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There was a prince whose name was Gautam. He was kind and gentle. One day he left his palace, family, and everyone behind and began his journey to search the God and the meaning of Life. Sitting under a tree and meditating, he got self-actualization or which many people called Nirvana. The prince after named Buddha. The place is still being one of the holiest places of pilgrimage associated with the Mahabodhi Temple. That place in the present time is known as Bodhgaya. For Buddhists, the city is the most important four pilgrimage site related to Gautam Buddha's Life. The Tree under which Gautam got enlightenment and became Gautam Buddha is still standing there well-protected and preserved for the travellers and devotees. Famous travellers like Fa Hien and Xuanzang from China travelled to this holy place between the 5th and 7th centuries. In the 13th century, the place was attacked by the Turkish Empire. The present place is situated in the Bihar state of India.

This Bodhgaya travel guide on Bodhgaya tourism will help you explore the city easily and inform you about the places to visit in Bodhgaya, Bodhgaya tourist places, the history and culture of Bodhgaya, and the best time to visit Bodhgaya.

History of Bodhgaya

The great epic of India like Mahabharat and Ramayan also has a brief mention of the place. Bodhgaya is a witness to the rise and fall of many great dynasties. Many great empires like the Nanda dynasty, Magadha Empire, Pala Empire and Maurya dynasties rose and fell over here. According to ancient history, Mahatma Gautam attained enlightenment here in this sacred city. Maurayans played a vital role in flourishing the city and its near around areas.

In the 12th century, the Khilji dynasty took over the Guptas and ruled till the end of the 16th century. Shah ruled the region for a short span, and then the Mughals came into reign. In 1764 after the battle of Buxur, the region went under the British and remained under them until India gained Independence in 1947.

Culture of Bodhgaya

Located on the banks of the Falgu River, Bodhgaya is one of the major tourist destinations in India. It is said that the culture and traditions of any place mirror the history of that place. Bodhgaya has been through many empires and ruled by many dynasties. Every Empire brought something with them. Being situated in the state of Bihar, the culture and tradition of the city are highly influenced by Bihar. People of the city are considered quite orthodox and believe in strong rooted values, and follow rich Indian traditions. The major dialect of the city is English, Hindi, Bengali, Maghai and Maithili. People generally speak in the local language Bhojpuri. Traditionally speaking, the men of the place where Dhoti-Kurta and women wear sarees. Gaya has a special place in Indian classical music. The Gaya Gharana of Indian Classical music is well-known in the field.

Cuisine of Bodhgaya

Being one of the unique places, Gaya has its own taste when it comes to cuisine. The staple food of the city consists of rice, roti, chatni, daal, pickle, curd and milk product. People who use fried food also use a lot of the techniques of smoking food for flavour. Traditionally speaking, the cuisine of Bodhgaya include Sattu, Marua ka roti, Litti Chhokha, Baigan-bharta, pittham pua, dal-bari, sattu ki roti, sukhoota, kopal ki kofta and chat. Women of the region are popular for making pickles. Other traditional food includes kadi and khichdi. The love for sweets is highly prevailing in the people of Gaya. Famous for various sweet dishes, Bodhgaya offers tilkut, lai, kesaria peda, khaja and anarsa are the major sweet dishes.

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Places to Visit Bodhgaya

The City of Gautam Buddha, which is famous for the enlightenment of Gautam Buddha, still has that Bodhi tree standing and telling its glorious history. The best places to visit in Bodhgaya are the Great Buddha Statue, Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhi Tree, and Buddha Temple. The other Bodhgaya tourist places are Animesh Lochana, Lake Muchalinda, Chankramana, The Monastery, and Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple. 

Great Buddha Statue:

This is a magnificent idol of Buddha that stands at the height of 80 ft. It is made up of sandstone blocks and red granite. Thousands of visitors attract this place because of its spiritual aura. The statue was inaugurated by XIVth Dalai Lama and is one of the best Bodhgaya travel places. 

Mahabodhi Temple:

The temple was constructed around the original Bodhi temple. The temple was started building in the 7th century, and after many renovations and rebuilding, the temple faced many changes till the 19th century. It was built just like in the shape of the stupa of emperor Ashoka.

The Bodhi Tree:

It is the most famous Tree standing from the time of Gautam Buddha. It is believed that this is the Tree under which Gautam became Gautam Buddha and attained enlightenment. Some others believed that this Tree was the descendent of the original Tree. The original one was destroyed, burnt and metalized by many kings.

Best Time to Visit Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya has beautiful summers, which starts from March-end and continue till June and August. During the peak time of May and June, the temperature rises from 45 degrees Celsius. Generally speaking, the best time to visit Bodhgaya is between October to March. During this time, Bodhgaya Climate remains pleasing and attracts many visitors.

Places To Visit In Bodhgaya

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By Airways:

The nearest airport in the region is Gaya airport. Tourists can get direct and indirect flights from this airport. Major airlines like Air India and Indigo fly to Bodhgaya via Varanasi.

By Roadways:

The Bihar State tourism Development Corporation runs daily deluxe bus services to and from the city. The well-clustered road joins Bodhgaya from Varanasi, Nalanda, Rajgir, Kathmandu and many more.

By Railways:

The main railway station is Gaya Station. The city is connected with Patna, Calcutta, Delhi and many other major stations of different cities and states.


You will love your Bodhgaya trip, and our Bodhgaya travel guide will help you out to explore the city and Bodhgaya tourist destinations. 

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