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A splendid hunting lodge, Jogi Mahal is located within the vicinity of Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan. Jogi Mahal Sawai Madhopur was built by the royal families of Jaipur for entertainment and hunting purposes because it is near the natural abode of tigers. The royal household used to stay here during their hunting expeditions. The picturesque lake Padam Talao is adjacent to this spot and is a favorite drinking spot for Ranthambore's animals such as leopards, tigers, deer, monkeys, and many others. Jogi Mahal, positioned on the lake's banks, provides a remarkable view of the lake, its scenery, and the green forests that stretch for miles farther than that.

Tourists lately prefer to spend a little time here to relax amid their Ranthambore excursion. Having spent some time unraveling the Jogi Mahal’s history will unquestionably revitalize your souls, as it has done for royal houses for centuries. The Jogi Mahal, as a projection of Rajasthani architectural style and intricate details, stands as a testament to the astounding age-old cultures of the royal households of Rajasthan.

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Jogi Mahal

Weather : 19° C

Timings :06:00 AM To 06:00 PM

Time Required : 2 to 3 hours

Entry Fee : Free

Contact Number: +91 9024104977

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Originally, Jogi Mahal functioned as a hunting lodge for the rulers of Jaipur, as well as their royal visitors and other ambassadors. When the Maharaja dynasty's power faded, Jogi Mahal was modified into a guest house for people who visit Ranthambore. But even that, too, has lately stagnated. Nowadays it stands alienated but proudly as a testament to authentic Rajputana architectural style at its highest form. Guests have recently started visiting here as well. It is also home to India's second-largest Banyan Tree, thereafter in Shibpur, West Bengal's Botanical Garden.


It is considered one of the longest surviving heritage structures in Ranthambore. Even after being a hunting lodge in the middle of the woods, it had been crafted in the classic Indian style. The sophisticated design features and layout of the Mahal will undeniably impress visitors. It is surrounded by a picturesque environment that incorporates India's second-largest banyan tree and a serene lake.


  • Visit this lodge and immerse yourself in the magical serenity of this place while admiring the ambient architecture. 
  • Sit by Padam Talao, the most picturesque lake in this area, and let peace fill your heart up with joy. 
  • A further notable finding of the Jogi Mahal is a massive banyan tree, the second-largest in India.
  • Visitors looking for adventure can hitch a trip from here to Lahpurand, Nal Ghati, and Bakula Anantapur.

Tips for visiting

  • Consider booking in one of the accommodations nearby and soak in the stillness of the setting. 
  • Pets are not allowed on the premises of this attraction.
  • Assure you have your camera with you at all times to capture the scenic beauty of this place. 
  • When visiting this site, wear comfortable shoes because the path to the Mahal is a little harsh. 
  • Carry sunglasses, water bottles, and sunscreen with you at all times.

Best time to visit

The best season to visit the Jogi Mahal is between October and December. This is the time of the year when Ranthambore is by far the most fabulous for tourists. You can take a trip here to enjoy the grandiosity of Mahal and to spot numerous feral creatures near the area of Ranthambore National Park. 

It is the only time when visitors can enjoy Rajasthan to discover the aesthetic and historic hubs which have existed for centuries. The best way to experience this location is in the late afternoon when you can admire the magnificence of the impressive architecture while also luxuriating in the flavors of peace and tranquility.

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  • Sorti Bazaar: One of the oldest heritage landmarks, this traditional market is the center of attraction for many tourists. 

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Interesting Facts About Jogi Mahal

  • The second-largest banyan tree is about 600 years old.
  • However, the Jogi Mahal is now unavailable for any services and can only be accessed by forest authorities. 
  • For several years, it has functioned as the finest rest house in the world, nestled in the middle of a forest.

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Getting In ranthambore


The closest airport is Jaipur's Sanganer Airport which is about 180 kilometers away. If you would like to visit this destination, you must first travel to Jaipur, Rajasthan. Then after, you can arrange for a taxi or a bus to take you to Ranthambore. 


The Jogi Mahal is accessible by bus from all major nearby cities. The state bus service connects Ranthambore with all of the key destinations.


Sawai Madhopur railway station is the nearest at a distance of 10 km and connected to the major cities of the country. From here you can get a taxi or bus service to reach here

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  • ( 5 - Excellent Based on 1 review )
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Great service and friendly team

Our Rajasthan trip was very unorganized and from day 1 we need to argue for each committed hotel and details. Driver and hotel were not informed in advance and we need to pay 12000/- for the forceful event at the hotel which was never informed to us.

People Also Ask About Jogi Mahal

The Jogi Mahal is located within the Ranthambore National Park, 500 m away from the Ranthambore fort.

The year of construction remains debatable as it is uncertain which family built this in which year. But archeologists have researched and concluded the year of construction to fall somewhere around the 12th century CE.

No, it is free of cost to visit the Jogi Mahal. You will have to pay only to visit Ranthambore national park and this place is inside the park vicinity itself.

The royal household of Jaipur built the Jogi Mahal for their recreational purposes.

It was a hunting lodge built by the royal Rajputana household of Jaipur where they used to come for excursions and stop by during hunting expeditions.

Originally, Jogi Mahal served as a hunting lodge for the kings of Jaipur, as well as their princely visitors and other distinguished guests. When the Maharaja dynasty's power dissipated, Jogi Mahal was transitioned into a homestay for Ranthambore tourists.

There have been no effective findings of the approximate cost of construction of this monument as it is about 900 years old.

Yes, photography is allowed at the Jogi Mahal.

People come here to rest and surround themselves with the exquisite beauty of nature. People love clicking aesthetic photos of themselves here and find themselves being embraced by utmost serenity and peace. 

Ranthambore fort, Padam Talao, Ranthambore National Park, and Ranthambore Tiger Reserve are the few places to visit near the Jogi Mahal Rajasthan.

No, staying at Jogi mahal is prohibited. You can stay at nearby lodges or hotels but this is a reserved property of the forest department of India.

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