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About Cheap Hotels in Udaipur

Udaipur is famous for many things including its manmade lake, budget hotels in Udaipur, and eternal beauty. Named amongst the most beautiful cities in the world, Udaipur is a frequently visited travel destination in Rajasthan, India. Standing proudly on the foot of the ancient Aravali hills, this city holds great historical and cultural values. Also, one of the last provinces of Rajasthan city, Udaipur has always enjoyed the love of history and architectural buffs.

Udaipur, “the city of lakes” is always high up on travel bugs radars. Making Udaipur the home of some of the best hotels throughout the country. A traveler can find every variety of hotels in the city from expensive ones to cheap hotels. The cheap hotels in Udaipur are great places for a comfortable stay and at affordable rates.

However, if you are confusing cheap stay with a lower quality experience and amenities then the budget Udaipur hotels will prove you wrong. The hotels in the city are equipped with all kinds of modern-day facilities with an authentic Rajasthani touch. Thus, travelers can smell the fragrance of Rajasthani culture, cuisine, traditions, and history while staying at these hotels. The budget hotels at Udaipur have high-quality standards ad are a perfect representation of Rajasthan’s hospitality.

Also, there are many popular attractions in the city that attracts heaps of enthusiastic travelers. The list of the attractions in this popular city contains royal palaces, temples, gardens, lakes, by-lanes, and many more places. For history buffs, Udaipur houses 11 magnificent palaces that belong to different and important eras of Rajasthan’s history. Udaipur is a treat to the eyes of every beholder and the budget hotels of the city make it possible for everyone to experience the marvels of it without breaking their banks.

Budget hotels in Udaipur with Lake view

Udaipur, popularly known as the city of lakes, houses many lakes with distinct scenic views for its visitors. The lakes give a romatic setting to the city and make it love-filled enough to be known as the Venice of the East. Lakes play a big role in Udaipur’s tourism and are a great spot for day picnics. The watercourses of Udaipur adds up to its beauty making it one of the most Instagrammable cities of India. Thus, the lakes in Udaipur are a popular landmark, and every traveler visiting Udaipur desires to have beautiful lake views from the hotel’s room. The best budget hotels in Udaipur that provides a magnificent lake view includes:

Hotel The Tiger- Residing proudly nearby the popular Bagore ki Haveli, Hotel the Tiger is also close by the heart of the Udaipur city. Locate nearby lake Pichola, the hotel shares the most magical views of the magnificent lake. The hotel is one of the most popular budget hotels in Udaipur, for its guest's friendly amenities. Along with the amazing views of Lake, Pichola guests can take pleasure in a rooftop restaurant at the hotel. Also, the hotel serves a wide array of hotel rooms including Standard Non-Ac Rooms, AC Deluxe rooms, Lake-view rooms, Lake-view suite, and Family Lake-View rooms. Among which the Lake view rooms, Lake-view suite, and Family Lake-view rooms are entirely dedicated to providing the guests with the best luxuries along with the most magical view of Lake Pichola.

Budget hotels in Udaipur near Lake Pichola

The foremost lake when it comes to the most beautiful lakes in Udaipur, Lake Pichola is blessed with heavenly beauty. One of the most picturesque lakes of the city, Lake Pichola provides the best scenic views of Udaipur. Residing right at the center of Udaipur, Lake Pichola acts as the heart of the city while its waves touch the untouched strings of its visitor's hearts. Decorating the Udaipur’s land since 1362, Lake Pichola has many interesting stories attached with it waiting to share them with travel bugs from all around the world.

  • Hotel Madurai- Located 2.5 km away from Lake Pichola, Hotel Madurai is one of the best budget hotels in Udaipur. A popular business class hotel, Hotel Madurai pampers its guests with 21st-century luxuries and travel amenities. Guests can experience everything at Hotel Madurai that a modern up-to-date hotel provides. The hotel offers fine accommodations along with great business and recreational facilities to the guests in Udaipur city.
  • Hotel Grande Sita- Located 2.0 km away from Lake Pichola, Hotel Grande Sita is a perfect accommodation to enjoy the best leisure stay in the gorgeous city of lakes. One of the most famous hotels of Udaipur, Hotel Grande Sita accommodates its guests with spacious rooms at very affordable prices. Living up to the popular culture of Rajasthan, the hotel is also popular to provide an authentic Rajasthani experience to its guests.
  • Hotel Gokul Palace Udaipole- Located 10.0 km away from Lake Pichola, Hotel Gokul Palace Udaipole is one of the best budgets stays in Udaipur. The hotel provides many necessary amenities to its guests including a TV room with a private bathing area to ensure a comfortable stay. The staff at the hotel is well-spoken and can communicate well in English and Hindi except for the regional language.

