colorfully and cheerfully when men and women wear traditional attire. Festivals like fancy dress, elephant polo and flower exhibitions, teej, and sheetla Ashtami are some of the city's major local festivals and fairs. People from different parts of the country visit Alwar to witness the celebrations.

Cuisine of Alwar

Like all other Rajasthan cities, Alwar also has an ethical taste when it comes to food. The city is indeed famous for its traditional food all around the country. Most of the food will give you the impression of lifestyles of the locals and introduction of the yesteryears. The cuisine of the city is rich and healthy, made with lots of butter and ghee. Traditionally, Alwar serves Bajre Ki Roti, Missi roti, Daal baati Churma, and Kair Sangari, which is loved and adored by every citizen of the city and also other parts of Rajasthan State. Gatte Ki Sabji is another simple yet classic dish of the city; made with chickpea flour, yogurt, and vegetables, the dish will give you a true spicy flavor of Rajasthan. You can also pamper your taste buds with some lip-smacking non-veg dishes such as safed Maas, laal Maas, Mohan Maas, and also tandoori dishes. When it comes to Sweet Dish, Alwar has its specialty. Kalakand of Alwar is famous throughout the country and also out of the country. Kalakand (Milk Cake) is prepared from khoya and sweetened milk in solid form. According to the records, Baba Thakur Das was the inventor of this sweet dish in 1947, in Alwar.

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Places to Visit Alwar

The historical royal palaces are now having converted into hotels and Heritage Hotels, which are the major attractions among the tourist. Many international travelers visit the city to experience the life of the kings of the bygone era. Though Alwar is a small city, it features some of the best architectural and natural places nationally and internationally famous. The best places to visit in Alwar are Bala Quila, City Palace, Bhratrihari Temple, and Sariska Tiger Reserve. Some other Alwar attractions are a mix of lakes, palaces, temples, forts, and gardens. You can also visit Vijay Mandir Palace, Siliserh Bagh, Government Museum, and Bhangarh Fort. There are many tourist destinations in Alwar, which you must note in your to-do list while planning your Alwar trip. 

Bala Quila:

The literal meaning of the fort is Young Fort, where Bala is young, and Quila is Fort. This is the largest and the magnificent court in Alwar. The fort has a huge association with the Mughals, is a ruin nowadays. The fort has a steep climb.

City Palace:

The monument was built by the king of Alwar, Raja Vinay Singh. This was also the residence of the royal family. The former name of the palace was Vinay Vilas Palace. This is indeed an architectural marvel. The palace is built with a blend of Mughal and Rajasthani styles.

Bhratrihari Temple:

It is dedicated to Bhartrihari baba, the ruler of Ujjain. Every year thousands of devotees visit this place. The Temple is built in a typical Rajasthani architectural style. Dhuni (fireplace) in a temple keeps burning throughout the year.


Best Time to Visit Alwar

Being a beautiful city, the place houses many Alwar travel places that are worth visiting. The best time to visit Alwar is the season of winter. Winter is generally comfortable and easy going for travelers to visit places like forts, national parks, or any other place of their interest. 

Places To Visit In Alwar

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Getting In Alwar


By Airways:

The nearest airport of the Alwar is the Sanganer Airport of Jaipur. The Sanganer Airport is 162 km away from the city. One can take a cab or train to Alwar city. 

By Roadways:

The well-cluster roads of the city smoothly connect Alwar. Likewise, Udaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Jodhpur, and Delhi are easily connected to Alwar via roads.

By Railways:

The city has its own Railway junction. The railway station of the city is well-connected with the cities like New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Jodhpur, and Mumbai, etc. Double Decker train is the most frequently visited train that connects Jaipur to Delhi via Alwar. 


You will love your tour to this city of Rajasthan, and our Alwar travel guide will help you out to explore the city and Alwar tourist destinations. 

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