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Ujjain is home to a large number of temples and religious sites. Located bank of the Kshipra River of Madhya Pradesh state, Ujjain is one of the most important and holy cities of India. The city is known for the Mahakaleshwar temple and Hindu festival 'Kumbh Mela'. A large number of devotees, tourists, saints, and foreigners visit this place every year. The Kumbha Mela takes place every 12 years.

Ujjain houses some of the famous and religious temples, shrines, and historical places. The famous Mahakaleshwar temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and attracts thousands of tourists every day. Ujjain tourism always remains at its peak due to its religious sites and temples.

Check out this Ujjain travel guide on Ujjain tourism that will help you explore the city easily and inform you about the Ujjain tourist places, the history and culture of Ujjain, and the best time to visit.

History, Culture, and Traditions of Ujjain

Ujjain is the fifth largest city of Madhya Pradesh and is known for its cultural importance all around the world.

“The town fell from heaven to bring heaven to earth” - quoted by the famous Sanskrit writer Kalidasa. “The city of Temples” is one of the seven sacred sites of Hinduism. The history of Ujjain city dates back to 5000 years back and the city of Ujjain was called Avantika. The Mahakaleshwar temple is one of the important 12 Jyotirlinga Temple and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Devotees from all over the world come here to take a dip in the Kshipra river near the temple to remove all their sins.

The city was ruled by the Mauryan empire and even emperor Ashoka. The city is famous for its Kumbha Mela that takes place once every 12 years.

Cuisine of Ujjain:

The food of Ujjain is diverse and influenced by cuisines from all over India. No doubt, you will love the food of this holy city and Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine are must-try when in Ujjain.

If you are a non-vegetarian, you are in Ujjain for a treat. Bhutte ki Kees, Poha, Dal Bafla, and Sabudana Khichdi are must-try dishes in Ujjain.

Ujjain Weather and best time to Visit

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Places to Visit Ujjain

The major Ujjain tourist destinations include Mahakaleshwar Temple, Bhairav Temple,

Harsiddhi Temple, Kaliadeh Palace, Pir Matsyendranath, Kalidasa Academy, and Chintaman Ganesh Temple. Ram Ghat, Gopal Mandir, Bhartrihari Caves, Chaubis Khamba Temple, Mangalnath Temple, Vikram University and Park, and Sandipani Ashram are other famous Ujjain tourist places.

Mahakaleshwar Temple:

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Mahakaleshwar Temple is one of the famous 12 Jyotrisngas and famous among Ujjain travel places. The idol in the temple is Dakshina Mukhi means facing south, this fact makes Mahakaleshwar temple unique from other Jyotrlings. Bhasma-Aarti of Mahakaleshwar Temple is huge and important for the devotees, the aarti is not to be missed when in Ujjain. 

Bhairav Temple:

Also famous as Kal Bhairav Temple, the temple is the fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva. Dedicated to Kal Bhairava, the temple is one of the famous Ujjain tourist places. 

Harsiddhi Temple

One of the best places to visit in Ujjain, the Harsiddhi Temple is dedicated to Shaki and considered as the Shaktipeethas. It is said that Goddess Parvati’s elbow fell here. The temple is painted red and there’s also an idol of Goddess Annapurna between the idols of Mahasaraswati and Mahalaxmi.

Kaliadeh Palace

One of the best Ujjain travel places, the Kaliadeh Palace is also known as the Palace of Serpents. The palace was built by Mandu Rulers in the year 1458 AD and architecture is influenced by Persian.

Pir Matsyendranath:

Situated on the banks of river Shipra, the palace was constructed in the 6th or 7th Century BC in remembrance of the greatest leaders of the Natha sect of Saivism-Matsyendranath. 

Where to stay in Ujjain: 

Being a famous city, Ujjain offers various stay options for every kind of tourist. If you want to stay with luxury, then book luxury hotels in Ujjain. Book our mid-range hotels in Ujjain that includes 3 star and 4-star hotels. If you like to spend less, then check our budget hotels in Ujjain. 

Luxury stays in Ujjain:

The luxury hotels in Ujjain offer luxury at their best. Here is the list of luxury hotels in Ujjain. 

Hotel Imperial Grand 

Rudraksha Club & Resort

Solitaire Hotel & Resort

Surya Resort

Meghdoot Resort

Mid- Range stay in Ujjain:

The mid-range hotels include 3 star and 4 star hotels that offer luxury and comfort at their best. Here is the list of the best mid-range hotels in Ujjain. 

Hotel Kalpana Palace 

Hotel Mittal Avenue & Paradise

Hotel Abika Elite

Hotel Suryodaya

Bhagwati Park by Martand Hotel 

Hotel Samay

Hotel Park Palace

MPT Shipra Residency, Ujjain

Budget stay in Ujjain:

The Ujjain budget hotels offer a perfect stay for budget travelers and solo travelers. The hotels offer basic amenities, hygienic rooms with required services for a comfortable stay in Ujjain. Here is the list of best budget hotels in Ujjain that you can book on HotelDekho. 

Hotel Shriram

Hotel Midland

Hotel Naman Palace

Hotel Shrimmaya

Hotel Shipra Avenue

Heritage Rooms

Best Time to Visit Ujjain

The city welcomes tourists and devotees throughout the year, however, October to March is the best time to visit Ujjain. In summer, the temperature rises as high as 37 degrees celsius, so it won’t be a good time to visit the city. 

Places To Visit In Ujjain

Getting In Ujjain


Ujjain doesn't have its own airport; Indore serves as the nearest airport to Ujjain at a 58 km distance. One can easily reach here from almost every major city of India.

State buses and private buses connect Ujjain with all the major cities of India, such as Delhi, Indore, Gwalior, Mumbai, Ahemdabad, and other cities. One can also book a cab or taxi to reach Ujjain by road.

Ujjain Railway Station connects all the major cities such as Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad, and one can easily reach Ujjain from any part of India.


Hope this Ujjain travel guide will help you with the Ujjain travel places, culture, food, and tourism on your Ujjain trip.

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