Budget hotels in Udaipur near Railway Station

Udaipur City Railway Station serves as the main railway station of Udaipur, Rajasthan. Administered by the North Western Railway of Indian Railways, Udaipur City railway station has a total of 5 platforms. Having a total of 9 tracks, this railways station provides parking and bicycle facilities to its travelers. Also, Rana Pratap Nagar railway station is the second main railway station of Udaipur, Rajasthan after the Udaipur City Railway Station. Due to Udaipur’s popularity as a traveling location, business center, and many other reasons these railway stations stay filled with travelers throughout the year. And thus, the railway stations in Udaipur are popular landmarks to search for cheap hotels in Udaipur city. The best budget hotels in Udaipur nearby railway station are:

  • Hotel Sunflower- Located 1.6 km away from Udaipur City Railway Station, Hotel Sunflower provides the home feels away from home. The hotel is a comfortable space with the best amenities ensuring perfect leisure stay for its guests. The popular amenities provided to the guests at hotel premises include free Wi-Fi, baggage storage, and a centralized air conditioning system.
  • Hotel Katyani- Located 3.3 km away from Udaipur city railway station, Hotel Katyani is residing on the popular land of Udaipur since 2014. The hotel is one of the best budget hotels in Udaipur and is popular for providing a leisure stay to its guests. The hotel is equipped with all the modern-day amenities including doctor on call, internet access, laundry service, and air conditioning facilities.

Budget hotels in Udaipur near the airport

Maharana Pratap Airport serves as the main airport of the gorgeous land of Udaipur city. Serving Udaipur with pride, Maharana Pratap Airport is in Dabok which is 22 km to the east of Udaipur city. Named after one of the most prominent leaders of Mewar, Maharana Pratap, this airport was founded on 16th November 1957. The airport has also introduced a new terminal since February 2008, helping it handle the traveling rush to Udaipur daily. As Udaipur is a popular traveling location, the Maharana Pratap Airport is a popular landmark to look out for great budget-friendly hotels in Udaipur. The best low budget hotels in Udaipur that are nearby the airport are:

  • Hotel The Archi- Located 26 km away from the Maharana Pratap Airport, Hotel The Archi has a big name in the most popular budget hotels in Udaipur. The hotel is a beautiful and comfortable leisure destination offering a wide range of modern-day amenities and services to its guests. One of the most prominent stays in Udaipur, Hotel the Archi has an ambiance like no one else along with the unmatched professional level beheld by the staff. The hotel provides warm hospitality and a cozy stay to its guests with a splash of Rajasthani feels.
  • Hotel Bauji Palace by Hari Hospitality- Located 25 km away from the Maharana Pratap Airport, Hotel Bauji Palace by Hari Hospitality comes with a set of all the modern-day amenities. The hotel houses a bar/lounge and a gorgeous café while also being a smoke-free property. The rooms of the hotel are equipped with LCD TVs, room services, free newspapers, and coffee makers along with 24*7 housekeeping services.


No, none of the cheap hotels in Udaipur graces its guests with the swimming pool facilities. However, guests can enjoy pretty lake views from Hotel The Tiger in Udaipur city.

Udaipur is popular for many reasons and the cheap Udaipur hotels are one from it. These hotels make budgeted travel to Udaipur possible for traveler groups like college students. However, Udaipur has a wide range of budget-friendly hotels but some manage to make a mark on their guests and these hotels include:

Hotel The Tiger- One of the best budget hotels in Udaipur, Hotel The Tiger is popular for sharing amazing lake views with its guests. The hotel consists of a rooftop restaurant that is entirely dedicated to adoring the scenic beauty of Udaipur city. Besides this, guests can also enjoy the magnificent views and picturesque scenery of Lake Pichola from its rooftop restaurant. The hotel also has different suites where guests can enjoy the magical lake views from their spacious room windows.

No, unfortunately, none of the budget-friendly hotels in Udaipur city offers free breakfast services to its guests.

Following budget hotels in Udaipur provides free parking services to their adorable guests:

  • Hotel Sunflower- A top hotel in the list of the best budget-friendly hotels in Udaipur, Hotel Sunflower does know how to provide more to its guests than what they ask for. And the free parking services and free Wi-Fi services provided by the establishment are some of its steps to please its guests with leisure and comfort.
  • Hotel Madurai- A popular business class hotel, Hotel Madurai is one of the low-budget hotels in Udaipur. Offering fine accommodation to its guests, the hotel provides them with free parking, laundry services, ironing services, restaurant, and dining area services combined with many other amenities.

