A Rulebook for Solo Female Travelers

Are you one of the many women who have a lot of travel plans made up in the back of their heads? Well, then what are you waiting for. After the lockdown was relaxed a growth was observed in the count of solo female travelers. The amazing thing is that women independently have started taking a stand for themselves. They have helped themselves and other females around them break through the stereotype of ‘ Adarsh Beti’, (the image of a responsible daughter) in Indian society, this is further leading to the decline of the ‘Stay home Dads’ era. 

Solo travel has been a trend that is being practiced by youngsters, religiously. The lives of people have turned so chaotic that their escape is to go on a solo trip or on a soul-searching trip. Well, we have been talking about solo traveling for quite some time now but what is solo traveling? This is a kind of traveling that is the epitome of self-indulgence. 

A Rulebook for Solo Female Travelers

Solo traveling is a way of being completely independent and being responsible for every decision you take. It is a scenario where you learn from your own experiences and everything that you go through stays with you forever. Imagine being in a cozy room full of people, in a city surrounded by mountains and there you sit amongst them sharing the experience of your first solo trip fondly, as if it happened yesterday, after going on several solo trips. 

It is said that females travel in groups or with a friend because they feel comfortable that way. Guess who’s proving them wrong? Some amazing solo female travelers like Brinda Sharma, Tanya Khanijow, Aakanksha Monga, Sharanya Iyer, Radhika Nomllers, Shramona Poddar, Ankita Kumar, and many more have been setting the bar high. These beautiful travel-loving souls have been motivating so many females each day without even knowing about it and they have been doing it flawlessly. 

Well, to be honest, our personal favorite is Brinda Sharma. If you really want to get a dose of confidence and see how well a female traveler can lead her life then watch out, cause this girl is slaying it. She makes us so proud, happy sobs! Check out her travel stories on her insta handle that is brindashrama.

Getting back to the purpose of writing this blog, the safety of solo female travelers has always been a huge concern. And the best way of feeling safe anywhere in the world is by learning to take care of yourself. Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Before even reaching the initial stage of planning a trip a female traveler has to go through various hurdles and answer a number of questions. 

Questions like how will you travel alone? How are you sure that you will be safe on a solo trip? how will you travel alone being a woman? what if we are not able to contact you? And the most common one being what if something wrong happens? These what if’s, assumptions, and doubtful looks from loved ones lead to demotivation and that is where you need to be determined that no matter what happens you are strong enough to handle it. 

We get that the idea of solo female traveling is scary especially if you are a beginner but whenever you feel super anxious about it watch a travel movie that will help you relax and feel positive. Trust us when we say that solo female travel can be safe and entertaining, after all, we’ve been in this business for 8 years now. 

The fact is that there is risk everywhere and for how long will you bound yourself due to such issues? All you can do is find ways to safeguard yourself by taking the necessary precautions. Thus we’ve got to you safety tips for traveling alone as a woman. Mentioned below are some of the things to keep in mind while solo traveling. 

1- Overthink to the fullest:

Sounds weird when you read it for the first time right? Well, you see overthinking is a boon and bane. What we mean to say here is that once you overthink about everything that can possibly go wrong with you, you also think of the ways you will handle the situation. 

And if by any chance you land up in a similar situation you won’t be surprised or taken aback rather you will deal with it confidently accepting the fact that you had expected such a thing. Overthink as much as you want when you are at your home but once you board the train or the plane just be excited for what the trip has in store for you.

2- Be fully aware of yourself:

Have you ever surprised yourself? Be it by singing a song really well or by taking a stand for something. Do you remember the way you felt at that very moment? It must have been a blissful feeling. Now you must be thinking how does this help while going out alone as a woman. 

What we are trying to say here is that make yourself comfortable with the idea of eating meals alone, of ordering for yourself, be accepting of the idea of staying with other female travelers in a dorm room. 

If you have issues doing any of these things then introspect it, communicate with yourself and do small things to make yourself comfortable. If you are conscious about ordering food and eating it alone then go to cafes around you and do so till it feels natural. 

3- Make a budget:

Be a smart wanderer, spend more on exploring and less on staying. These days there are various guest houses and hostels which are completely safe for solo female travelers. If you plan a budget and manage your funds well then you have half of the things sorted already. When you are traveling solo there is no one to restrict you and you may end up purchasing things that are of no use, so keep yourself in check. 

4- Book in advance:

Book in advance

Be it a tour package, a jungle safari, a night camping plan, or any other activity that requires booking, make sure you book well in advance. The same goes for your hotel and flight bookings. You can even visit the HotelDekho.com booking section and go through the list of hotels for the city you are planning to explore. You may even end up getting your hands on a great deal.

Research well about your hotel area before you book a room. Look for one which is closer to tourist attractions so that you get back to hotels easily before it gets dark.

5- Weigh your backpack:

Weigh your backpack

It is very essential to be clear about the fact that you will have to carry your backpack around all by yourself. So be sure that it does not way too much because that will complicate things for you further. Solo travel for women is not easy especially if you are a shopaholic, then you may end up buying an extra bag just to keep the things you purchased out of excitement. 

