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About 4 Star Hotels in Leh Ladakh

4 star hotels in Leh Ladakh are the most booked in the region. Leh Ladakh is a popular Indian holiday destination located amidst the Himalayan mountain range, overlooking the Indus river and surrounded by the Naruba Valley.

It is a place visited by tourists from all over the world looking for a comfortable and hygienic hotel.

Leh Ladakh has many hotels ranging from budget to luxury, out of which about 60 hotels are 4 stars for tourists wanting comfort without putting a huge hole in their pockets. These hotels are conveniently located and provide all the comfort to their guests with amazing hospitality.

Some 4 star hotels in Leh are-

  • Grand Himalaya- Offering well-furnished rooms with modern comforts, Grand Himalaya is another 4-star hotel properly blended with Leh's traditional beauty. The hotel provides the guests with a view of the Leh palace, Stok mountain range, and Kardoung La.
  • Ladakh Sarai Resort- The idea behind this 4 star hotel is to provide the guests with the traditional and cultural experience of the land's modern comforts. The rooms in Ladakh Sarai Resort overlook the Stok mountain range from where guests can see the snow-capped mountains in all their glory.
  • Saboo Resorts- Saboo Resorts ensures that the guests experience the beauty of Leh Ladakh, even while staying in the confines of their hotel rooms. Guests staying at this 4 star hotel can experience the warmth of the place and the magnificent mountain range just by stepping on the balcony of their hotel room.
  • Hotel Shangrila Ladakh- Providing more than 40 rooms and 4 suites, Hotel Shangrila is a 4 star hotel with a centralized heating system and hot/cold water facilities. The staff of the hotel makes sure that they attend to the guests warmly.
  • Lakrook Boutique Stay- Located just minutes away from the main town, Lakrook Boutique Stay is built in a way that pays homage to the traditional and vibrant culture of Ladakh with modern facilities and expert staff.

4 star hotels in Leh Ladakh with a private pool

There are no 4 star hotels in Leh that have a private pool.

Leh Ladakh is a destination located at 11,562 feet and faces extreme climate changes all year round where any outdoor pool will freeze so none of the hotels in Leh Ladakh has a pool except for this one 5-star hotel which has an indoor pool with temperature control options.

The Zen Ladakh- The only hotel in Leh Ladakh has an indoor pool for the guests to use for relaxation with temperature control options and a pool bar, lounging area, and a baby pool for toddlers.

4 star hotels in Leh Ladakh near the airport

Kashuk Bakula Rimpochee Airport is an airport in Leh which only operates domestic flights and is one of the highest commercial airports in the world at an altitude of 3256m above sea level. A lot of 4-star Leh hotels are located close to this airport for the convenience of the travelers coming to Leh via flights.

The best Leh Ladakh 4 star hotels near Airport are-

  • Sia-la Guesthouse- Sia-la Guesthouse is 4.7 km from the Leh airport which is approximately a 10 min drive and offers airport transfer facilities for travelers looking for it.
  • Reenam Hotel- An 14 min drive, approximately 5.4km from the Leh airport, is Reenam Hotel,  which also offers airport shuttle services, but calling prior for confirmation is recommended.
  • The Grand Ladakh- 10 minutes that is 3.8km away from Leh Airport is Hotel The Grand Ladakh. The hotel provides airport transfer services to the guests though they should call in advance.

4 star Leh Ladakh hotels near tourist places

Leh Ladakh is the perfect destination for all sorts of vacations, be it adventurous or relaxed. Travelers looking for adventure can try the Chadar Trek, while those looking for a relaxing getaway can go local sightseeing as a lot of these hotels are located close to major tourist attractions removing the hassle of traveling a lot.

The best 4 star hotels in Leh Ladakh near tourist places are-

  • The Sera Courtyard- The Sera Courtyard is situated within 2.5km of Namgyal Tsemo Gompa and 4.1 km of the War Museum. Namgyal Tsemo Gompa is a famous Buddhist monastery while the War Museum is a museum dedicated to the Indian soldiers who lost their lives during the Kargil War.
  • Hotel Kesar Palace- Located in the heart of the Leh Main Bazaar and within walking distance from the Gesmo Café is Hotel Kesar Palace. Leh Main Bazaar is the central shopping spot in Leh, where tourists can get anything. Gesmo Café is a small restaurant cum bakery in Leh, famous for its unique ambiance and delicious cuisine from pure pashmina shawls to little souvenirs.
  • Saboo Resorts- Khardung La and Nubra Valley are two local tourist attractions close to the Saboo Resorts at a distance of 5.6km and 5.5km, respectively. Khardung La is a mountain pass in Leh, while Nubra Valley is famous for the monasteries, Bactrian camels, and beautiful orchards.
  • Hotel Glacier View- Hotel Glacier view is at a distance of 0.4 km from Leh Royal Palace and 0.5 km from Monastery Circuit. Leh Royal Palace is the former residence of the royal Ladakh family, which is now famous for the monastery with a statue of Lord Buddha. Monastery Circuit is the most famous area in Ladakh where many Buddhist monasteries like Thiksey Monastery and Parka Monastery lie.

