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One of the most popular hill stations of northern India, Shimla has a soft spot amongst travelers of all age groups. There are a plethora of top tourist attractions in Shimla that you can explore and relish. Resting at an altitude of 2205 meters above sea level, it used to be the summer capital of Britishers during colonial rule. Out of the best tourist places in Shimla , you can do many other things too like having pleasant walking experiences or immersing yourself in the serenity of nature. 

The famous places to visit in Shimla include The Ridge, Christ Church, and many more attractions as well. There are also many intimate places to visit for couples as well. The Chadwick waterfall is also amongst one of the best places to visit in Shimla . This dainty city was founded in 1819 after the Gorkha war by the colonial rulers. British soldiers used to come here during the summer months to get some relief from the scorching heat waves prevalent across the country in summers. The colonial-style buildings narrate their anecdotes of history and let you feel the relics of the past come alive as you walk past through them. 

The city is blissfully surrounded by green serene hills that turn into a white fantasy during winters. The colonial heritage of the city finds its modern escape in today's time and stands as a marvel of cultural melange. It is also blessed with a lot of natural beauty that makes it stand out as the most favorable holiday spot amongst tourists. The charms of cherishing the Himalayan countryside with a scenic view of snow-capped mountain ranges is a different vibe on its own. The city also stands as a spectator of major historical events, for example, the famous Shimla pact between India and Pakistan was signed here. Shimla is also renowned for its handicrafts, colonial-style edifices, apples, and various wooden crafts. 

Top Attractions:

The Ridge: Situated amidst the heart of the city, this wide road is the most popular spot amongst tourists. The exclusive artifacts being sold here while the backdrop of snow-capped peaks is visible while walking sets the vibe higher.  

Jakhu Temple: This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is situated at the highest point of Shimla Ridge. Visit this point during sunrise or sunset to get the best skyline view. 

Kufri Valley: A beautiful and scenic destination for snow-laden peaks, Kufri is the favorite hiking spot for tourists visiting Shimla. It has the highest go-karting track in the world. 

Shimla Christ Church: Overlooking the ridge, this exquisite edifice is one of the major landmarks of Shimla. It is the second oldest church in North India and its neo-gothic architecture sets it apart beautifully. 

Himachal State Museum: It houses unique historical items like coins, paintings, and other handicraft items, the aesthetics of which are driven by the renowned Pahari art.

Viceregal Lodge: Are you a history lover? If yes, this place is a must-visit for you. Constructed in 1888, this lodge is a six-story building made in Scottish Baronial style that was the residence of Lord Dufferin, the British Viceroy of India.

Chadwick Waterfall: This waterfall is a famous picnic spot for people looking for tranquility in dense forests. Trickling from about 100 meters in height, this waterfall is a must-visit place for an off-road experience. 

Gorton Castle: A heritage monument that is used as the office of the Accountant General of Himachal Pradesh. It is more than a century old and was built during the British era. 

Himalayan Nature Park: Spectate and understand the abundance of flora and fauna that Shimla is blessed with at this engaging park. This forest had many spots that were the private hunting spaces of various historical kings. 

Kuthar Fort: Built 800 years ago by the Gurkhas, this fort has a fusion of nature with history. With its freshwater springs and beautiful architecture, this place is a must-visit sightseeing attraction. 

Kalka Shimla Toy Train: A must-try experience to embrace yourself with the last souvenir that Britishers left behind for us is the enjoyable ride of Kalka Shimla Toy Train. Its picturesque view will surely make you humm the golden old song “Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Aayegi Tu”.

Johnnie’s Wax Museum: A great spot to spend a few hours with the life-size statues of the world-famous personalities and make yourself feel the way you would feel at London’s Madame Tussauds.

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Our Rajasthan trip was very unorganized and from day 1 we need to argue for each committed hotel and details. Driver and hotel were not informed in advance and we need to pay 12000/- for the forceful event at the hotel which was never informed to us.

People Also Ask About shimla

The list of the best places to visit in Shimla is quite long. Jakhu Temple, Kuthar Fort, Chadwick Waterfall are just some of the places you can visit.

Some of the best outdoor activities in Shimla would include ice skating, skiing in Kufri, and even rafting if the season is suitable.

The best days would be the weekends as it is quite lively on the weekend since a lot of people find Shimla to be their perfect weekend getaway spot.

Once in Shimla, paying your respects at the Jakhu Temple and a visit to the Himachal State Museum could be fun and infotainment for the children.

There are plenty of places to visit near Shimla as well. Kufri, Chail, and Mashobra are some of them.

The list of best places to visit in Shimla is incomplete without the beautiful hill stations close by to Shimla and the activities here. You can go ice-rink skating or white river rafting, according to the season.

You can either take the Kalka Station toy train or travel by road to reach Shimla.

Some of the beautiful hill stations within 200km of distance from Shimla would include Naldhera, Shojha, Solan, and many more.

If you are looking for hill stations within 300km of Shimla, Auli, Sirmaur, Sarahan could be some of the top picks for you.

The outfit here would vary according to season. While you could dress lightly in the off-season, in the winters you will have to keep yourself packed to avoid getting cold.

Even though Shimla is a beautiful tourist spot, with lots of places to visit in Shimla, it does not have an airport.

The closest airport to Shimla is Chandigarh Airport.

The best months, to visit Shimla when it is covered in snow are between November and February.

Shimla is a beautiful vacation spot, especially in the Winter season. There are tons of places to visit in Shimla for couples as well, making it an amazing tourist spot for families and couples.

Shimla is perfect for a trip as short as 2 days or as big as 5 days. There are plenty of famous places to visit in Shimla, and you can visit all those in 2 days or 5 days depending on your schedule.

For a well-planned Shimla trip, a trip between 2-5 days is enough to explore all the places to visit in Shimla.

The best time to visit Shimla would be in the Winter season. Not only do you get to see snow-clad mountains, but the already beautiful places to visit in Shimla become even more beautiful.

Shimla is a beautiful tourist spot. With plenty of places to visit in Shimla, there is a lot in store for couples as well. From beautiful landscapes to pristine tourist spots like Chadwick Waterfall, Kufri Valley, and many more, there is a lot for them to do here.

There are plenty of places to stay in Shimla. Some of the best areas to stay in Shimla include Whispering Pines, the Corner House, Daafi House, and many more.

Some of the top places to visit in Shimla in December include Kufri, Mashobra, and many other places as they are clad in snow.

The best places to visit in Shimla at night include the Ridge and Mall Road, as it looks really beautiful at night.

For a trip of 3 days, there are multiple places to visit in Shimla. On the first day, you can take a stroll on Mall Road, and visit the Jakhu Temple. For the other days, you can visit Kufri and other places of attraction here.

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