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Hotels in india

India which is officially known as the Republic of India is the seventh largest country in South Asia and the largest democracy in the World. India is also a home to ancient Indus Valley Civilization. The country is an originator of four major religions that is Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Some other religions like Islam, Judaism and Christianity arrived in India in 1st millennium CE and gave India a religious diversity. This religious diversity has also brings cultural and traditional diversity with it. The different culture and traditions of India are the unique and inseparable part of the country and its people. Festivals like Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Eid, Guru Parv, and many more enhance the beauty and charm of this country.

This religious diversity and cultural heritage brings the best of the place. Tourists from all around the world come to India to see and experience this unity in diversity. The holy sites, pilgrimage, art and architecture and many other reasons are there to visit India. People from all over India and from around the world love this absolute destination of treasure.

India has been a major fascination among travellers and tourists ever since from an ancient time. Dutch, Portuguese, Ghazanis, Mughals, British are some of the major travellers who visited this culturally rich place and stay here for rest of their life. In the present era, when world is becoming a small place, many major MNC’s have joined their hand with India and start trading with it more over many other MNCs arestill in a queue and waiting to have a trading relations with the Republic of India.

Being one of the major attractions among tourists, the Tourism in India is considered as one of the major part of Indian economy. The tourism Industry of India is growing rapidly. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, from tourism alone, India hasgenerated 8.30 lakh crore that is US $120 billion which is 6.3 % of the nation’s GDP in 2015. Along with the tourism of India, Hotels in India are also growing. According to the census 2015, about 80.27 lakh foreign tourist arrived in India which is better in compare to its previous year when number of traveller were 9.70 million. Talking about the domestic tourist, they are actually the fuel in the engine of tourism. Domestic tourist from all over states and Union territories are numbered up-to 1036.35 million in 2012 which has also increase from 2011 when the percentage was 16.5 %. This means, almost 70 percent of Indian population visits different places in India and which ultimately is profitable for hospitality industry. The large number of Indian travellers search for affordable hotels. Along with this people also search for star hotels and luxury hotels.

The Lists of India Hotels which are nestled in different regions of the country also feature and enjoy India’s rich cultural diversity. Travellers who visit Hotels in India can witness the touch of India’s glorious history with ancient civilization. The guests in these hotels are serves with the unique style of a particular state along with the progressive modern face. For example if you visit Rajasthan then you are having vivid options to choose your accommodation. You will be served with delicate stays with the hint of Royalty in the services offered by the hotels. The Scrumptious Rajasthani food ‘Dal Bati Churma’ is served at the dining option at most of the hotels. All these things make Rajasthan an unforgettable memory and amazing experience for travellers and tourists.

India hotels also organize the safari and travel tour for their guests where they take their guests to ancient and important places to let them understand about the rich Indian heritage. The monuments of Mughal era and British Empire are the major attraction among tourists. Not only India is culturally rich but with changing time India has embroidered its name in the field of IT and technology. In this IT revolution Hotel Dekho is among the pioneer of this growth and inducing itself in the field of Online Hotel Booking. In this age of technology when you do most of your work through online process, booking of hotel online will give you a much better deals. You will get clarity about each and everything about hotels as you can see the architecture, interiors, ambience and pictures and videos of the hotel that you book.

Indian tourism is not only about the cultural and heritage tourism. The role of the sports tourism is also as vital as the formers. Along with this, the major part of the tourism is also fueled by the business and medical tourism that creates the demand of budget hotels and affordable Best Hotels in India.

According to the census 2012, the most popular tourist destinations among inbound tourists were Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Delhi. Whereas Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Agra have been the major four visited cities of India by foreign travellers. The maximum need by the travellers is of the budget hotels and The Tourist Department has depicted a shortage of 1,50,000 rooms from the budget India hotels. We offer you a friendly platform that allows you to choose from numerous options of India’s hotels where you can easily compare hotel features, facilities and pricesonline.

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