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Surat, also known as the “Textile city of India”, “Embroidery Capital of India,” and “The Sun City,” the city has a lot to offer to the tourists. The city has been a capital city for fashion moguls, art lovers, and diamond dealers.

Surat is a global diamond cutting center and famous for its textile market and variety of clothing. This second most populated city of Gujarat is the history of the region and the exotic wildlife. One can visit the city throughout the year, however, winters are considered the best time to visit.

Dumas Beach is the most famous beach in Surat for its black sand and haunting stories. Located on the Arabian Sea, the beach houses a Ganesh Temple. One can also visit Suvali Beach, famous for its lesser crowd and peaceful; environment.

Check out this Surat travel guide on Surat tourism that will help you explore the city easily and inform you about the Surat tourist places, the history and culture of Surat, and the best time to visit.

History, Culture, and Traditions of Surat:

The history of Surat takes you back to the times of Mahabharat. Surat was known as Suryapur in 990 AD. According to legends, Lord Krishna took a stepover here when he was going to Dwarka. Due to its closeness to the coastal region, the city has been the apple of every colonial ruler's eyes. Portuguese, Dutch, Maratha, Mughal, and East India Company tried to take over the city and rule it.

Besides the ruler's history, Surat is an important business center and the fourth fastest-growing city in India. The city is also known for being a diamond cutting center to suppliers all over the world. Surat is known for its New Textile Market area and often remains crowded with buyers and shoppers.

The art and culture of Surat are diversified and the Surti Gujarati language is the most spoken language in Surat. Navratri and Diwali along with Makar Sankranti are the most famous and celebrated festivals in Surat.

Cuisine of Surat:

Known for the textile industry and as Silk City, Surat city is also known as the paradise for foodies. From Delhi’s Chole Kulche to Rajasthan’s Daal Baati, Surat offers every kind of cuisine for tourists. If you’re going to visit Surat, then do not forget to try the delicious cuisine of Surat.

Locho, Surti Sev Khamani, Ghari, Undhiyu, Bhajiya, Ponk Vadas, Collegian, Nan Khatai, Ice Dish, Rassawala Khaman Dhokla, Dabeli, and Pav Bhaji are some best dishes to try when in Surat. Surat travel places are some of the best places to try lip-smacking dishes in Surat.

Surat Weather and best time to Visit

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Hindi, English

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Places to Visit Surat

The major Surat tourist destinations include Dutch Garden, Dumas Beach, Sardar Patel Museum, Dandi Beach, Sarthana Nature Park, Tithal Beach, Swaminarayan Temple, and Amazia Water Park. Science Center, Vansda National Park, Hajira Village, Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium, and Suvali Beach are other famous Surat tourist places.

Dutch Garden: 

Famous among the Surat travel places, Dutch Garden is famous for its best landscape and architectural features. The garden features English and Dutch cemeteries and is known for its tombs, huge galleries, and beautiful pillars. The architecture reminds the beautiful power and glory that Dutch and Englishman brought to India.

Dumas Beach:

Also famous as the Haunted Beach of Gujarat, the beach is located along the Arabian Sea. This black sand beach is popular because of the reports of disappearances and paranormal activities here. Due to high iron concentration, the sand becomes almost black. The black sand and haunting stories make Dumas Beach one of the best Surat tourist places. 

Sardar Patel Museum:

Maintaining its position among the best places to visit in Surat, the Sardar Patel Museum was established in the year 1890. You will discover the fourth dormant history of Surat at the museum. 

Dandi Beach:

A place that is combined with scenic beauty and history, Dandi Beach is one of the best Surat travel places. The rich history of this place makes it famous among tourists and travelers. An ideal and quiet weekend getaway, Dandi Beach is a perfect place to sit back and relax in the lap of nature.

Sarthana Nature Park:

Spread over a vast 81 acres area, the Sarthana Nature Park is home to the many exquisite creatures of the wildlife. The Tapi River graces the park and makes it more beautiful and famous among tourists. One can admire the species of big cats, lions, deer, and leopards at the zoo. 

Where to stay in Surat: 

Being a famous city, Surat offers various stay options for every budget. If you want to experience the luxury and comfort of Surat city, then you can book luxury hotels in Surat. If you like to spend equal parts of money on stay and exploration, then you can book our mid-range hotels in Surat that include 3 star and 4 star hotels. If you like to explore more and need a hotel to just sleep at night, check our budget hotels in Surat. 

Luxury stays in Surat:

The luxury hotels in Surat offer luxury at their best. Here is the list of luxury hotels in Surat. 

Orange Megastructure LLP 

Surat Marriott Hotel

Vedik Resort

Mid- Range stay in Surat:

The mid-range hotels include 3 star and 4 star hotels that offer luxury and comfort at their best. Here is the list of the best mid-range hotels in Surat. 

Central Beacon Hotel

Vetro Inn

Hotel Limra

Lords Plaza

Hotel Amisha International

The Best Western Yuvraj

Tirupati International

The Weekend Address

Budget stay in Surat:

The Surat budget hotels offer a perfect stay for budget travelers and solo travelers. The hotels offer basic amenities, hygienic rooms with required services for a comfortable stay in Surat. Here is the list of best budget hotels in Surat that you can book on HotelDekho. 

Hotel J B

Hotel R B Residency

GreenOtel Rooms

Hotel Dimple

Hotel Stay Inn

Best Time to Visit Surat

Winters are the best time to visit Surat due to its pleasant and calm temperature. The summers can be too hot, so avoid visiting Surat this time of the year. 

Places To Visit In Surat

Getting In Surat


Surat has its own domestic airport named Surat Airport and one can easily reach Surat from almost every major city of India.

Gujarat state buses and private buses connect Surat with all the major cities and other states of India. One can also book a cab or taxi to reach Surat by road. 

Surat Railway Station connects all the major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad, and one can easily reach Surat from any part of India.


Hope this Surat travel guide will help you with the Surat travel places, culture, food, and tourism on your Surat trip.

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