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Best 5 Hill Stations in South India

South India, the charming part of the country, filled with amazing natural wonders and rich natural beauty. Right start from the plush green valley touching the sky to the shimmering beaches lien on the ground, be it the magnificent heritage sites or the glittering temples shinning in the hues of Gold, south India has everything that will make your India Tourism a memorable.

Today we will be discussing about the Best Hill Stations in South India which will showcases the grandeur of natural beauty of the place. Each Hill Stations that we will be discussing is unique in its way and has its own importance. So let’s start with our hill-station excursion.

  1. Ooty
  2. Coonoor
  3. Kodaikanal
  4. Munnar
  5. Coorg

1. Ooty


Hill Station of Ooty

Blessed with the abundance of natural charm, Ooty because of its beautiful sites and location is also called the “Queen of Hill-Stations. There are lots of reasons why Ooty tops our list some of the reasons are its beauty with blessings of nature, cloudy hills and exotic wildlife, which are just to name a few. Located in the Tamil Nadu state of South India, the place is encircled by the marvelous mountains of Nilgiris and is carpeted with lush green grasslands that create a picturesque view.

Places to Visit in Ooty

When you would be on your Ooty Tours in South India, these are the places that are a must visit –

1. Botanical Gardens – A treat for eyes, this is an Italian styled garden with colorful lilies, orchids and different kinds of plants.

2. Ooty Lake – It is an “L” shaped shimmering lake which is filled with loft eucalyptus trees and shrubs.

3. Rose Garden – A beautiful long rose tunnels which are compact with 3600 varieties of roses or various colors.

Doddabetta Peak and Ketti Valley are some of the other places that you can visit in Ooty.

2. Coonoor


Hill Station of Coonoor

Ornamented with the lush green meadows and filled with eye catchy sun-flowers, marigolds and rhododendrons, Coonoor is listed in one of most spectacular holiday spot in South India. Coonoor holds a prominent position in South India Tourism. The hill station of Coonoor is listed as the second largest Hill Station and is wrapped around with the majestic Nilgiri hills. When you would be in Coonoor you can lose yourself in the enchanting natural beauty of the hill station.

Best Places To Visit in Coonoor

Here are the major tourist hot spots in Coonoor Hill-Station –

1. Catherine Falls – It is a beautiful torrent that is falling from a spectacular height of 250 feet from Dolphin’s Nose.

2. The Hidden Valley – A beautiful and amazing place which is popular for doing trekking.

The Lambs’s Rock and the Sim’s Park are some of the other major Coonoor attractions that are blessed with bounty of natural beauty. On the one hand Lamb’s Rock is an amazing picnic spot on the other hand Sim’s Park is the house of rarest hurb, tress and creepers.

3. Kodaikanal


Image Source: Villa Retreat – Kodaikanal | Hill Station of Kodaikanal

There is a flower on earth which is only blossoms in 12 years, and Kodaikanal is the house of this beautiful flower Kurinji. It is one of the best hill-stations of South India. The place has many things to offer you including fresh air, well-manicured hill, green carpet landscapes and bounty of natural beauty. For all newly-wed couples, Kodaikanal is listed among the best Honeymoon Destinations in South India. Being listed among the most sorted south India Hill Stations, travellers can also indulge in the activities like trekking, boating, horse riding and etc.

Places to Visit In Kodaikanal

1. Berijam Lake – It is a beautiful crystalline lake which is encircled by the beautiful Shola Forest. It is nestling in the star shape water body.

2. Bryant Park – This is a beautiful park which is houses that comprises with aromatic blossoms and ferns.

Shenbaganur Museum and Kodaikanal Lake are some other places in Kodaikanal where one can visit while being on their India Tour Packages.

4. Munnar


Hill Station of Munnar

Munnar, a beautiful hill-station of South India is located in the lap of Kerala which is famous as the God’s own country. An idealist honeymoon spot in South India, Munnar is blessed with abundance of tea gardens, lakes, waterfalls and beautiful country side. One can find the biggest tea-plantation over here. The hill-station is located on the banks of three charming rivers of Madupetti, Nallathanni and Periavaru. If you wish to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle of your daily life and wish to spend your time in the serene environ, then Munnar is the perfect destination for you.

Best Places to Visit Munnar

1. Atukkad Waterfalls – The place is famous for various waterfalls. The flowing and shimmering cascades the hill station is a best place to spend some quality time.

2. Muniyara Dolmens – One can cherish the mesmerizing snowcapped mountains from this place.

While you would be on your Munnar Tours, you can also visit other places like Eravikulam National Park which is the home of more than 700 species of flora and fauna and you can also visit Echo Point from where you can hear the echo of your voice.

5. Coorg


Hill Station of Coorg

It is a place for all nature lovers. Coorg is one of the most beautiful hill-station in South India located in the mesmerizing state of Karnataka. It is officially known as Kodagu and is the affluent hill station in Karnataka. Moring in Coorg is the thing that will steal your looks and make you enchanted by its beauty. The enthralling beauty of the hill-station makes this place a perfect tourist destination. One can enjoy the breathtaking exotic scenery and the lush green landscape along with the dense forest wrapped with hills, coffee plantations and spice lands that spread the green carpet on this place.

Best Places To Visit in Coorg

1. Omkareshwar Temple – A beautiful majestic temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the prominent 12 Jyotirlinga of Shiva.

2. Raja’s Seat – A place that offers its travellers a mesmerizing sunset view. The place is adorning with plush green garden, towering hills and silent valleys.

Abbi falls, Gaddige, Cauvery Nisargadhama and ByleKuppe are some of the other best places in Coorg, which are loved and adored by every travellers. Very few know about this, it is the British who gave Coorg the name of Scotland of India.

All the above given 5 hill-stations are amazing and will offer you a fine introduction about the charm and charisma of the Southern India. Jovial people and rich scrumptious food of South India is something that will make your Holidays in India filled with pleasing and unforgettable memories.

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