5 Stunning Lakes in Jaipur

The capital of the Royal state, Jaipur is dipped immensely in history with its magnificent regal palaces, ancient temples, stunning forts, and many more that still stand tall reflecting the bygone era. With numerous attractions scattering all around, The Pink City has a couple of historical water bodies that add to its charm. The beautiful lakes in Jaipur are the best spots to enjoy your evenings in the city. These lakes are worth visiting by everyone on their Jaipur city royal tour. 

Jaipur Lakes that are in and around the city are filled with fresh water and provide habitat to animal species and picturesque locations for tourists. These lakes will make it the “Paradise” of the desert and a day trip to these lakes will make you feel re-energized & revitalized. During your visit to the princely state, check out these popular lakes in Jaipur that you cannot simply skip. Here is the list:

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Man Sagar Lake

Man Sagar Lake is one of the top-notch attractions in Jaipur city. This artificial lake was built in the 17th century and named after the Kachhawa king Raja Man Singh. Man Sagar lake Jaipur is formed by damming the Dravyavati river. This famous lake looks magnificent surrounded from three sides by the Aravali Hills and right in the middle of its deep blue waters sits the stunning Jal Mahal. 

Man Sagar Lake

This lake is quite popular among photographers because the beauty of this place is worth framing. It is one of the best lakes in Jaipur, popular among bird watchers, nature lovers, and couples. You can catch a glimpse of migratory birds like Flamingo and Common Moorhen. Don’t miss the local delicacies on numerous street food stalls on the pavilion of the Man Sagar Lake. You can also enjoy a camel ride and get photographed in traditional attire at this scenic lake. Apart from this lake, there are a lot of things to do in Jaipur that you can enjoy with your friends and families. 

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  • Timings- Open 24 hours
  • Location- Amer Road, Jal Mahal, Jaipur
  • Activities- Camel Ride, Bird Watching, Shopping, Photography

Maota Lake

Maota Lake is another stunning lake in Jaipur, nestled in the laps of the UNESCO World Heritage Site- Amber fort in Jaipur. Because of the nearby wat trees, it is earlier referred to as Mahavata. This lake mainly collects the rainwater running down from the surrounding hills and works as a major water source for the royals and commoners of Amer during that time. 

For photographers, the reflection of the majestic Amber fort looks amazing in the gleaming waters. Amazing Kesar Kyari Bagh is another delight to tourists sitting in the middle of this famous lake in Jaipur. This garden is a unique display of architecture and have been built around the 16th century. At the northern end of this lake, another garden named Dil-Aaram bagh is situated. You’ll be left awestruck with the brilliance of this Maota Lake.

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  • Timings- Open 24 hours
  • Location- Amber Fort, Amer, Jaipur
  • Activities- Shopping, Elephant riding, Photography

Ramgarh Lake

Ramgarh Lake is one of the best artificial lakes in Jaipur situated near Jamwa Ramgarh village at a distance of 30 km from Jaipur. This lake attracts numerous tourists throughout the country due to its beautiful settlement of the Ramgarh scenery. This lake is now a popular hangout place among families and youngsters which was once the major source of water supply to the walled city. 

“Jamwa Mata” temple and the ruins of a historical fort added fascination to the place with a well-arranged library and a museum that provides insight into the rich culture and history of Jaipur. The place is the best place for boating that boasts Jaipur tourism making it the top spot for picnics away from the chaotic city life. 

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  • Timings- Open 24 hours
  • Location- Jamwa Ramgarh, Jaipur
  • Activities- Boating, Photography, stroll around the museum

Sambhar Lake

Sambhar Lake is one of the popular tourist attractions in Jaipur recently. A place where water and sky combine in a thin blue line, where skylines extend to depravity, where the rundown call of the curlew may be the main voice you listen to. Sambhar Lake is Rajasthan’s most visited lake and is visited through every corner and nook of the country for shoots, wedding photographs, and many more activities. It is India’s biggest saline lake situated at a distance of 90 km from Jaipur and you can also visit the Skhambari Mata temple. Sambhar provides a unique feel and you can unwind yourself here by witnessing mesmerizing sunset and wildlife. 

  • Timings- Open 24 hours
  • Location- Sambhar, Jaipur
  • Activities- Wedding photography, shoots, driveways

Chandlai Lake

Chandlai lake is one of the most beautiful lakes near Jaipur situated at a distance of 30 km. Chandlai Lake is heaven for bird watchers also bird lovers are a must-visit spot. You’ll get to watch a lot of migratory birds other than resident ones. November to early March is the best time to visit this lake in Jaipur. Opt for the Jaipur travel guide if you will find it difficult to get the best route to this lake. 

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  • Timings- Open 24 hours
  • Locations- Tonk Road, Jaipur
  • Activities- Bird Watching, Photography


As you embark on your journey to visit these amazing lakes in Jaipur and around the city, check the above-mentioned list of lakes in Jaipur. You’ll need the hospitality of the best hotels in Jaipur for your comfortable stay. Enjoy your day out in this vibrant city with your dear ones and head to HotelDekho.com for amazing Jaipur tour packages and the best deals.

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