6- Some general points:

  • Do not carry valuables with you.
  • Be very clear about what you want and do not let the locals manipulate you. 
  • Listen to the locals but do your own research.
  • Bargain wherever possible.
  • Enquire about the travel fairs such as tuk-tuk rates and auto charges from the staff of the hotel you are staying at so that you do not pay extra.
  • Try to blend in with the people of the city and have your GPS handy.
  • Do not keep all your money in one place.
  • Watch youtube videos on travel hacks and ways to keep your money safe.
  • Make sure you lock your room before you fall asleep. Place a glass on the doorknob or door stopper so that if by any chance someone tries to get into your room the glass falls down and makes a sound. That will make you aware of someone’s presence and may even alert the person on the other end. 

7- Make friends:

Make friends

Yes, you read it right. Make friends and roam around together, especially if you end up staying at a hostel. When you stay at such a place you get to interact with people in fact some of them are there to make themselves comfortable with the idea of chatting with strangers. This will be beneficial for you as you will get to make new friends, get to learn a lot and your family will be slightly relieved of the stress that you are roaming around alone in a new city. 

Avoid sharing too much information about strangers and if you have a personal social media account that will give the viewer a rough idea of your background, then avoid connecting with them using that account. Lie if you want to. In this case, trust your gut feeling!! Be friendly but more than that be witty and smart. If you end up making plans to party with them it is better to avoid consuming alcohol. If you really want to enjoy a drink or two then be a responsible drinker. Prioritize yourself and know where to stop making people happy.

8- Are you a storyteller?

Well, to be honest traveling is the best to get stories, to write them and to also share them with others. Traveling gives you access to so many people many are talkers but some are listeners too. Put your skills to the test and take feedback from your listeners. If you are casually making up a story to cover up your background then you better remember it. 

While talking to others see if people are interested and if they are buying your story or not. If not then it is better to just put in a bit more effort. Things may go wrong but there are chances for it to go right and as a beginner, what else would one want?

9- Be observant

Be observant and alert all the time. Take care of your surrounding avoid going in the areas that do not feel safe. Rest well during the night so that you do not end up falling asleep in public vehicles and places. If anyhow you feel unsafe call out to people around you or call a family member and inform them. 

India is a safe country for women but it is always better to be on your toes. Don’t haunt yourself to the point where you end up losing the will to explore the city but know that you can handle it.

Being polite is optional but being confident and strong is mandatory.  If you feel like there is someone who is not letting you pass or is making you feel uncomfortable, give them a death stare and make them aware of the fact that you can deal with morons like him. Do not save money at the expense of your safety. Keep your phone charged and while exploring the place act like you know where you are. 

10- Always keep a trusted one updated:

The best way to lessen your anxiety (if any) is by updating a family member or a friend from time to time. Give them calls, share pictures with them and keep them updated about your itinerary. Share the details of the cabs and public transport you are using during the trip so that they can track you. 

Tips for women who are beginning their travel journey:

Most of it has already been covered above but there are still some things you need to know before you set out on your first journey as a female solo traveler:

  • Do not get anxious about small things. We understand that going out alone on a trip as a woman can make you doubt a lot of things but you will learn a lot about yourself on this journey.
  • Come to terms with the fact that not everything will go according to the plan so feel great about what you get to explore and go with the flow.
  • Begin your solo traveling journey with a place that is either close to your hometown or a place where you have a friend or a relative. So that if things get out of hand someone will be there for you.
  • Before the trip starts go to your mother or your elder sibling and tell them to lecture you about some basic safety rules. It will help in decreasing their worry and assure them that you will be responsible. 
  • If you feel like ending the trip in between and returning home, do so. But before you leave accept the fact that it was your decision and know why you are doing so.
  • Not everyone who is friendly and caring is a good wisher. You will come across people who will try to rob you by being good to you. Once you have taken a few solo trips you will be able to spot them in the crowd. 
  • Know that the gut feeling is real and it is good to work accordingly. 
  • Take care of yourself the same way in which you would take care of your sibling. 
  • Do not let people trick you into buying cheap quality stuff for a lot of amounts.
  • Do not carry your whole closet with you. Try repeating clothes because you are here to explore not to spend time in front of the mirrors.
  • Click pictures, make videos to your heart’s content but take some time off, sit down and enjoy the love that your surroundings have to offer. Appreciate the existence of nature and observe the people around you. 

Some of the best places to visit in India as a solo female traveler are Coorg, Mumbai, Hampi, Pune, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, Goa, Leh Ladakh, Shimla, Srinagar, Gulmarg, Mahabaleshwar, Manali, Rishikesh, Dehradun, and Gokarna. Traveling alone is fun and being adventurous is thrilling too but keep in mind that being responsible is essential. Do not do any such thing that can end up harming you physically.

The idea of packing your luggage and setting off a solo journey can be thrilling and it might seem easy (well the media has made it seem like a cakewalk). Going on a trip alone can be challenging but face your fears headstrong. Fighting!! (nope lovely reader do not punch someone in the face, just death stares).

We hope this huge female solo travel rulebook covered it all but if we have missed out on something that you feel one must keep in mind then feel free to mention it in the comments below. 

Well, so where do you plan to go next. Travel, explore, learn and share cause we are here always ready to listen. Remember to boom your hotel room with HotelDekho.com because this is the place where you can get some of the amazing deals and discounts on hotel bookings. 

Hakuna Matata!! Travel safe you wanderer.

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