4 star hotels in Leh Ladakh near the temple

Leh Ladakh is home to the Tibetan-Buddhists and has many Buddhist monasteries or temples that showcase the town's rich cultural background. Among these temples, the most famous is the Red Maitreya temple which adorns a 49 feet tall statue of Maitreya Buddha and is the biggest statue all over Ladakh. This temple has high religious sentiments among the locals and the priests of the monastery too.

Being a popular tourist attraction, most of the people coming to Leh Ladakh visit this temple because a lot of hotels are made close to it.

The top 4 star hotels in Leh Ladakh near Red Maitreya temple are-

  • The Verda Driftwood- This 4-star hotel is 13 km from the temple, which can be covered in 20 minutes by car.
  • The Druk Ladakh- At a distance of 11 minutes, i.e, 3.5km from the temple, is hotel The Druk Ladakh, a 4-star hotel.
  • Singee Palace Hotel- Travelling from Singee Palace Hotel to Red Maitreya temple takes about 6 mins via car and 9 mins by walking.
  • Hotel Shangrila Ladakh- Hotel Shangrila Ladakh is located 2 km away from Red Maitreya temple, so it takes about 7 mins by car and 15 mins on foot to reach the temple from the hotel.

4 star hotels in Leh Ladakh near the bus station-

Leh Bus Stand is situated in the heart of the town, where buses have come frequently from Srinagar, Delhi, Jammu, and Manali. Many 4-star hotels are located close to the bus stand for tourists to find hotels without a lot of hassle easily. Buses are a common conveyance for tourists looking to budget travel or travel locally, so the Leh Bus Stand also marks a landmark for the localities and tourists.

The top 4 star hotels in Leh Ladakh near the bus station are-

  • Lakrook Boutique Stay- Not even at a distance of 2km from the Leh Bus Stand is Lakrook Boutique Stay, which takes about 5 mins by car and 15 mins on foot to reach.
  • Singee Palace Hotel- A 2 min car ride which is 850m from Leh Bus Stand is the Ladakh Himalayan Retreat, another 4 star hotel for guests to be comfortable.
  • Hotel Grand Himalaya- A 6 min car ride from the Leh Bus Stand is Hotel Grand Himalaya, a 4-star hotel that takes around 20 mins on foot but just 5 mins by car.


The most heavenly thing in Leh is the scenic beauty where travelers can experience the view of the snow-clad Himalayas, lush greenery, Zanskar river, and the beauty of Leh Palace. So, many of these 4-star hotels are made in a way where tourists can get the best view from the comfort of their hotel rooms which have a balcony attached.

The best 4-star hotels in Leh Ladakh which have private balconies are-

  • Hotel Glacier View- The private balconies at Glacier View view the hotel's garden, the courtyard, and mountain ranges.
  • Hotel Ladakh Palace- Guests at The Grand Dragon get a first-hand view of the Stok Kangri towards the south and Khardungla towards the north.
  • Ladakh Sarai Resort- Every room at Ladakh Sarai Resort provides guests with a beautiful view of the snow-capped mountains and the vast sky horizon.
  • Hotel Paradise Ladakh- Guests staying over at Hotel Paradise Ladakh can choose rooms either to view the Stok mountain range or the nearby tourist attractions.

A lot of hotels are there in Leh Ladakh, being one of the most popular holiday destinations. Out of all the hotels present in Leh Ladakh, about 5 falls under the category of 4-star hotels.


Starts from around Rs. 5000 for a night at Hotel Singee Palace and goes up to Rs. 8000 a night at Hotel Grand Himalaya.


Many 4 star hotels are available in Leh Ladakh for people to choose from as the place is a hit among tourists from all over the world looking for a retreat or a getaway from their hectic everyday schedules.

The best 4 star hotels in Leh Ladakh are-

  • Hotel Singge Palace- Hotel Singge Palace is one of the oldest hotels in Leh Ladakh. It is equipped with all modern necessities that guests might need during their stay in the hotel like wifi, a 24-hour front desk, doctor-on-call, laundry service, and a multi-cuisine restaurant.  The hotel is also within walking distance from the Leh main bazaar and 4km from the Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport.
  • The Verda Driftwood- The Verda Driftwood is a 4-star hotel located in the Shey region of Ladakh in-between nature and greenery, a bit away from the city life. The staff at the hotel are experts and treat the guests with warmth and sensitivity, looking out for their needs and making sure that they have a comfortable stay at their hotel. The hotel offers free parking, free wifi, and an on-site restaurant, among other amenities making it one of the best 4-star hotels in Leh Ladakh.
  • Hotel Shangrila Ladakh- A centrally heated hotel to provide warmth during the extreme climate in Leh Ladakh is just one of the few property amenities at Hotel Shangrila Ladakh. That, along with expert staff, currency exchange facilities, room service, airport transportation, free parking, and free wifi, makes this 4-star hotel one of the best there is in Leh Ladakh.

