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Manali Overview

Snow capped mountains, long pine trees and numerous wonders of nature, this place is, Manali. Manali is a beautiful place which is boon with natural beauty. It is a city situated at the end of the Kullu Valley in the northern state of India, Himachal Pradesh. Manali is a hill station and one of the most famous Tourist Spot in India. Beautifully flowing Beas River is the major centerpiece of the spot. The place is full of wonders; it will transport you to that land of luxury, devotion and fantasy.

The city of Manali is lying at the height of 6398 ft in the lap of Himalayas. During a year many sports and adventurous activities take place in the city. Activities such as trekking, white water rafting and many more are highly enjoyable by the tourist during the year. Through is Manali Travel Guide you will know more about the place.

Manali – The History

According to the legend it is believed that the city is the first place of the mankind. This was the home of Manu (fist man on Earth). According to the scriptures, Manu step off here from his ark to recreate the human life on earth, after humankind and everything was destroyed by the catastrophic flood. Manu built his first home here which in later years came to be known as Manu-alaya which means Manu’s home. With the passing years, Manu-alaya came to be known as Manali which is now the most beautiful hill station of India. The old Manalihas a temple dedicated to Manu for his worship.

In the medieval history, there was king named Raja Jagat Singh, in 17th century he brought a golden idol of Lord Raghunath Ji to the throne of Manali, Raghunath Ji is also considered as one of the manifestations of Lord Rama. Ever since from that time, the temple is worshiped by the Hindu locals of Manali. Who believed hat Raghunath ji is the presiding force of the city (Manali). Manali derives its name from the word Manu-alaya or the adobe of Manu.

Culture – Traditions – Cuisine of Manali

The place is full of culture and liveliness. The rich culture of Manali and the heritage full of diversity defines it. Typically the place has a high effect of Himachali’s culture, but the with the culture of Himachal, some other cultures like Italian and Israeli has their effect on Manali. The city has beautiful amalgamation of different culture, traditions and language which make this region different from other with the touch of ethnicity.

Kunnar community is an influential tribe in the city; they are also the aboriginal community in the city. The place is highly influential with these tribes in terms of food, the clothes and the dialect of the locals in the vicinity. One other major community is Gujjar community, it is believed that this tribe is also known as the wanderer’s tribe in the region and they also have a huge influence on the food, clothing, and language of the people of Manali.

When it’s come to music and art, Manali has its own charm in it. Their folklore and songs are different with what normally the music we hear. It is mesmerizing, scenic and unparalleled. This actually makes you feel the special connection with the God. There are different temples in the city dedicated to different Gods. The city is also a home to number of Monks. The place is famous for its craftsmanship, the inborn ability of making different crafts item is also the main source of making revenue from woolen garments as well as other handloom items.

Shopping in Manali

If you visit this beautiful city, your tour to this city is incomplete without doing shopping. So make sure before you start your journey to this beautiful hill station Manali, you do not forget t mention the shopping list in your itinerary. Manali has a great taste in Tibetan handicrafts, shawls, apparel, shoes, pickles, herbs and lots more. Here is the list of some of the best Buys in Manaliwhich you would love to purchase –

1. Shawls – The specialty in Pashmina shawl.

2. Buddhist Artifacts – You can purchase your favorite representation of Buddha such as meditating Buddha, smiling Buddha or sleeping Buddha.

3. Carpets – You can get best quality of Kashmiri carpets here.

4. Boots and Shoes

5. Apple and Lingad Pickle

6. Exotic Herbs

7. Handicrafts

Cuisine in Manali

You will definitely love to tickle your taste buds with the delicious food of the city. Manali is the foodie’s paradise in the every sense. Locals of Manali generally ears rice with different kinds of curries. They generally take a wide variety of seasonal crops growing here which consists of pulses, vegetable, raita, curd roti and so on. In most of preparation of the food they use butter, ghee and milk. Popular drink of Manali is Lugri or Chatki (prepared with barley seeds and red rice). Not only regional but many other national and international cuisine are offered in Manal such as pizzas, pastas, omelettes, momos, dim-sums, soups, cake, veg and non-veg rolls and puffs and sizzlers.

Manali Map

Best Places to Visit Manali

Manali, a paradise for honeymooners is situated on the lap of Himalayas has the sky bowing down to kiss the mountain ranges and winds is blowing to create a chilly atmosphere. There are many best places to visit in Manali. You may consider these major Manali attractions such as –

Solan Valley:

It is locally known by the name of Solang Nullah. People who love adventures for them there is no place better than Solang in Kullu Valley. You can indulge yourself in parachuting, paragliding, skating and zorbing which will give unforgettable memories for lifetime.

Jogini Falls:

It is a waterfall with a stream running down to merge in Beas River. This place is also one of the Shakti Peeth and is sacred to the village Goddess Jogini. Here are some special occasions when locals prepared food here and perform their rituals.

Manali Wildlife Sanctuary:

The place is situated 2 km away from the Manali hill station. The Sanctuary is consist of Mansalu Khad, lush green forest which are dense also, pristine glaciers and the sight of colorful birds and animals which will going to be treat for your eyes.

Some Other Manali Attractions Include –

Rohtang Pass

Beas Kund

Chandrakhani Pass

Pandoh Dam in Kullu

Manali Weather

Best Time to Visit Manali

The Manali weather as a vital role in brings up the tourism in the state. If you are thinking about the best time to visit Manali is after retreating monsoon. It is the time when travellers can view the charismatic beauty of the city on its peak. The months of beautiful July and mid-September are the months of heavy rains when the danger of landslide increases. So visit the place after monsoon and before winters.

How to Reach Manali

One of the most beautiful hill station and a travellers’ paradise, Manali has a flourishing tourism. The hill station is well-connected by Road, by Railways and also Airways. Here’s the list of options which will tell you, how to reach Manali -

By Airways:

To reach Manali by air, you can get flight from closest domestic airport which is in Chandigarh. Airport of Bhuntar is also close to Manali which is approximately 50 km from the city.

By Railways:

Closest railway station is Joginder nagar. Kalka Railway Station also connects Manali to New Delhi.

By Roadways:

One can drive from Kalka to Manali which is approx 280 km. If you are planning to travel from Delhi to Manali you will reach here via Chandigarh which is at a distance of approx 550 km.