Hotels in Udaipur keep their guest's comfort at priority and they know nothing is more soothing in summers than a good air conditioning system. The popular budget hotels in Udaipur that offer air conditioning services to their guests include-

  • Hotel Grande Sita- A perfectly comfortable stay in Udaipur, Hotel Grande Sita provides the royal warmth of Rajasthan to its guests. The rooms of the establishment are clean and well equipped with an air conditioner, mini bar, telephone, and hot and loud water facilities.
  • Hotel The Tiger- Proudly standing on the land of Udaipur, Hotel The Tiger leads its guests into spacious settings along with novels of different genres and is a perfect paradise for bookworms. The establishment has 24 comfy rooms and suites for its guests equipped with an air conditioner, tea/coffee maker, and free Wi-Fi facilities.


  • Hotel Sunflower- One of the best budget hotels in Udaipur, Hotel Sunflower is the perfect stay in Udaipur to take advantage of the luxurious amenities. Housing three restaurants, Hotel Sunflower is a great establishment to enjoy the authentic Rajasthani experience.
  • Hotel The Archi- Located at a prime location of Udaipur city, Hotel the Archi is just walking distance away from the Fateh Sagar Lake. The hotel is one of the top cheap hotels in Udaipur city for providing its travelers myriad of services.
  • Hotel Madurai- A popular business class hotel in Udaipur city, Hotel Madurai offers comfortable accommodation equipped with the best amenities to its guests. With cozy interiors, the hotel provides homey vibes to its guests.
  • Hotel The Tiger- Equipped with the best views of Lake Pichola, Hotel The Tiger is a popular establishment providing a magical stay to its guests. Blending comfort with budget-friendliness, Hotel the Tiger is also nearby Fateh Sagar Lake, and the City Palace.
  • Hotel Katyani- One of the top budget hotels in Udaipur, Hotel Katyani is equipped with quality amenities providing a comfortable stay to its guests. Providing 24-hour check-in and check-out services, the hotel celebrates the culture and traditions of Rajasthan.
  • Hotel Grande Sita- Decorating the city of lakes, Hotel Grande Sita provides the best leisure opportunities to its guests. Residing just a stone's throw away from Udaipur’s main bus stand, Hotel Grande Sita is a well-equipped stay for travelers as well as for corporate guests.
  • Hotel Gokul Palace Udaipole- Located at the prime location of Udaipur city, Hotel Gokul Palace Udaipole is easily accessible from Lake Pichola, City Palace of Udaipur, and many other popular travel attractions.
  • Hotel Bauji Palace by Hari Hospitality- A gorgeous hotel with a bar/lounge where guests can enjoy leisure time, Hotel Bauji Palace by Hari Hospitality surely knows how to ruin its guests with the best services. Enjoy free parking, fireplaces, and many other amenities at the hotel premises.

The popular landmarks in the city to book hotels in Udaipur:

  • Fateh Sagar Lake- Fateh Sagar Lake is a gorgeous lake decorating the beautiful land of Udaipur city. Fateh Sagar Lake is 3.5 away from Hotel Bauji Palace by Hari Hospitality and 3.8 km away from Hotel The Tiger.
  • The City Palace- Built under the supervision of Maharaja Swai Jai Singh II, The City Palace is one of the most popular landmarks in Udaipur city. The City Palace is 2.3 km away from Hotel Sunflower and 1.4 km away from Hotel Grande Sita.
  • Jagmandir- A beautiful palace built over an island, Jagmandir is also known as the Lake Garden Palace of Udaipur city. Jagmandir is 3 km away from Hotel Madurai and 4 km away from Hotel Katyani.
  • Saheliyon-ki-Bari- A major garden and a popular tourist place, Saheliyon-ki-Bari is a popular tourist attraction and a popular landmark in Udaipur city. Saheliyon-ki-Bari is 4 km away from Hotel Sunflower and 3.2 km away from Hotel The Tiger.
  • Bagore ki Haveli- Residing right in front of the Lake Pichola, Bagore ki Haveli is a popular haveli converted into a museum in Udaipur, India. Bagore ki Haveli is 3 km away from Hotel The Archi and 9 km away from Hotel Gokul Palace Udaipole.

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