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Agrasen Ki Baoli – A Haunted Destination in Delhi

Delhi has been a center of attraction and power from the beginning of time. The tales of this charismatic city are as old as time and which are full of love, chivalry, war, fantasies and uncountable stories of the bygone era. Being one of the oldest cities, Sultanate of Delhi has many places which are charismatic, beautiful and full of mysteries.

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One of the mysterious places in Delhi is Agrasen Ki Baoli. It is a place which is established from the time of Mahabharata. Located in the heart of the capital of India, Agrasen ki Baoli plays a significant role in Delhi tourism. Being one of the oldest monuments in Delhi, the place is full of haunted stories and mysterious facts.

Today we are going to discuss this exotic site and the spooky beliefs that make this place haunted and spine chilling.

  1. History of Agrasen Ki Baoli
  2. The Architecture of Agrasen Ki Baoli
  3. Why Agrasen Ki Baoli is haunted?
  4. Agrasen Ki Baoli in Quick Facts

1. History of Agrasen Ki Baoli

History of Agrasen Ki Baoli

History of Agrasen Ki Baoli

This beautiful monument is also known as Agar Sain ki Baoli. It is a charismatic monument which is preserved and protected by the Archeological Survey of India (ASI). Talking about its past, the history of this place goes back to the 14th century, the time when a king of Haryana Maharaja Agrasen constructed this Baoli during the time of Mahabharata Era. It was constructed keeping in view the importance of water and preserving the same. But he had no idea, that one day this amazing creation would become the place of spirits and become haunted by being one of most haunted places in India.

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2. The Architecture of Agrasen Ki Baoli

The Architecture of Agrasen Ki Baoli

The Architecture of Agrasen Ki Baoli

A Baoli is a step well or pond and can be reached by stepping down the stairs. This amazing monument site is brilliantly built with considering all the aspects to make preserve the water. On entering this era you will feel like a character from the by gone era of history. The walls which are surrounded by the Baoli have intrigue carving which is admirable and tell you about the aesthetic sense of the artisans.

Coming in the middle of the Baoli you will see 108 steps to be precise which rule as the center of attraction that will take you to the Baoli. This was built as the reservoir and was used to store water and fulfills the need for water of surrounding villages. This Baoli is one of its kind where the visible part of the step-well is comprised of three levels. All these three levels are line with the arched niches on both the sides which makes it more interesting. These arches are façade arch, dual arch, and the true arch.

Some historians believe that this monument is built during the Tughlaq dynasty.

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3. Why Agrasen Ki Baoli is haunted?

Why Agrasen Ki Baoli is haunted

Why Agrasen Ki Baoli is haunted

This majestic monument is not merely an architecture, rather this is the house many stories which lies beneath it. Travelers from all across the world visit this place under their heritage and cultural walk in Delhi. Filled with freaky and haunted stories, the Baoli is one of the points of attractions in Delhi.

The haunted belief of Baoli is revolving around the well. This was not merely well but was also the source of horror and makes this Baoli one of the haunted places in Delhi. As you go deeper down the Baoli you will feel that the sound in there totally evaporates and what remains are only the silence and the echo of own footsteps. In the presence of deep silence, many visitors have experienced the presence of some unknown factor. This factor, this eerie makes people believe that Agrasen Ki Baoli is the residence of the Devils.

That makes this place is much spooky is the presence of bats in the black holes there. Screeching of bats and howling of pigeons make Baoli much mystique. According to the sources, before the hay days of this place were over the Baloi was filled with Blackwater which called out people’s name mysteriously and asks them to sacrifice their lives in that black water. In fact, water was believed to enchant people to jump into it. Even today these stories and incidents haunt this place. There is indeed something spooky about this place.

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4. Agrasen Ki Baoli in Quick Facts

Agrasen Ki Baoli in Quick Facts

Agrasen Ki Baoli in Quick Facts

1. The length and breadth of the Baoli stretch up to 60 m Long and 15 m high in a wide rectangular shape with 108 steps.

2. It is believed to be built during the Mahabharata Time by Maharaja Orgasm.

3. Baoli is also called Ugrasen Ki Baoli.

4. Often called as the Baoli of Unseen, the place is one Haunted places in Delhi which are believed to be the residence of Evil Spirits.

5. Once filled with black water, Baoli used to hypnotize people to jump into Blackwater and every time it absorbed someone, the water level raised.

6. It is advisable to Not to Visit the place after Dark and therefore the visiting time in Agrasen Ki Baoli is in between 9 AM to 5 PM.

7. In this modern era, all these stories and legends are hard to believe. Some call it magic while some call its myth and among all these things who know what’s this place has hidden beneath it. No, matter what, but this Baoli has shown us that the old and marvelous heritage of our country can be well-preserved by not only historical facts but also by the tales that revolves around it.

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