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Jaisalmer is a beautiful city of the state of Rajasthan and also known as the Golden City. The city is located close to the Pakistan border and has proximity to the Thar Desert. Jaisalmer derived its name from its founder Maharwal Jaisal Singh – a Rajput king. The city has yellow sand, and the fort and structure are used to make sandstone, due to which the city got a yellow appearance. Hence, because of the yellow sand and sandstone structure, the city is called the Golden City. The city was once encircled by the extensive wall, which today remains nothing more than gates and the huge fort, which is considered as the soul of Jaisalmer.

This Jaisalmer travel guide on Jaisalmer tourism will help you explore the city easily and inform you about the places to visit in Jaisalmer, Jaisalmer tourist places, the history and culture of Jaisalmer, and the best time to visit Jaisalmer.

History of Jaisalmer

The first time was mentioned 5000 years back when Lord Krishna predicted that a future descendent of his family (Yadav clan) would establish a powerful kingdom on top of the Trikuta hill someday. In the 12th century, Raja Rawal Singh of Yadav Clan visited the city, came to know about the prediction, and shifted his capital from Lodhruva to Jaisalmer. After the capital shifted, the Jaisalmer fort came into being. The significant period of the city was seen during the year of 13th and 14th centuries. During that time, the Kings of Jaisalmer and Ala-ud-din Khilji started a war against each other. After long 9 years of war, Khilji took over the place, and the city witnessed the greatest Jauhar humanity has ever seen. Jaisalmer was the last Rajput clan who signed an ‘instrument of Agreement’ accepting Britain’s colonial rule in India. After India independence in 1947, the royals of the city signed an agreement to be a part of the freed country.

Culture and Traditions of Jaisalmer

The golden city has a rich culture and traditions of the bygone era. Folk music and dance is a significant part of Jaisalmer’s culture. Folk music and dance is the amalgamation of rich past, vivid social customs and classical music. The language, culture and tradition are highly influenced by the culture of the neighbouring area, Sindh. The desert life is fascinating, and many travellers flock here to experience being a part of this golden city. The majority of the population dwells in rural areas. A major source of income is farming and cattle rearing. Jaisalmer has diversified cultures, traditions and religions. People of different religions live in peace and harmony. The majority of the people are huge devotees of Lord Shiva. Festivals like Shiv Ratri, Diwali, Holi and Dusserah are celebrated with lots of zeal and pomp. People of the city traditionally wear bright colours attire and silver or brass made jewellery. Women can be seen in Ghaghra Choli – Lehnga, and men wear Khol, pachewara, Bugatari and Banda. Local majorly speaks in Rajasthani language, and the second major language is Hindi. Some of the prominent dance forms of the city are Ghoomer Dance and Kathputli Dance.

Cuisine of Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is a city of rich culture and heritage, and it can easily be noticed in its cuisines. One of the most delicious dishes that you would definitely like to let go off your list is Murgh-e-subz. It is a non-veg dish cooked with boneless chicken and vegetables. Ker Sangri is a dish that has a special place in the people of Jaisalmer. This is made from capers and desert beans. Some other begs and non-veg dishes that you will love to savour are Tandoori Thali Tops, Kadi Pakoda, Bohanon Aloo and many more.

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Places to Visit Jaisalmer

The Golden City has a magnificent history which is witnessed by the forts and monuments being present in today’s time. The Golden City is also a part of the majestic Thar Desert has many things to offer tourists. Some of the best places to visit in Jaisalmer are Jaisalmer Fort, Desert National Park, Bada Bagh, Thar Desert, and Patwaon Ki Haweli. Some other Jaisalmer travel places are Sam Sand Dunes, Gadisar Lake, Kuldhara- the haunted village, and Salim Singh Ki havelis. 

Jaisalmer Fort:

This is also called by the names of Sonar Killa and the Golden Fort. This is a majestic piece of architecture where many families residing in it. The fort was built in 1156 by Rajput ruler Jaisal and ranks on the top Jaisalmer travel places. 

Desert National Park:

It is one of the biggest national parks in the country and Jaisalmer tourist places. It is located quite near to India-Pak border. The park consists of more than 120 varieties of local and migrated birds. Chinkara, desert fox, and desert cat are rare species of animals that can be seen in the park.

Bada Bagh:

The monument is one of the most beautiful archeological masterpieces of India. You can view the calm and rich architecture which the rulers of Rajasthan built. There is a garden with exquisite carvings on the tombstones, and the chantries are a treat for the eyes.

Jain Temples:

Encircled by the walls of the fort, nestled many beautifully carved Jain temples. These temples were believed to have been built in the 12th and 15th centuries. You can also see some of the oldest manuscripts of India in the Gyan Bhandar (Library), which is a part of Jain temples.

Best Time to Visit Jaisalmer

Being situated near the majestic Thar Desert, the city has mostly hot weather most of the time during the year. The days are scorching hot, and nights are cool. The best time to visit Jaisalmer is between the months of October to March. During these months, the Jaisalmer climate remains calm and pleasing.

Places To Visit In Jaisalmer

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By Airways:

The Golden City has its own airport and is well connected with the cities of India. Also, the city’s second nearest airport is Jodhpur Airport, which is approximately 300 km from the city. Therefore, the airport connects majorly with all the Indian cities.

By Roadways:

The Golden city serves a well-cluster of roads. Many deluxe and ordinary busses flow through these roads. The city is connected with Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bikaner, Barmer, Mount Abu, Ahmedabad, and many other cities and states of India.

By Railways:

There is a well-maintained Jaisalmer Railway station. One can get direct trains to Jaisalmer from Delhi, Jaipur and Jodhpur. The luxury train ‘Palace on Wheels’ also reaches the most luxurious train and best only of its kind train. 


You will love your Jaisalmer trip, and our Jaisalmer travel guide will help you out to explore the city and Jaisalmer tourist destinations. 

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