A lot of families visit Leh Ladakh looking for a good 4-star hotel for their children, giving importance to comfort, so Leh Ladakh has quite a few 4-star hotels that are good for families.

The top 4-star hotels in Leh Ladakh are-

  • Hotel Singge Palace- Singge Palace is a 4-star hotel, also one of Leh's oldest hotels located on Old road at the most prime location, which is convenient from all major tourist places. The hotel offers family rooms and suites with views of the gigantic Himalayas and flat-screen tv, a bathroom attached, and a safe for safekeeping. The hotel also has a table tennis table for families to use and enjoy.
  • The Verda Driftwood- It is surrounded by greenery and mountains and because of all the facilities it provides like soundproof rooms, yoga room, archery, badminton options, family rooms with extra-long beds, and many children activities.
  • Hotel Shangrila Ladakh- A 4-star hotel that is centrally heated, has a hospitable staff and is the only hotel in Leh with a capsule life is what makes hotel Shangrila a good hotel for families. The hotel has options for no-smoking family rooms with private bathrooms attached that overlook the Stok Range of the Himalayas.


While booking a hotel, travelers should make sure that the hotel is convenient so that they are not spending too much on the conveyance for traveling from one landmark to another. Hotels should not only be close to the tourist attractions but also the airport or the bus stand. Some places near which one can book top 4-star hotels in Leh Ladakh are-

  • Leh Bus Stand- The only bus stand in Leh where buses from Manali, Srinagar, Jammu, etc come boarding travelers.
  • Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport- Leh's only airport that operates domestic flights and from where travelers can find shuttles to their respective hotels, not too far from the town.
  • Leh Palace- A major tourist attraction around which a lot of 5-star hotels are located so that their guests don't have to travel too much.
  • Leh Main Bazaar- The shopping center of the town Leh, which is always bustling with locals and tourists, is a place around which tourists should book hotels mainly because of the safety reason and because guests won't have to travel a lot.


Hotels in Leh Ladakh are located keeping in mind the convenience of the tourists traveling to the destination. Most of the 4-star hotels in the region are either close to the bus stand or major tourist attractions so that guests wouldn't have to travel a lot. Some places near which a large number of 4-star hotels in Leh Ladakh are located are-

  • Leh Bus Stand
  • Leh Palace
  • Choglamsar
  • Shrey

Apart from hotels; staycations, homestays, guesthouses, and hostels, are also available for travelers to choose from in Leh Ladakh. Tourists can opt for homestays to experience the culture and lifestyle of the locals in Leh while solo travelers looking for budget accommodation can book a Zostel to stay in. Some properties apart from hotels are-

  • Zostel - Zostel is a network of hotels and hostels in India that is mainly for backpackers and solo travelers looking for a budget stay. Zostel Leh is located at a walking distance from the main bazaar where travelers can rent a bunk bed and spend time with other fellow travelers.
  • Tukchu Homestay- Homestays are residences that the local family rents out as a way to earn extra cash or just because the accommodation was vacant. Tourists can book a homestay that is cost-effective and would give a peek into the life of the local families. Tukchu Homestay in Ladakh is perfect for guests who would like to experience the lifestyle of the locals.

Leh Ladakh has around 61 hotels which can be classified as 4-star hotels out of which these are the most popular hotels among the tourists visiting the place. These are the most popular 4-star hotels that travelers mostly book because of their amenities and convenient location.

The top 4 star hotels are Leh Ladakh are-

  • Singge Palace Hotel- Singge Palace is one of the oldest hotels in Leh with 24-hour security, free parking, free internet, a car hire facility, and a coffee shop. The hotel is located at Old road in Leh and is close to the airport, the bus stand, and other tourist attractions. The rooms of Singge palace open up to beautiful views of the mountains and Leh valley.
  • Hotel Shangrila Palace- 3.2km from Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, on Old road, Leh is Hotel Shangrila, a 4-star hotel that offers furnished deluxe, super deluxe rooms and suites to the guests equipped with all modern facilities like complimentary toiletries, soundproof rooms, room service, and a private bathroom attached. The hotel also offers free parking, free wifi, airport transfer, and currency exchange facilities to the guests.
  • The Verda Driftwood- Located in Shey, The Verda Driftwood is 20 mins away from the nearest airport but just walking distance from the famous Shey monastery. The hotel makes sure that you experience calmness and peace during the stay at the hotel amidst nature, away from the bustling city life. The rooms in the hotel offer a freat view of nature yet offer luxury and comfort.


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